Personal Finance 2024: Modern Tools, Timeless Wisdom

Learn How to Get Rid of Debt and Make More Money with Our Helpful Resources and Tips.

As a homeowner with bills to pay, you’ve probably done some searching for personal finance tips. But what is personal finance, anyway? And what does personal finance mean for homeowners? Let’s take a look at what spending, saving, and budgeting mean if you own a home.

11 Financial Tips for Homeowners

  1. Invest 10% of Your Income
  2. Stick To a Personal Budget
  3. Maximize Credit Card Rewards
  4. Purchase Insurance
  5. Create an Emergency Fund
  6. Set Bills on Autopay
  7. Research Ways To Save Money
  8. Consult With a Tax Planner
  9. Pay Off Your Debt
  10. Refinance Your Debt Periodically
  11. Evaluate Your Goals

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