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Board game nights with friends or family can create some incredibly fond memories and lead to some very fun nights.)

But, if you’re like me, there’s a strong chance your board game collection is sitting in your basement collecting dust right now.

Board games come and go, and while a family game night can be a hoot, it’s also easy to let your used board games sit around for years at a time.

So, if you want to make some extra money and try a new side hustle, you can always try to sell board games for money with these sites!

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Where To Sell Board Games

Before we jump into selling board games for money, let’s quickly cover what factors contribute to board game pricing.

When you sell used board games, some of the most important factors that influence resale price include:

  • Demand: If you resell a popular board game, it’s easier to make more money than selling less popular games since you can find more buyers.
  • Condition: Selling used board games is possible, but your game needs to be in decent condition. You also need all of the pieces and cards, or at least enough to ensure the game is completely playable.
  • Original MSRP: Expensive board games with hand-made pieces and lots of artwork generally have a higher resale value than cheap board games.
  • Rarity: If the board game you’re selling is extremely rare or sought after by collectors, this can also increase resale price.

With these factors in mind, let’s jump into the best places to sell board games to make extra cash!

1. BoardGameGeek (Geek Market)

Geek Mark, the marketplace from BoardGameGeek (BGG) is one of the most popular places to sell board  games, and it’s also perfect if you want to make money online.


BGG is one of the leading board game forums and sellers out there. So, unsurprisingly, you can also sell used board games on its marketplace to other board game fans.

Becoming a seller on Geek Market is also simple and requires three steps.

  • Create a free BGG account
  • Verify your email address
  • List your board games for sale

When you make a listing, you include information like price, condition, and payment details. PayPal cash and bank transfers are the two most common methods.

BoardGameGeek charges 3% commission on sales, but you can usually get buyers to pay for shipping, so this is a cost-effective way to sell board games.

You have to coordinate everything with buyers, which can take some back and forth communication.

But Geek Market has thousands of listings with many board games selling between $20 to $100, so the market is huge.

2. eBay

Unsurprisingly, eBay is another common way to sell used board games online.

As one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, this really makes sense; you can simply create a free eBay seller account, list your old board games, and you’re off to the races.


Vintage board games do well on eBay in particular, as well as other collectibles like Pokemon cards, sports cards, and Yugioh cards.

eBay also has a wide variety of board games for sale at any given time, including strategy games, classic family board games, and board games for kids.

You can make buyers pay for shipping as well, and eBay charges 12.35% on most product categories, including used board games.

3. Amazon FBA

If you want to take advantage of Amazon’s ecommerce reach and logistics, Amazon FBA is another great way to sell board games online.

This option is also best if you’re looking to sell new board games, not used ones, and want to get involved with retail arbitrage.

Here’s how Amazon FBA works:

  • Create an Amazon FBA seller account
  • Buy board games online and in-store to resell on Amazon
  • Ship your board games to Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses
  • Have Amazon ship board games to customers whenever you make a sale

The basic Amazon FBA seller plan charges you $0.99 for every sale you make. You also pay Amazon FBA shipping fees and can pay for services like package prep to make sure your inventory is packaged properly.

Overall, people like Amazon FBA because it lets them focus on sales while Amazon handles logistics and customers.

Now, the tricky part is you need to source board games to resell, which means you need to find games at a discount compared to normal pricing.

Many retail arbitrage sellers buy inventory when it’s on clearance at stores like Walmart or Target, so keep an eye on where you can find some cheap board games to flip for a profit!

4. Noble Knight Games

Like BoardGameGeek, Noble Knight Games is another way to sell used board games online for cash.

What’s nice about Noble Knight Games is that you can sell a variety of board games to it, as well as collectibles, miniatures, dice, cards, and rare and obscure items.


Here’s how selling board games to Noble Knight Games works:

  1. Send Your List: Send a list of the items you want to sell to [email protected]. Include information about product condition, missing pieces, and anything that’s relevant.
  2. Get A Quote: Noble Knight Games sends you a quote within a few business days after receiving your email.
  3. Ship Your Board Games: Noble Knight Games provides a prepaid shipping label in most cases if you accept the quote and wish to sell. You can also drop-off your games for cash if you live near the store in Madison, Wisconsin.
  4. Get Paid: You get paid in PayPal cash or check if you sell online. You can also sell board games for cash if you go to the store. Finally, you can also choose store credit as a payment option.

Noble Knight Games doesn’t accept every board game. Additionally, items can’t have water or mold damage or smell like smoke.

Also note that Noble Knight Games needs to turn a profit, so you can probably make more money selling board games to customers directly with options like Geek Market or eBay.

However, Noble Knight Games is probably a faster way to sell board games online, and the fact it pays for shipping is a bonus.

5. Mercari

If you’re still wondering where to sell board games, Mercari is another online option that keeps things very simple.

Mercari is one of the most popular selling apps alongside apps like Poshmark and marketplaces like eBay. On Mercari, board games and toys are also very popular categories, making it a perfect choice for resellers in this category.


Once you download and sign up for the free Mercari app, you can list your board games for sale on its marketplace.

Mercari lets you add numerous photos and information about your listing and its condition. You can offer free shipping on Mercari, but normally, buyers pay shipping costs.

Mercari charges a 10% transaction fee, making it cheaper than eBay as well which is another perk.

You get paid through direct deposit, and transactions usually take around five business days to clear and reach your account.

If you’re planning to sell used board games with Mercari, be sure to read our post on the best Mercari selling tricks as well to get more sales!

6. BoardGameCo

Like Noble Knight Games and BoardGameGeek, BoardGameCo is another quick way to sell board games online.

The selling process is also similar to Noble Knight Games. All you do is send BoardGameCo a list of the games you want to sell and information about game condition.


From there, BoardGameCo replies with a quote for cash and store credit if its interested in buying your used board games.

What’s nice is that BoardGameCo outlines what you should expect for quotes:

  • Cash: Expect 25% to 50% of market value for a game if it’s something BoardGameCo wants to buy.
  • Store Credit: Get an additional 30% back.

BoardGameCo pays for shipping on “large” orders but doesn’t state what qualifies as a large order unfortunately.

However, one aspect of BoardGameCo that’s perfect for hobby enthusiasts is its trade feature.

This system assigns points to different board games, and you can trade board games you own with BoardGameCo or other players to change up your collection.

So, if you’d prefer trying new games instead of selling your board games completely, this feature definitely makes BoardGameCo worth trying.

7. Facebook Marketplace

It’s hard to beat the Facebook Marketplace for selling used board games for cash.

With the Facebook Marketplace, you can start selling board games to people in your area for free. All you need is a Facebook account to get started.


Creating a listing is very snappy, and you include photos, a title, and a description of what you’re selling and the condition it’s in.

I’ve sold plenty of things on Facebook Marketplace before, including furniture, toys, shoes, and instruments. And it’s a great way to get quick money while getting rid of some stuff you don’t need anymore.

The main downside to selling on Facebook is that you’re going to encounter a lot of haggling. Plus, some buyers might express interest and then vanish into thin air.

However, if you want to maximize how much you can get for your used board game collection and want cash, the Facebook Marketplace is the way to go.

8. Garage Sales

Another option to sell board games for cash is to host your own garage sale.

Now, this option is best if you have lots of used board games to sell or other wares, like apparel, books, toys, or even things like furniture.

Ideally, you should also run your garage sale during a period of nice weather. It’s also a good move to put up flyers in the area so people know you’re hosting a garage sale.

This isn’t my preferred method, but hey, if you want to do some Spring cleaning and sell a bunch of stuff you don’t use one weekend, a garage sale is a viable strategy.

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9. Board Game & Hobby Stores

If you’re wondering where to sell board games for cash near you, try taking your collection to a local board game and hobby shop.

Many larger shops buy people’s collections all the time. And, while this is more common for trading cards and figurines, some stores might buy your board games from you.

Again, like Noble Knight Games, be prepared for some low-balling since the store also needs to turn a profit!

You should also know the average MSRP of the games you’re selling and what your bottom-dollar price is so you know how to negotiate.

10. OfferUp

Like FB Marketplace, OfferUp is another excellent option for selling board games to people in your city or even online.

People sell all kinds of popular items on OfferUp, like clothing, electronics, watches, and also kids toys like board games.

OfferUp Sell Board Games

Creating a listing just takes a minute or two, and you set your own prices. Buyers can then contact you to negotiate on price or ask questions.

What’s nice about OfferUp is that it has pre-approved meeting spots that are near busy public areas and police stations, so you can feel safe when you meet a buyer for the sale.

Selling is completely free for in-person cash sales. If you sell online through OfferUp, you pay 12.9% or $1.99 in fees, whichever is greater, so this is definitely better for in-person sales.

But if you’re wondering where to sell board games and like the idea of Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp is a great alternative to try out.

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11. Flea Markets

One final way to sell used board games is to sell them as a flea market vendor.

Like garage sales, this option is probably best if you have a large collection to sell or are also selling other “geeky” merchandise like figurines, collectibles, and trading cards.

Also keep in mind that flea markets charge vendors for renting a table, so you might be looking at $100 to $300 or more depending on the flea market’s popularity.

However, this is a guaranteed way to get a steady stream of foot traffic by your board game collection, so the rental cost could be worth it!

Tips For Selling Board Games

Now that you know the best places to sell board games, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make the process run smoothly.

  1. Know Your Price: As mentioned, you should also know the absolute lowest price you’re willing to sell your board game collection for before entering negotiations.
  2. Do Your Research: Read up on what other people are selling the same board games for and how condition influences pricing. This helps you price yourself competitively and reasonably when selling on various marketplaces.
  3. Always Be Honest: You’re wasting time if you’re being dishonest since customers will either send back your board games and refuse to pay you or leave you negative reviews online. In short, the more information you can give people about your board games, the better.
  4. Consider Speed Versus Payout: Selling board games to sites like BoardGameCo and Noble Knight Games is fast, but you usually get less money than selling directly to customers. So, consider how much time you want to put into this side hustle and then choose an option that makes sense.

You can also read our guide on the top local selling marketplaces and online marketplaces for even more options.

Final Thoughts

I hope our guide on how to sell used board games helps you liquidate your collection for som easy, free money.

You also have plenty of options between online marketplaces or in-person cash sales, so don’t be afraid to try several avenues.

Best of luck in your selling endeavors!

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