Our Mission

At Homeowner, it’s our mission to help our readers become happier, wealthier, and smarter homeowners.

After all, Smart Finance, Smart Living is our motto. And that’s why our team covers a range of personal finance and home-related topics to help you create your dream home.

In today’s modern world, it’s vital that homeowners make the right decisions for their unique situations and needs. We hope that our expert advice and recommendations let you stay on budget while finding the right products and services as you build your ideal home.

The Homeowner Team

Our editorial team is comprised of experienced editors and writers who have years of experience in the finance and homeownership space. Creating content and guides that are backed by in-depth research, first-hand experience, and our review methodologies is our priority.

Matthew Sweeney – Managing Editor

Matthew Sweeney

Matthew Sweeney has been writing about real estate and homeownership for more than 15 years. He received a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing and Communication from Utah State University. Matthew worked as a copywriter in the real estate industry for six years. As a freelancer, he has written extensively about insurance, home security, technology, finance, and government benefits. When he doesn’t have his nose in a book, Matthew can be found working in the yard, tinkering with DIY smart home automation, and spending time with family.

Tom Blake – Editor & Personal Finance Expert

Tom Blake

Tom Blake is an editor at Homeowner who specializes in personal finance and finding ways to help people save money on their home expenses. He has over 6 years of writing experience. His work has appeared in publications like Forbes, Money Crashers, Frugal Rules, Yahoo! Finance, and more. Tom has also lived remotely on six continents, exploring different cultures and homes throughout his travels.

Hunter Durham – Editor & Home Service Expert

Hunter Durham Homeowner

Hunter Durham served thousand of homeowners in his previous home services business. Now he’s taking that experience to make homeownership more enjoyable by building homeowner.com with a talented team of editors and writers. When he’s not surfing or chasing his kids, you can catch him documenting the joy and struggles of life on X.

Andy Emmelkamp – Editor & Fact Checker

Andy Emmelkamp Homeowner

Andy Emmelkamp is a fact checker at Homeowner with an eager desire to help people get the best and most affordable care they need. He has a background in the tech ed world, where he helped teachers and students learn about topics such as personal finance, insurance, and home loans. Andy loves to travel and go adventuring in the ocean and the mountains.

Amy Boyington – Insurance & Connectivity Expert

Amy Boyington is an Ohio-based freelance writer specializing in lifestyle topics affecting families. She has a passion for budgeting and making smart moves with her finances and became a homeowner early on. These days, Amy enjoys sharing what she’s learned over the years with others, from finding affordable insurance to navigating the best internet services.

Kaley Bessinger – Home Security & Technology Expert

Kaley Bessinger is a freelance writer with over 7 years experience. She has contributed numerous guides and reviews on tech-related topics, specializing in home security, connectivity, and technology. Kaley enjoys sharing practical advice with homeowners to help them improve their quality of life and save money in an increasingly digital world.

Diana Flowers – Home Warranty & Maintenance Expert

Diana Flowers is a freelance writer and former middle school teacher living in Portland, OR with her delightful son and crotchety cat. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Humboldt State University and a master’s degree in teaching English and social studies from the University of Portland. For the last five years, Diana has been researching and writing about home mortgages and financing, HVAC systems, home warranties, insurance, appliance repair, pest control, and moving. In her free time, she loves reading, backpacking, playing ultimate frisbee, and trying to complete the Sunday Times crossword with her morning coffee.

Charles Hanna – Home Loans & Finance Expert

Charles Hanna has been writing since 2017 about personal finance, investing, and lifestyle topics like travel and interior design. He is also an adjunct faculty member at a local community college, teaching art history, architectural history, and world mythology. When Charles is not copywriting, he is catching up on reruns of Star Trek or delving into the weird fiction of H.P. Lovecraft. Charles has a degree in literature from the University of Miami and an MA in folklore studies from the University of Oregon.

Editorial Policies

The Homeowner team is dedicated to providing honest, in-depth reviews and guides to help our readers. This means that all of our content is:

  • Objective and independent.
  • Written and fact-checked by our team of human editors and experts.
  • Created by industry professionals and backed by data and our rating methodologies.
  • Updated to reflect current facts, figures, and statistics.

Additionally, our reviews and listicles rank companies and services based on our unique rating system and research. Homeowner remains an independent publication that is in full control of its recommendations and rankings.

How Homeowner.com Makes Money

In some of our content, we place links to the various companies and products we write about. We may receive compensation if you click on these links or complete purchases from various vendors. This occurs at no additional cost to you, and it’s one of the ways that Homeowner makes money.

All of our content remains unbiased. As mentioned, we rely on our team of expert editors and writers to research and create objective content that covers all aspects of homeownership.

For more information, you can read our Advertiser Disclosure. You can also use our Contact Page to get in touch with any comments, questions, stories, or concerns.