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The Facebook Marketplace is one of the quickest and simplest ways to sell your unused stuff and declutter your home.

I’ve also been selling stuff on FB Marketplace for years. And it’s an amazing tool for homeowners who want to do some Spring cleaning and make some extra money.

But, some things will sell better on Facebook Marketplace than others.

So rather than waste your time photographing, measuring, and describing each item you want to sell– keep reading to find the most popular items to sell on Facebook Marketplace and some selling tips to get more per sale and sell faster.

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The Best Things To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

You can sell things in dozens of categories on Facebook Marketplace. And I’ve personally sold stuff on Facebook Marketplace before like clothing and electronics to make quick money in the past. 

But, certain categories sell better than others due to simple supply and demand. Therefore, if you want to make some serious cash, it’s better to stick with these categories.

1. Furniture

One of the absolute best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace is furniture, including new and used sets or individual pieces.

This one may seem obvious, but most people will only take the time to sell large furniture items on Facebook Marketplace (i.e. Dining sets, beds, couches, dressers.)


However, there’s also a market for smaller furniture pieces like:

  • Stools
  • Chairs
  • Sofas
  • Bookshelves
  • Desks
  • Side tables

Smaller pieces also fit into just about any sized vehicle, so they tend to sell quickly since people pick it up themselves. Outdoor furniture can also be a top selling item on Facebook Marketplace, but you have to make sure the condition is good enough to still sell.

In general, always remember to describe the condition of the furniture you’re selling with as much detail as possible!

People want to know about existing scratches and dents, so take a lot of photos and be descriptive. Our guide on where to sell furniture locally also has tips for how to get started.

2. Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

Unsurprisingly, clothing is another one of the most sold items on the Facebook Marketplace.

If you want to make money selling clothing and shoes, you might turn to websites like Poshmark to start selling. But, apparel and accessories are actually some of the best things to sell on Facebook Marketplace, but you need to know some pointers.

An example of some pieces currently selling on the Facebook Marketplace.

The key to selling clothing on Facebook is to stick to well known brands of designer pieces and to sell them at a discount.

Some popular brands that sell well on Facebook Marketplace include:

  • Adidas
  • Coach
  • Guess
  • Levi’s
  • Lululemon
  • New Balance
  • Nike
  • Old Navy
  • Tom Ford
  • Under Armor

You can also have luck selling trending items, like a specific style or purse, sneakers, or a jacket that you keep seeing all over your Instagram Feed.

Selling things you wear one time, like a prom dress or wedding dress, is also a decent way to make some easy cash.

However, Facebook Marketplace isn’t just for trending, Instagram-worthy clothing, so stick with more of the staples. You can always use websites like Mercari and apps like Depop for selling trending pieces as well.

3. Books

As someone who reads a lot, I know how much people appreciate a good bargain price on books. So it’s no surprise that books are one of the categories that sells best on Facebook Marketplace.

Now, books aren’t a high-ticket item, but if you’re never going to read them again and want to free up some self-space, it’s worth the listing and you could make some easy cash out of it.

sell books on Facebook Marketplace

Plus, certain books like college textbooks can fetch a higher price, so books are still one of the best selling items on the Facebook Marketplace.

And if you can sell entire collections of popular series, like Harry Potter or The Lord of The Rings as examples, you can probably find buyers pretty quickly.

4. Seasonal Products

Seasonal products are another popular thing to sell on Facebook Marketplace because you can take advantage of a sudden yet predictable surge in demand.

In terms of what you can sell, this can range from Christmas decorations, Halloween costumes, or Easter decorations.


But, you can also sell seasonal products like barbecues, snow shovels, certain clothing pieces, and patio furniture.

If you list the right items at the right time, they’ll definitely go quickly– but don’t expect to sell your snow shovel in the middle of summer.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry is yet another top selling item on Facebook Marketplace. However, how well jewellry sells on Facebook Marketplace likely depends on current trends unless it’s timeless pieces like gold and diamonds.

But, when it comes to jewelry, there’s a strong chance someone with similar tastes as you will stumble on your listing, so it’s worth a shot.

Some popular categories you can consider selling include:

Facebook Marketplace sell jewelry

Now, you might find that higher ticket pieces attract lowball offers– so decide how low you’re willing to negotiate and then stick to that when selling.

You could also consider pawning stuff for cash instead if you want to get money as quickly as possible and Facebook Marketplace isn’t working out.

Pro Tip 💎 You can also sell designer watches, diamonds, and jewelry on websites like Worthy.com to get a fair price!

6. Sports & Fitness Equipment

Another top selling item on Facebook Marketplace is anything that involves fitness or a sport.

Fitness is a growing trend, but it’s also one of those classic categories where people buy something with good intentions but often stop using it after a few weeks or months.


Inevitably, this means that sports and fitness equipment is one of the most popular categories to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

I sold an older version of a bike trainer on Facebook Marketplace earlier this year. Most people were looking for a newer version, but it was still easy to make a fast sale for the price I wanted.

Plus, sports and fitness equipment is often quite expensive; even a pair of metal dumbbells can fetch a hefty price, especially since there’s a current shortage on a lot of equipment.

You can also sell stuff like used bikes, roller blades, skate boards, and other types of used sports equipment! And general health and wellness products can also sell quickly.

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7. Trading Cards

Facebook Marketplace is also home to a lot of trading card games, and people are making money selling Yugioh cards, Pokemon cards, and Magic cards right now.


If you don’t know much about the worth of your cards and don’t feel up for the research, you can sell in bulk by setting a reasonable price for the lot.

Many buyers are willing to bank on there being a rare card mixed in and don’t want to miss out on that possibility, so bundles of trading card games are one of the things that sell fast on Facebook Marketplace.

You can also sell things like old sports cards, especially for baseball and basketball cards or rare cards you have in your collection.

Just take the time to research your cards and find the highest valued ones, which will help you get the highest price from the right buyer.

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8. Home Goods

Some things are sure to sell faster in this category than others. Home decor, for example, can be a little more difficult to sell than seasonal decor, since taste and needs tend to be very specific.

Small appliances, on the other hand, have much better success. You can also sell silverware, glassware, and fine china as well.

Things like air fryers, bread makers, air conditioner units, fans, and small fire pits have been in high demand over the past year– so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting a good price for these or similar items.

Also consider selling any old lighting fixtures you plan on getting rid of. These tend to sell really well on Facebook Marketplace, yet people usually end up tossing them during renovations.

Just make sure you take a photo of it while it’s still mounted, so people can get an idea of what it looks like installed. 

9. Garden Tools And Plants

Another popular thing to sell on Facebook are gardening tools and even plants.

Garden tools are more season specific, so make sure you’re waiting until at least Spring to list any items in this category.


You can also list things like pots and planters on Facebook, which can be sold year round if they’re for indoor use. 

Plants are also very trendy right now, and if you have a green thumb, you can make a pretty good side hustle out of selling plants and cuttings for cheap on Facebook Marketplace.

I’ve purchased $5 cuttings on Facebook for plants that would easily cost me $40 at any garden center or nursery. And, the best part is they cost you pretty close to nothing to grow, so there’s only money to be made here.

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10. Tools

While it might surprise you, one of the most sold items on Facebook Marketplace are tools and even supplies for DIY projects.

People often look for second-hand tools if they’re trying to save money. So, if you have larger tools or power tools, you shouldn’t have a problem getting them off your hands– as long as they’re in decent condition.

If you have many smaller tools, you can try bundling them and selling them as a kit, which may appeal to first time buyers or renters who need a starter tool kit.

This category might take a bit longer to sell, but considering how expensive new tools often are, this is another great thing to sell on Facebook Marketplace, especially if you know you won’t ever use the tools again.

My post on the best places to sell used tools has even more ideas you can try out.

11. Toys

A lot of people buy and sell children’s toys on Facebook Marketplace since most kids don’t know the difference between a brand new toy and a used one.

If you have some well maintained toys that your child has grown out of, there’s a good chance they will sell pretty quickly–just make sure you research the market and price them reasonably!

Trending toys are one of the best items to sell on Facebook Marketplace, and if you have the original packaging, it’s even better!

Facebook Marketplace Toys

Some great toys to sell include:

  • Baby toys
  • Barbies and action figures
  • Board games
  • Dinosaur toys
  • Lego sets
  • Nerf products
  • Toy cars

A lot of people sell toys in bundles, and you’re probably looking at $5 to $20 for lots of toys like plastic figurines.

But if you have lego sets or things like vintage Fisher Price baby toys, these can easily fetch $50 or more!

12. Baby Supplies

Baby supplies are another fast selling item on Facebook Marketplace. And this category is also an excellent way to make a quick buck while helping out anotherfamily.

Babies constantly outgrow the clothes and supplies you buy for them, until eventually they aren’t even babies anymore and you’re left with a ton of gear.

That’s why baby supplies are some of the most popular items to sell on Facebook Marketplace.


Facebook Marketplace is also great place to buy and sell everything baby related, including:

  • Strollers
  • Car seats
  • Pack and plays
  • Clothing
  • Shoes, and accessories
  • Baby books

Just make sure you research things like strollers and car seats before selling them to make sure they haven’t been recalled and still meet safety requirements. 

You can also try renting out things for profit with websites like BabyQuip that let you rent baby gear to people in your neighborhood to earn some passive income!

13. Electronics

You can honestly sell any electronic device on Facebook Marketplace, as long as it still works.

Consider selling electronics like:

  • Old TVs
  • DVDs and VHS tapes
  • Computers and tablets
  • Gaming consoles like an Xbox of PS5
  • Video games
  • Headphones
  • Smartphones (especially Apply products like iPhones or iPads)
  • Smart watches

Remember to reset your device before selling it. If you let the buyer come and pick it up, you should also show them that it works, or at least expect them to ask!

Anything Apple usually sells well on Facebook Marketplace, but other brands like Bose, Samsung, and Google are also popular.

Just make sure you include information like device condition, memory capacity, and any features like RAM or upgrades you might have made.

When your buyer comes to pick up their electronics, expect them to test it out at your home or meeting spot as well to ensure it works.

You can also read my post on the best ways to get free electronics if you want some money-saving tips!

14. Vehicles

Selling vehicles on the Facebook Marketplace is a little more labor intensive than selling other products because you have to arrange the paperwork, do the research, and arrange a test drive with potential buyers.

But, one advantage of selling vehicles on the Facebook Marketplace is that you can make more money than you would by trading your car in at a dealership.

Furthermore, used car dealerships saw a shortage of vehicles in 2020 and a lot of people want to avoid dealer fees, so vehicles can be one of the best things to sell on Facebook.

Don’t  expect your car to sell quickly– you’ll likely have to be patient and wait until the right buyer comes along and it may also take a while to finalize the sale, so be patient!

15. Instruments

Instruments are another one of the most sold items on Facebook marketplace, and this makes sense when you consider how many people invest in an instrument but never keep up with it.

I mean, if you’re anything like me and your parents put you in music lessons growing up–only to realize it’s not your passion and you likely won’t become the next Mozart–then you probably have some instruments collecting dust in your home.

Facebook Marketplace is a great place to make some money for any instrument, including:

  • Guitars
  • Pianos
  • Drum kits
  • Violins
  • Musical equipment like speakers and microphones

If you price your items right you shouldn’t have an issue selling them reasonably fast, since buying used is more feasible than buying new for most people.

Tom has sold old guitars on Facebook Marketplace in the past, and it’s an effective way to get rid of an instrument fairly quickly and for a decent price.

16. Collectibles

Another category of things that sell fast on Facebook Marketplace are collectibles.

This is similar to selling trading cards, but there are so many categories of collectibles local buyers might be interested in. Some popular examples include:


If you have a very rare collection, it might take time to find buyers, and private auctions or selling online could be a better option.

However, if you live in a large city, any collectible is definitely a popular item to sell on Facebook Marketplace.

17. Handmade Goods

People seem to love supporting local artists and craftsmen, and anything handmade usually sells quickly and for a decent price.

Examples of handmade pieces you can sell on FB Marketplace include:

  • Artwork
  • Candles
  • Crafts (like birdhouses, home decor, and other fun pieces)
  • Furniture
  • Hats and scarves
  • Knit clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Soap
  • Welded decor
  • Wooden toys
Facebook Marketplace handmade items

A lot of people are selling handmade furniture and crafts in my area. And someone is even selling handmade notes and gifts, which is a pretty clever niche!

Tips For Selling On Facebook Marketplace

Now that you know the best selling items on Facebook Marketplace, you’re ready to make some extra cash!

But, if you want the best chance at a fast sale and getting your asking price, you need to create your listing the right way.

Thankfully, we have some useful Facebook Marketplace selling tips you can follow to get more sales.

1. Take Multiple, High-Quality Product Photos

The most important tip for making money selling on Facebook Marketplace is to upload numerous photos.

You want potential buyers to immediately tell what they’re getting from your product photos.

This means taking product photos with good lighting, including multiple angles, and adding photos of any distinctive markings (think model number, brand name, tags if its clothing, etc.)

You should also add photos of any damages since you want to be honest so you don’t run into problems when making the transaction.

One trick I like to use is to include a photo of the product listing from the original website, if it’s still available and you can locate it.

People tend to trust the listing more when they can see exactly where the item is from and all the details listed by the manufacturer (their photos are likely better than yours too, which doesn’t hurt). 

2. Write In-Depth Descriptions

When you create a Facebook Marketplace listing, you fill in certain prompts like dimensions, brand name, and condition.

But, don’t stop there; if you write more robust descriptions that explain why you’re selling and what your product is, buyers have more information to work with.

Include everything from brand name, to dimensions, how long you’ve had it, material, design, whether you live in a smoking vs non-smoking household, if you have pets vs no pets, if it’s pickup only or if you’re willing to deliver.

Including a sizing chart is also very important and useful if you’re selling clothing. You can usually find this information on the brand’s website and then include it as a photo.

Note the seller mentions why she’s selling, the condition, and includes several nice photos and keywords in her listing.

Again, mentioning why you’re selling the product in question is also important.

You want the buyer to know you’re selling your road bike because you don’t use it anymore, not because it’s junk and doesn’t run well.

Finally, make sure you use an attention-grabbing headline to get more eyes on your listing!

3. Use Keywords

This Facebook Marketplace tip relates to writing more in-depth listings, but it’s also important.

You need to use relevant keywords in your listing title and description. Being specific about exactly what your item is ultimately helps the right person find it in their search.

And you really have to be specific here.

For example, if you’re listing an Iphone, don’t just say “Iphone for sale”. Be specific: “White Iphone XR with 128 GB storage, unlocked,” and you’ll have much better luck. 

4. Set Competitive Prices

Things that sell fast on Facebook Marketplace have competitive pricing with similar listings.

This shouldn’t be surprising; on a used marketplace, pricing is a massive factor buyers consider when comparing their options.

So, do some research and look at how other Facebook Marketplace sellers price their listings. Then, list your product at a similar price or even lower to compete.

Have a look at other listings and see how they’re priced, then go a bit lower. Unless your item is very rare or in perfect condition, you’ll want to make sure you’re priced competitively, otherwise buyers will just go elsewhere. 

5. Be Responsive And Polite

When buyers message you, try and respond in a reasonable amount of time and always be polite.

As much as you’re trying to judge their character, they are also judging yours- so try and make the interaction as friendly and easy as possible. 

6. Always Be Safe

Even though Facebook Marketplace connects to people’s real Facebook accounts, you still meet and interact with strangers, so it’s important to be smart about how and where you meet. 

For starters, always meet somewhere public if you agree to meet a buyer for a sale. If you choose to meet at your house, make sure someone else is home with you.

If you don’t want to sell at your house, also make sure you don’t include your address or personal information in your listing, or share it with a potential buyer.

7. Spruce Up Items Before Listing

Another tip for selling stuff on Facebook Marketplace is to put in a bit of effort before listing to freshen up the item you’re selling.

This could include ironing a shirt before taking a photo or even doing a bit of your own DIY improvements.

Sellers do this when flipping a lot of the time, and putting in some work can significantly increase your selling price.

For example, in this video, YouTuber Christina Muscari explains how she flips furniture on the Facebook Marketplace.

Christina starts with two beaten up end tables.

But, after some sanding and fresh coats of paint, she lists them for over $200 on Facebook Marketplace and basically doubles the investment she paid to get the tables in the first place!

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What Are The Fastest Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace?

In my experience, clothing and electronics sell the fastest on Facebook Marketplace out of any other category. This is especially true if you’re selling designer clothing or very trendy electronics that people want to get their hands on.

Kids and baby supplies are also popular things to sell, and the same goes for sports equipment and bikes. Things like books or home goods can take a bit longer to sell, especially if they’re more niche.

Finally, seasonal decor can also sell quickly, especially if you price competitively.

Our post on what to sell for $1,000 has even more ideas for popular items that you can probably sell quickly.

How To Sell On Facebook Marketplace

If you want to try making extra cash every month by selling on Facebook, you now know the best things to sell and some listing optimization tips to get started.

But, if you’re wondering how you create a Facebook Marketplace listing, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Facebook Marketplace from your main News feed
  2. Click the “+” icon for “Create New Listing” and then select “Item for Sale”
  3. Upload photos of the product
  4. Write your product description and title
  5. Enter the price you’re selling for
  6. Click “Publish” to push your listing live

If you need help, this video from Clark also explains how to start selling on the Facebook Marketplace.

Just remember to do your pricing research first so you know how to price your listing before you go to create it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can’t You Sell On Facebook Marketplace?

Some of the prohibited items you can’t sell on Facebook include:

  • Animals
  • Alcohol
  • Before and after pictures (promoting some product or program)
  • Event tickets
  • Healthcare items
  • Services
  • Things that aren’t real items (like an “in search of” post)

What Are Some Alternative Markets To Sell On?

There are plenty of Facebook Marketplace alternatives you can try like:

Finally, you can also use cash advance apps like Dave if you need money tomorrow and are looking for some options to get started with.

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Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that there are plenty of best selling items on Facebook Marketplace you can sell to make some extra cash as a homeowner or renter.

Just remember, since Facebook Marketplace is a local marketplace, local demand influences sales. This means a product that sells well in one city might not sell well in another.

If there’s something you want to sell that’s not included in this list, give it a shot!

Whatever it may be, just be sure to use the tips above so you have the best shot at making a sale. It’s always free to list on Facebook Marketplace, so the only thing you have to lose is a bit of time.