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Swapping traditional cable or satellite TV for TV streaming services has become popular over the last several years. Some of the best TV streaming services like Sling TV and Disney Plus offer on-demand and live TV streaming to give viewers more of what they want to see when it fits their schedule. Not sure where to start? Find out more about the best TV streaming service platforms on the market.

17 Best TV Streaming Services in the U.S.

  1. Netflix
  2. YouTube, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV
  3. Peacock
  4. HBO Max
  5. Disney Plus
  6. Paramount Plus
  7. Frndly TV
  8. Amazon Prime Video
  9. Fubo
  10. Apple TV Plus
  11. DIRECTV Stream
  12. Hulu / Hulu Plus Live TV
  13. Freevee
  14. Pluto TV
  15. Sling TV
  16. Acorn TV 
  17. Philo

Do you still know anyone who has cable TV or satellite television? It’s becoming rarer to find any households still using these services to watch live sports, Comedy Central, or other popular programming. Instead, many individuals and families have moved to streaming TV on devices like a Fire TV Stick, Roku, or Apple TV. 

Convenience is a big part of it, with the best streaming service platforms allowing people to watch their shows and movies when it fits their schedule. A streaming service with live TV usually offers recording so that no one has to miss their favorite episode or sporting event.

However, many streaming TV service platforms have popped up over the years, making it difficult to decide on the best options. It’s a good idea to research the pricing, channel options, and other features of popular services, like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime Video, to determine which fit your entertainment needs best.

What Is a Cord Cutter?

Over the past decade or so, you’ve probably heard the term “cord cutter” when others talk about their television service or how they watch their favorite shows. But what does it mean?

Cord-cutting is one of the biggest movements to affect the television space. A cord-cutter is someone who gets rid of their traditional TV service, like satellite or cable, in favor of TV streaming services, like Netflix or Hulu. Rather than use an antenna, satellite dish, or cable box to get their live sports channels or favorite local channels, they opt for a TV streaming service that provides access to on-demand programming or live TV streaming. 

The benefit of the best TV streaming service options is that they can be more affordable than traditional cable or satellite TV. Some of the best TV streaming service platforms even have their own original programming that you can’t find even with a cable service offering unlimited DVR. 

However, one problem cord cutters can run into is finding affordable internet home connectivity services, which are a must for streaming. It becomes necessary to look for the best internet providers with reliable and affordable internet available in the cord cutter’s location.

If you want to cut the cord but are having trouble finding internet service that can support your live TV streaming service demands, see if you’re eligible for assistance. The Lifeline Program provides a discount for most eligible households toward qualifying internet services. 

17 Best TV Streaming Services in 2024

Although this isn’t an exhaustive list of TV streaming service options, it includes some of the best TV streaming service platforms available to date to help you in your search.

ServiceMonthly Price RangeUser ProfilesNumber of ScreensHighest Playback Resolution
Netflix$6.99 – $22.995Up to 44K Ultra HD
YouTube TV$72.99 (base plan)631080p
Peacock$5.99 – $11.99634K Ultra HD
HBO Max$9.99 – $19.99534K Ultra HD
Disney Plus$7.99 – $13.99744K Ultra HD
Paramount Plus$5.99 – $11.99634K Ultra HD
Frndly TV$7.99 – $11.9944720p
Amazon Prime Video$8.99 – $14.99634K Ultra HD
Fubo$74.99 – $94.99610720p
Apple TV Plus$9.99561080p
DIRECTV Stream$94.98 – $134.98120 (home network)1080i
Hulu$7.99 – $17.99724K Ultra HD
FreeveeFree1Unlimited4K Ultra HD
Pluto TVFree1Unlimited720p
Sling TV$4043720p
Acorn TV$6.99None4720p
Philo$25103720p / 1080p

1. Netflix


  • Access to 3,600+ movies and 1,800+ shows
  • Award-winning original content, including Squid Game and The Crown
  • Ability to download content to mobile devices


  • No premium channel partnerships
  • Crackdown on password sharing
  • Ad-based tier doesn’t include all content

Price Range: $6.99-$22.99
User Profiles: 5
Number of Screens: Up to 4
Highest Playback Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: None

Netflix is one of the most well-known TV streaming services today. Although it started as a DVD subscription service, it now provides digital content you can access through your chosen streaming device.

Netflix’s original programming, like Selling Sunset, Umbrella Academy, and Squid Game is one of its biggest draws, allowing subscribers to watch content they can’t see anywhere else. Subscribers also love its documentaries, which cover everything from murder mysteries to celebrity stories. 

Pricing for Netflix is monthly starting at $6.99 with ads and increasing to $19.99 if you want to watch on up to four screens simultaneously and have Ultra HD streaming. 

Why We Chose Netflix

Netflix is a popular choice for streaming movies and TV shows primarily due to its extensive library of movies, TV series, documentaries, and exclusive content. What sets Netflix apart is its commitment to original content, producing a number of critically acclaimed series and films that have garnered a global fan base and prestigious awards.

The platform’s user-friendly interface is another significant draw. It allows seamless streaming across a number of devices, including televisions, smartphones, and tablets. You can also download shows to watch later or on-the-go. Netflix’s algorithm is also great at recommending content based on previous viewing history, helping users discover new shows they’ve never seen before. All these features make Netflix a go-to choice for people who love watching TV and movies.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: Stranger Things, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos, Money Heist, Ozark, The Witcher, and Bridgerton.

Netflix Plans and Services

Netflix offers a range of subscription plans tailored to meet diverse viewing preferences and needs. Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs, from individuals to large families, balancing things like cost, ad presence, streaming quality, and the number of screens that can stream simultaneously.

Standard with Ads: This budget-friendly plan allows streaming with advertisements. It’s a good choice for individuals or budget-conscious viewers who don’t mind ad interruptions.

Standard: This plan provides an ad-free viewing experience on up to two screens at the same time. It offers high-definition (HD) streaming, making it ideal for couples or small families looking for a balance between quality and cost.

Premium: Catering to larger households or groups, the Premium plan allows streaming on four screens simultaneously and provides the highest streaming quality with Ultra HD. This plan is perfect for those who prioritize top-tier viewing quality and have multiple viewers in the household.

Each of these plans offers unique features to accommodate different viewing habits, ensuring that Netflix remains a versatile option for a wide range of audiences.


Netflix offers three subscription tiers with distinct pricing. The Standard with Ads plan is the most budget-friendly option at $6.99. For those who prefer ad-free viewing, the Standard plan is available at $15.49. The highest tier, the Premium plan, is priced at $22.99, catering to users seeking the most comprehensive streaming experience.

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2. YouTube, YouTube Premium, and YouTube TV


  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage with YouTube TV
  • Access to live sports, including NFL Sunday Ticket with YouTube TV
  • Ability to download/stream YouTube videos in background with YouTube Premium
  • Access to YouTube Music Premium with YouTube Premium


  • YouTube original content isn’t as highly rated as original content on other platforms
  • Each platform has a separate cost—no package that combines the two

Monthly Price Range: $13.99-$22.99 for YT Premium / $72.99 for YT TV base plan
User Profiles: 5 for YouTube Premium, 6 for YouTube TV
Number of Screens: 4 for YouTube Premium, 3 for YouTube TV
Highest Playback Resolution: 1080 p
Free Trial Period: None

YouTube has given internet users a free platform for watching video content in just about every category possible for years. However, it’s more recently expanded into YouTube Premium, a payable service that includes ad-free videos, video downloads, and background play for $13.99/month. 

If you’re interested only in streaming TV, though, you’ll want YouTube TV instead. This is YouTube’s latest service with on-demand and live TV from top channels like MTV, Disney, CBS, and ESPN. 

YouTube TV provides a base plan for $72.99/month with unlimited DVR space and a Spanish plan with Spanish-only networks for $34.99/month.

Why We Chose YouTube

YouTube Premium and YouTube TV offer distinct advantages for different viewing preferences.

YouTube Premium is great for those wanting an ad-free experience. It also allows you to download videos for offline viewing and play videos in the background on your phone.

YouTube TV, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want live TV channels. It includes a variety of entertainment, sports, and news channels, and comes with a cloud DVR feature for recording shows.

Both services improve the YouTube experience with unique features catering to different viewing preferences.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: Cobra Kai, Wayne, Origin, Step Up: High Water, and Escape the Night.

YouTube Plans and Services

YouTube Premium and YouTube TV’s plans are designed to suit a variety of viewers:

YouTube Premium:

  • Individual Plan: This plan allows ad-free viewing of all YouTube videos, along with the ability to download content for offline enjoyment and play videos in the background on mobile devices.
  • Family Plan: Offers the same benefits as the Individual Plan but extends them to up to five family members, each with their own separate account.
  • Student Plan: Tailored for students, this plan provides the benefits of the Individual Plan at a discounted rate for those in education.

YouTube TV:

  • Base Plan: This is the standard offering, featuring more than 100 channels across various genres, including news, sports, and entertainment.
  • Spanish Only Plan: Focused on Spanish-speaking audiences, this plan provides a access to 30+ Spanish-language channels.
  • NFL Sunday Ticket Plan: Catering specifically to NFL fans, this plan offers all NFL Sunday games and related sports content.

Each of these plans addresses different user preferences and requirements, from individuals and families to specific communities like students, Spanish speakers, and sports fans.


YouTube Premium offers three plans with different pricing. The Individual plan is available for $13.99 monthly, or annually at $139.99, which saves 15% compared to the monthly rate. The Family plan costs $22.99 per month and can include up to five additional family members. For students, the Student plan is priced at $7.99 per month and includes a one-month free trial, with annual verification required for eligibility.

For YouTube TV, the Base Plan is $72.99 per month, and the Spanish Plan, focusing on Spanish-language channels, costs $34.99 per month. The NFL Sunday Ticket’s price varies each year, and depending on the time of sign-up, subscribers may get a prorated price.

3. Peacock


  • 24/7 live access to news and sports
  • Includes NBC shows and back catalogue, like The Office
  • Very affordable base plan


  • Not as much content for kids
  • Not as many original shows and series

Monthly Price Range: $5.99-$11.99
User Profiles: 6
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: None

Peacock is one of the best TV streaming service options that includes a free plan for those who don’t need the extras. Free plans include limited ads and Peacock’s select list of free movies and television.

Paid plans start at $5.99/month with limited ads to $11.99/month for ad-free streaming. Part of the reason Peacock is much cheaper than other streaming services is that it doesn’t have cloud DVR storage or offer as many on-demand programs.

Still, you can catch popular live events, like Sunday Night Football and WWE wrestling, with a paid plan. 

Why We Chose Peacock

Subscribing to Peacock offers a variety of benefits. One of the biggest draws is its extensive library of popular TV shows, classic movies, and original content. It’s also known for streaming live sports events, which is a big plus for sports fans.

Additionally, Peacock offers a unique selection of news, late-night shows, and reality TV. The service is user-friendly, with a layout that makes it easy to find new and interesting content. Peacock is especially attractive for fans of NBC’s network programming and Universal’s film library, as it serves as the dedicated platform for these favorites.Bottom of Form

Popular TV Shows and Movie Include: The Office, Law and Order: SVU, Bel-Air, Mrs. Davis, Girls5Eva, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, 30 Rock.

Peacock Plans and Services

Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service, offers a tailored viewing experience with its two main subscription plans:

Premium: This plan includes over 80,000 hours of TV, movies, and sports. It features new and hit shows, films, originals, live sports, events, current NBC & Bravo shows, and over 50 always-on channels.

Premium Plus: This plan encompasses everything in the Premium plan, with additional perks. It eliminates most ads, offers the ability to download and watch select titles offline, and provides live access to your local NBC channel 24/7.

These plans are designed to cater to a wide range of entertainment preferences, from avid sports fans to movie buffs and TV show enthusiasts to ensure there’s something for everyone on Peacock.


Peacock TV offers two paid subscriptions: Peacock Premium for $5.99 a month and Peacock Premium Plus for $11.99 a month.

The Premium plan provides over 80,000 hours of content, which includes more than 50 live channels, daily news, late-night TV, live sports such as Sunday Night Football and Premier League, and a wide selection of new and classic TV shows and movies.

The Premium Plus plan includes all the features of the Premium plan but without ads, and it also allows viewers to download some shows for offline viewing and access their local NBC channel at any time. Peacock used to have a free plan, but it discontinued this option in January 2023. New customers can still try either plan with a 7-day free trial.

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4. Max

Max logo


  • Exclusive access to all HBO, Warner Media, and Discovery content
  • Lots of premium movies and new releases
  • Able to download movies for offline viewing


  • Most expensive streaming platform
  • No live streaming or sports content
  • New episodes released weekly instead of all at once

Monthly Price Range: $9.99-$20.99
User Profiles: 5
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: None

Max might be your best TV streaming service if movies take precedence over TV shows for you. It still has plenty of TV content, including trending shows like “House of the Dragon,” but its focus on movies is what attracts many of its subscribers.

The platform offers over 35,000 hours of content, including a diverse range of movies and TV shows from HBO, Warner Brothers, Discovery, and their associated brands. This extensive catalog caters to a broad audience, including children, and typically features blockbuster movies about 45 days after their cinema release.

The service delivers all content in HD, with the Ultimate tier offering over 1,000 titles in 4K Ultra-HD, such as “Dune” and “Avatar: The Way of Water.” Max has introduced a live news feature via CNN and a sports add-on with over 300 live events yearly.

Plans start at $9.99/month or $99.99/year, while ultimate ad-free pricing goes up to $20.99/month or $209.99/year. 

Why We Chose Max

Subscribing to Max, previously known as HBO Max, comes with several benefits. One of the main attractions is its rich collection of high-quality original content, including acclaimed TV shows, movies, and documentaries. This platform is known for its diverse range of genres, from drama and comedy to fantasy and sci-fi, catering to a wide array of tastes.

Another key feature of Max is its access to new movie releases, often available on the platform at the same time they hit theaters.

Additionally, it offers an extensive library of classic films and beloved TV series, making it a great choice for those who enjoy both current and classic entertainment. The platform is also user-friendly, with a well-organized interface that makes it easy to discover new favorites. For fans of HBO’s critically acclaimed content and those looking for a diverse selection of high-quality programming, Max is a compelling choice.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: The Last of Us, The Gilded Age, True Detective, Bookie, House of the Dragon, Tue Blood, Euphoria, and Gossip Girl

Max Plans and Services

Max, also known as HBO Max, offers three subscription plans, each designed to suit different viewing preferences:

With Ads Plan: This plan allows streaming on two devices at once and offers full HD video resolution. It’s a good choice for those who don’t mind advertisements while streaming.

Ad-Free Plan: As the name suggests, this plan offers an ad-free experience. It also allows streaming on two devices simultaneously in full HD resolution and includes the option to download up to 30 titles for offline viewing.

Ultimate Ad-Free Plan: This is the premium offering, allowing streaming on four devices at once. It provides 4K Ultra HD video quality and Dolby Atmos audio where available. Additionally, it offers the capability to download up to 100 titles for on-the-go viewing.

These plans give users options to choose from based on their budget and preferences for video quality, number of simultaneous streams, offline viewing capabilities, and tolerance for advertisements.


Update: On June 4, 2024, Max announced an increase to all ad-free streaming plans. This article has been updated to reflect that pricing change.

The Max With Ads Plan is priced at $9.99 per month, providing streaming with commercial interruptions. For viewers looking for an ad-free experience, the Ad-Free Plan is available at a monthly rate of $16.99. The highest tier, the Ultimate Ad-Free Plan, comes at $20.99 per month, offering additional features.

Each of these plans also allows for an annual subscription option, offering a saving of up to 20% compared to monthly billing.

This pricing structure gives subscribers the flexibility to choose a plan that best fits their viewing preferences and budget.

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5. Disney Plus


  • Exclusive access to most Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content
  • Very family friendly
  • Option to bundle with Hulu and ESPN+


  • Not as much content geared toward adults
  • Relies on existing content—not as much investment in new titles

Monthly Price Range: $7.99-$24.99/month
User Profiles: 7
Number of Screens: 4
Highest Playback Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: None

Disney fans looking for a TV service for their kids or their nostalgic kid at heart might choose Disney Plus. Families can enjoy original TV shows, documentaries, and movies for subscribers only, while also reminiscing with many of their favorites, including the Toy Story series, The Lion King, and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

You can also binge National Geographic, Marvel, and Star Wars content.

Disney Plus also finds ways to make its service super affordable to families. Its solo pricing starts at $7.99/month, but you can also bundle it with Hulu and ESPN+ with options to watch with or without ads.

Why We Chose Disney Plus

Subscribing to Disney Plus is a great choice for movie and TV enthusiasts for several reasons. One of the main attractions is its vast collection of Disney classics, which includes timeless animated films and family favorites. Additionally, Disney Plus is home to a wide range of content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars franchise, Pixar, and National Geographic, making it a one-stop destination for some of the most popular and beloved franchises in entertainment.

Disney Plus also appeals to subscribers with its exclusive original content, like the highly acclaimed series “The Mandalorian” and the “Marvel’s Loki.” These offerings provide a fresh take on well-known universes, drawing in fans of the original series and movies.

The platform is user-friendly, with a simple interface that makes finding both new and nostalgic content easy. For those who love Disney’s unique brand of entertainment, along with a mix of superhero, sci-fi, and educational content, Disney Plus offers a rich and diverse viewing experience.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: The Mandalorian, Loki, Star Wars, The Avengers, Moana, Frozen, and Inside Out

Disney Plus Plans and Services

Disney Plus offers several subscription options, each with different features:

Basic Plan with Ads: This plan includes access to thousands of exclusive movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It offers exciting new releases every week. However, this plan includes advertisements during streaming and does not allow for downloading content for offline viewing.

Premium Plan: In addition to all the features of the Basic Plan, the Premium Plan offers an ad-free streaming experience. It also allows subscribers to download select content for on-the-go viewing.

Both plans support streaming on multiple devices at once and provides access to a growing range of Disney Plus titles in 4K UHD. Additionally, subscribers can create personalized Disney Plus recommendations for up to seven profiles.

Each plan is designed to cater to different preferences, whether you prioritize uninterrupted viewing or are looking for a more cost-effective option with a vast library of content.

Disney Plus also offers the option to bundle its service with Hulu and ESPN+, expanding the range of available content to include a wider variety of movies, shows, and sports programming. This bundled package is ideal for those who want a comprehensive entertainment experience, combining Disney Plus’s family-friendly and franchise content with Hulu’s broad range of movies and shows and ESPN+’s sports coverage.


Disney Plus offers its streaming service with various pricing options, allowing viewers to choose based on their preferences and budget:

The Disney Plus Basic plan is a budget-friendly option at $7.99 per month, giving subscribers access to Disney Plus’s content library. For those looking an ad-free experience with more features, the Disney Plus Premium plan is available at $13.99 per month.

Disney Plus also offers bundled packages for those who want more variety in their streaming options:

The Disney Plus and Hulu Basic bundle combines Disney Plus with Hulu’s basic service at $9.99 per month, whiel the Disney Plus and Hulu Premium bundle, is priced at $19.99 per month.

The Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ Basic bundle, at $14.99 per month, offers a mix of family entertainment, general TV shows, and sports. For the ultimate entertainment package, the Disney Plus, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundle is available for $24.99 per month, combining all premium services with no ads (ESPN+ always includes ads). These pricing structures are designed to provide flexibility and choice, catering to different entertainment needs, from family-friendly content to a wide range of TV shows, movies, and sports.

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6. Paramount Plus


  • Option to add a Showtime plan
  • Live sports coverage, including NFL, PGA, and college basketball
  • Access to CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Star Trek content


  • Not as much original content as other streaming services
  • Live stream of local CBS stations limited to premium subscribers

Monthly Price Range: $5.99-$11.99
User Profiles: 6
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: 1 Week

Starting at just $5.99/month, Paramount Plus is an entertainment-focused TV streaming service with content from CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, BET, Smithsonian Channel, and Nickelodeon. The seemingly odd mixture actually pairs well together, giving subscribers a unique mix of family-friendly shows, trending reality TV, and engaging movies and documentaries.

On-demand programming also streams ad-free with a $11.99/month Premium plan, and subscribers can watch on up to three devices at a time. 

Why We Chose Paramount Plus

Subscribing to Paramount Plus is an appealing option for both movie and TV lovers due to several key benefits. One major draw is its extensive library of content from CBS, BET, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, and Paramount Pictures. This wide range includes popular TV shows, classic movies, and a variety of original series exclusive to Paramount Plus.

Another attractive feature of Paramount Plus is its offering of live sports, news, and events. The platform is especially popular for its access to live CBS sports events and news broadcasts. Additionally, for families and younger viewers, Paramount Plus offers a rich selection of kid-friendly content, including beloved shows from Nickelodeon.

Paramount Plus stands out for its combination of new and classic content, live programming, and exclusive originals, catering to a diverse audience with varying entertainment preferences.

Paramount+ Plans and Services

Paramount Plus offers two different subscription plans—one that gives subscribers access to Paramount’s library of content, and another that pairs it with SHOWTIME entertainment.

Paramount+ Essential: This plan includes tens of thousands of episodes and movies. It features live sports like NFL on CBS and UEFA Champions League, and provides 24/7 live news with CBS News. However, it does include limited advertising.

Paramount+ with SHOWTIME: This plan encompasses everything in the Essential plan but with additional features. It offers an ad-light experience, with no ads except for live TV and a few premium shows. The plan includes SHOWTIME originals, movies, and sports, as well as live TV with CBS and college football. It also allows subscribers to download shows to their mobile devices.

These plans offer a range of content from live sports and news to a vast library of shows and movies, including exclusive SHOWTIME content in the combined package. The option to download shows for offline viewing adds an extra layer of convenience, particularly for those on the go.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: The Good Wife, Yellowjackets, 1883, and Blue Bloods.


Paramount Plus offers its streaming services at distinct pricing levels to cater to different viewer needs. Initially, the Paramount+ Essential plan starts with a one-week free trial, after which it transitions to a monthly cost of $5.99. This plan provides access to a substantial library of content along with some live features.

For a more inclusive package, the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® bundle also begins with a one-week free trial, offering an expanded range of entertainment. After the trial, this bundle is available at $11.99 per month. It combines the offerings of the Essential plan with additional SHOWTIME content, making it a more comprehensive option for those seeking a wider array of viewing choices.

These pricing structures are designed to offer flexibility, allowing subscribers to choose based on their entertainment preferences and budget. Whether it’s for the budget-conscious viewer or someone seeking a broader range of content including premium SHOWTIME series and movies, Paramount Plus provides options to suit different tastes.

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7. Frndly TV


  • Lots of family-friendly programming
  • Includes Hallmark, A&E, and Lifetime channels
  • Unlimited DVR cloud storage


  • Limited channel lineup
  • DVD cloud storage not included with basic plan
  • No sports or local channels

Monthly Price Range: $7.99-$11.99
User Profiles: 4
Number of Screens: 4
Highest Playback Resolution: 720 p
Free Trial Period: 7 Days

Frndly TV seeks to compete with other similar options with live TV streaming, cloud-based DVR, and on-demand programming at a fraction of the cost. With plans from just $7.99-$11.99/month, customers can watch over 40 channels, like Lifetime, Outdoor Channel, and A&E. 

Frndly TV also features unlimited DVR storage and 72 hours of watch time after a show or movie airs. Keep any recording you have for up to nine months to give you plenty of time to catch up. This streaming service is available on Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV, or you can use your iOS or Android app to stream.

Why We Chose Frndly TV

Subscribing to Frndly is a great choice for those who enjoy heartwarming, family-friendly entertainment. One of the main attractions of Frndly is its selection of feel-good content, which includes a variety of Hallmark Channel shows and movies, making it perfect for viewers who love uplifting and positive stories.

Another benefit of Frndly is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to find and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. The service is known for its focus on content that is suitable for all ages, making it an ideal choice for families or anyone looking for wholesome entertainment options.

Popular Channels Include: A&E, The HISTORY Channel, Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, FYI, Outdoor Channel, and ION.

Frndly TV Plans and Services

Frndly TV offers three subscription plans to accommodate different viewing preferences:

The Basic Plan focuses on simplicity and affordability, providing access to live TV and on-demand content in standard definition and streaming on one screen. It’s an ideal choice for individuals or for those who prioritize straightforward, no-frills viewing.

Moving up, the Classic Plan includes the addition of unlimited DVR recording and three months of storage. It offers high-definition streaming on two screens, making it a better fit for small families or couples who value both quality and the flexibility to record their favorite shows.

The top-tier Premium Plan offers the most extensive features, including nine months of DVR storage and the ability to stream in high definition on up to four screens. This plan is perfect for larger households or groups who want the maximum flexibility in their viewing, recording, and storage options.

Each of these plans from Frndly TV is tailored to offer a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience, from the solo viewer to larger families, ensuring that everyone can find a plan that suits their specific entertainment needs.

The focus on family-friendly content across all plans reinforces Frndly TV’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable viewing environment for all ages.


Frndly TV’s pricing structure offers options to accommodate different budgets and preferences:

The Basic Plan is set at an affordable rate of $6.99 per month. This plan is designed for those who want access to Frndly TV’s content without additional features, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy its family-friendly programming.

For those seeking a bit more from their streaming experience, the Classic Plan is available at $7.99 per month. This plan offers a middle ground, balancing affordability with a few more features compared to the Basic Plan.

At the top of the range, the Premium Plan is priced at $9.99 per month. This plan is the most comprehensive option offered by Frndly TV, catering to viewers who want the fullest experience available on the platform.

Each of these plans is tailored to different viewing needs, from basic access to a more feature-rich experience. The tiered pricing allows subscribers to select the option that best aligns with their entertainment requirements and budgetary considerations.

8. Amazon Prime Video


  • Can bundle with other Amazon Prime memberships
  • Access to Thursday Night Football and WNBA games
  • Large library of content, including award-winning originals, including Reacher and The Summer I Turned Pretty
  • Ability to buy or rent TV shows and movies on demand


  • Isn’t entirely ad free
  • Complicated user interface

Monthly Price Range: $8.99-$14.99
User Profiles: 6
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: 30 Days

Amazon Prime subscribers get automatic access to Amazon Prime Video, the online retailer’s streaming service platform. Watch Amazon Originals, like The Lake, Lorena, and The Outlaws. Or, stick with the stuff you know and love, including Top Gun, Twilight, and Clueless.

A large portion of Amazon Prime Video’s catalog is 100% free to Amazon Prime Video members, but you can also rent or buy new movies or shows that aren’t included for special deals available only to subscribers. Some rentals are as low as $0.99.

If you’re not an Amazon Prime subscriber, that’s okay. You can still get the service for $8.99/month. Or, get all the savings of Amazon Prime, including Amazon Prime Video, for $14.99/month. 

The streaming service does not have live TV, but it does sometimes have live events.

Why We Chose Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is popular for several reasons. One big draw is its large selection of movies, TV shows, and documentaries, including award-winning Amazon Originals. Prime Video is also known for offering a range of genres and international content. Another perk is the ability to download shows for offline viewing.

Additionally, Prime Video is included with an Amazon Prime membership, which offers other benefits like free shipping on Amazon purchases. This makes it a convenient and cost-effective option for those already using Amazon’s shopping services.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: The Man in the High Castle, Daisy Jones and the Six, Bosch, Sneaky Pete, Jack Ryan, and Deadwood.

Amazon Prime Video Plans and Services

Amazon Prime offers two main subscription options, each with its own set of features:

  • Amazon Prime Video: This plan is dedicated to streaming, providing a wide range of movies, TV shows, and exclusive Amazon Originals.
  • Amazon Prime: Beyond the streaming services of Prime Video, this option includes added perks such as free shipping for Amazon purchases, music streaming, and access to a variety of books and magazines.

Each of these plans is tailored to meet the needs of different users, from those who are primarily interested in streaming content to those who wish to take advantage of the full suite of Amazon services.


Amazon Prime has several membership options with different pricing. The standard Amazon Prime membership costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year. For those interested only in streaming, Prime Video membership is available for $8.99 per month. Amazon Prime Student membership is priced at $7.49 per month or $69 per year. Additionally, Amazon offers Prime Access for $6.99 per month to EBT, Medicaid, SNAP, and other select government assistance recipients, subject to eligibility verification.

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9. Fubo TV

Fubo logo


  • Access to a wide range of sports programming
  • 1,000 hours of DVR storage with no time limits
  • Can stream on 10 different screens at once


  • No access to Turner channels (TBS, CNN, TNT) or A&E
  • There’s a fee to access regional sports

Monthly Price Range: $74.99-$94.99
User Profiles: 6
Number of Screens: 10
Highest Playback Resolution: 720p
Free Trial Period: 30 days

Fubo is one of the best TV streaming service options for people who love sports. With this subscription service, you’ll get more than 200 channels, depending on what’s available in your area, including ESPN, ESPN2, NHL Network, and NBA TV. 

There’s more than just sports streaming, though, so don’t worry if you’re not a fan. Favorites like TLC, HGTV, Nick Jr., and Logo are also available.

Fubo TV has four plans to choose from, including an all-Spanish plan for $24.99/month. Other plans are $74.99-$94.99/month, depending on the channels you want. The highest-tier plan includes Sports Plus and live and on-demand SHOWTIME programming.

Why We Chose Fubo

Subscribing to Fubo is a great choice for sports fans, as it offers extensive live sports coverage, including events that are hard to find on other platforms. Fubo TV also provides a broad selection of entertainment and news channels, catering to a wider audience beyond sports enthusiasts. With features like live TV streaming, DVR, and the ability to watch on multiple devices, it’s a solid choice for those seeking a cable alternative with a strong focus on sports.

Popular Channels Include: HGTV, Fox News, MSNBC, USA, FX, ESPN, Disney, Comedy Central, MTV, and Nickelodeon

Fubo TV Plans and Services

Fubo offers four different plans to suit a wide range of entertainment needs:

The Pro plan has 184 channels, 1000 hours of DVR cloud storage, and allows streaming on up to 10 screens at once.

The Elite plan offers more channels (252 in total), including 4K quality content, the same DVD cloud space as Pro, and streaming on 10 screens.

Premier is the biggest plan, with 261 channels featuring 4K and Showtime, 1000 hours  of DVR cloud storage, and streaming across 10 screens.

Latino: Designed for Spanish-speaking viewers, this plan includes 65 channels, 250-hour Cloud DVR, and streaming on two screens.

Each plan is crafted to meet different viewer preferences, from a wide selection of channels and features to specific content focused on language and culture.


Fubo has four different subscription plans, catering to different budgets and entertainment needs. The Pro plan, offering a range of features and channels, is available at $74.99 monthly. For more extensive options, including additional channels and 4K content, the Elite plan is priced at $84.99 each month. The Premier plan, which includes the widest selection of channels and features like Showtime, costs $94.99 per month. For Spanish-speaking audiences, the Latino plan provides targeted content at a monthly rate of $32.99.

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10. Apple TV Plus


  • Award-winning originals, like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show
  • 3 months free with purchase of Apple devices
  • Friday Night Baseball included; MLS Season Pass available as an add-on


  • Very limited content library
  • Streaming on non-Apple devices can be buggy

Monthly Price Range: $9.99
User Profiles: 5
Number of Screens: 6
Highest Playback Resolution: 1080p
Free Trial Period: 7 Days(3 Months with purchase of Apple device)

Apple TV is Apple’s TV streaming device, while Apple TV Plus is Apple’s TV streaming service featuring all Apple Originals. It may not be as well-known as other streaming services yet, but it’s sure to make moves with its rising-in-popularity hits like Ted Lasso and The Morning Show.

The service is available on any Apple device plus others, like Roku and Google TV. 

Because its library isn’t as vast as other TV streaming options, Apple TV Plus is an affordable $9.99/month. Plus, you can often get it for free for a limited time when you purchase select Apple products, so be sure to look for deals attached to your new devices or subscriptions.

Why We Chose Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is appealing for its exclusive, high-quality original content, including TV series, movies, and documentaries. With content crafted by renowned creators and actors, it stands out in the streaming world. The service is ad-free, ensuring uninterrupted viewing experiences. Its integration with Apple’s ecosystem offers seamless use for those already invested in Apple devices and services.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Mr. Corman, Palmer, Finch, Losing Alice, The Banker, Swan Song, and Greyhound

Apple TV Plus Plans and Services

Apple offers a few different subscription options for Apple TV Plus, including:

Apple Device Promotion: New Apple device buyers get 3 months of free Apple TV Plus if they redeem the offer within 90 days of purchase.

Regular Subscription: After a 7-day free trial, this option turns into a monthly subscription that allows family sharing.

Apple One Bundle: This option combines Apple TV Plus with up to five other Apple services. Depending on the plan chosen (Individual, Family, or Premier), it includes varying iCloud+ storage and other services like Apple Music and Apple Arcade. Family and Premier plans also allow sharing with up to five other people.

All subscription plans are commercial free and include offline viewing, 4K Ultra HD streaming, and family sharing.


Apple TV Plus offers several subscription options, each catering to different entertainment needs and budgets.

The standard subscription for Apple TV Plus is available at $9.99 per month after a 7-day free trial. For the Apple One Bundle, which includes Apple TV Plus and other services, the Individual plan is priced at $19.95 per month, the Family plan at $25.95 per month, and the Premier plan at $37.95 per month.

11. DIRECTV Stream


  • Unlimited DVR cloud storage
  • Up to 20 simultaneous streams on your home network
  • Great regional sports coverage


  • Only one user profile allowed
  • Fewer channels than live stream competitors

Monthly Price Range: $94.98-134.98
User Profiles: 1
Number of Screens: 20 screens on home network; 3 on outside networks
Highest Playback Resolution: 1080i
Free Trial Period: None

Once most well-known for its satellite TV, DIRECTV now has a streaming service called DIRECTV Stream. Although satellite is still available through the company, DIRECTV Stream gives more modern TV-viewing services through live and on-demand television. 

Depending on your package, you’ll get more than 140 channels, including movie favorites like Showtime and HBO Max. With even the lowest tier, subscribers get CBS, ESPN, NBC, and other must-have channels.

DIRECTV Stream includes unlimited cloud DVR storage to help you always catch up with your top shows and movies. 

Why We Chose DIRECTV Stream

DIRECTV Stream is a popular choice for those seeking a comprehensive TV experience without the traditional cable setup. It offers a vast selection of live TV channels, including sports, news, and entertainment, catering to a wide range of interests. With DIRECTV Stream, subscribers also enjoy the convenience of no annual contract and the flexibility to stream on multiple devices. Additionally, it includes cloud DVR services, allowing viewers to record and watch their favorite shows at their convenience. This blend of variety, flexibility, and convenience makes DIRECTV Stream a favored option for cord-cutters and TV enthusiasts.

Popular Channels Include: CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, E, ESPN, Food Network, Fox News, HBO, MTV, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and TBS.  

DIRECTV Stream Plans and Services

DIRECTV Stream offers four different plans, each with their own distinct features:

ENTERTAINMENT: Includes local channels, unlimited Cloud DVR, the first upgraded Gemini Receiver, and special offers on premium channels.

CHOICE: Builds on the ENTERTAINMENT package, adding specialty sports channels like the ACC Network and Big Ten Network, plus Regional Sports Networks.

ULTIMATE: Further expands on CHOICE™, including more sports and movie channels like the CBS Sports Network and FX Movie Channel.

PREMIER: The most extensive package, adding top-rated premium networks such as Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and Cinemax.

Each plan caters to different entertainment needs, from basic channels to extensive sports and premium networks.


DIRECTV Stream’s offers four different subscription plans, each requiring a two-year contract:

ENTERTAINMENT: $69.99/month, increasing to $84.99 with Advanced Receiver Services (ARS) fees.

CHOICE: $84.99/month, rising to $115.98 with ARS and Regional Sports Fees.

ULTIMATE: $114.99/month, increasing to $145.98 with ARS and Regional Sports Fees.

PREMIER: $159.99/month, going up to $190.98 with ARS and Regional Sports Fees.

Advanced Receiver Services (ARS) fees are additional charges associated with the use of DIRECTV Stream’s receiver equipment. Regional Sports Fees are extra costs for accessing local sports networks, which vary depending on the viewer’s location and the specific sports channels available in their package. Both fees are common in cable and satellite TV services, reflecting the costs of providing specialized equipment and content.

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12. Hulu / Hulu Plus Live TV


  • Ability to bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+
  • Access to Hulu’s award-winning originals, including The Handmaid’s Tale and The Bear
  • Unlimited DVR cloud storage


  • Regional sports channels are limited
  • Can only stream on two screens at once

Monthly Price Range: $7.99-$17.99 for Hulu only; $75.99-$89.99 for Hulu + Live plans
User Profiles: 7
Number of Screens: 2
Highest Playback Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: 7 Days

Hulu used to be a streaming service just for on-demand TV. However, it switched over to offering live TV a few years ago to be more competitive with other TV streaming services doing just that. Customers can now choose between Hulu’s on-demand service or Hulu Plus Live TV. 

With a Hulu-only subscription, customers can watch Hulu’s massive selection of original and non-original programming, including family-friendly movies and shows, classics, and currently trending TV and movies. Packages start at $7.99/month.

The Hulu Plus Live TV service is $75.99/month, and it includes ESPN+ and Disney Plus. Channels vary by location but typically include ABC, Food Network, NBC News, Disney Channel, and ESPN, to name a few. 

Why We Chose Hulu / Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu and Hulu Plus Live TV attract subscribers with their diverse range of content and live streaming options. Hulu’s on-demand streaming service offers a vast selection of TV shows, movies, and exclusive Hulu Originals. For those seeking a more expansive viewing experience, Hulu Plus Live TV includes live channels, sports, and news broadcasts, providing a one-stop solution for both on-demand and live TV needs. The platforms cater to various tastes, from binge-watching popular series to staying updated with live events, making them popular choices among a wide audience.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: Only Murders in the Building, The Handmaid’s Tale, Tell Me Lies, The Bear, The Kardashians, Letterkenny, Futurama, and Normal People.

Hulu Plans and Services

Hulu’s diverse range of plans ensures there’s something for every viewer:

Hulu (With Ads): Ideal for those looking for a budget-friendly option, it provides access to the same wide range of content, but with ad breaks.

Hulu (No Ads): This plan caters to viewers who prefer uninterrupted streaming with no ads, offering an extensive collection of series, movies, originals, and kids’ shows.

Hulu + Live TV: This all-inclusive package is designed for those seeking a broader viewing experience. It includes everything in Hulu (With Ads), plus over 90 Live TV channels, Disney+ (With Ads), ESPN+ (With Ads), and Unlimited DVR, merging on-demand streaming with live TV options.

Hulu also offers bundles to combine streaming services:

Disney Bundle Duo Basic: A great choice for those who want diverse entertainment, combining Hulu (With Ads) with Disney+ (With Ads).

Disney Bundle Trio Basic: Adds ESPN+ (With Ads) to the Duo Basic, offering live sports alongside streaming entertainment.

Disney Bundle Trio Premium: For a complete, ad-free experience, this bundle includes Hulu (No Ads), Disney+ (No Ads), and ESPN+ (With Ads), providing a wide array of content from series and movies to live sports without interruptions.

Each plan and bundle is tailored to different preferences, ensuring viewers can find the perfect match for their streaming needs, whether they prioritize ad-free viewing, live TV, sports, or a combination of all three.


The Hulu (With Ads) plan is the company’s budget-friendly option and is $7.99 per month. Hulu (No Ads) is available for $17.99 per month. For those seeking a wider array of content, Hulu + Live TV costs $76.99 per month.

The Disney Bundle Duo Basic, combining Hulu and Disney+ with ads is priced at $9.99 per month. The Disney Bundle Trio Basic, adding ESPN+ with ads, is $14.99 per month. For an ad-free Hulu experience combined with Disney+ and ESPN+, the Disney Bundle Trio Premium is available at $24.99 per month.

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13. Freevee


  • It’s free
  • Access to select licensed shows and original content


  • No way to skip ads
  • While there are a few solid movies and TV shows, most content is mediocre
  • Content library shuffles a lot, so no guarantee that a show will still be available later

Monthly Price Range: $0
User Profiles: 1
Number of Screens: Unlimited
Highest Playback Resolution: 4K Ultra HD
Free Trial Period: Always Free

Freevee is another best TV streaming service from Amazon, except that it’s 100% free, even for people who don’t have Amazon Prime. The ad-supported, free service has premium TV shows and movies that are ideal for filling in gaps when you’re all caught up on your other shows.

Stream Freevee content on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, PS4/PS5, Samsung Smart TV, and other devices. The app is also available on the App Store and Google Play for streaming on mobile devices.

Even though there’s no monthly subscription fee, there’s still Freevee original content that isn’t available anywhere else, like Troppo and Timewasters

Why We Chose Freevee

People love Freevee for its free, ad-supported streaming service. It offers a variety of TV shows and movies, including original content, without any subscription fees. Freevee’s library is constantly updated, ensuring fresh viewing options.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: Columbo, Murder, She Wrote, Lost, Jury Duty, Person of Interest, Raising Hope, Schitt’s Creek, Weeds, and The X-Files.

Freevee Plans and Services

Amazon’s Freevee stands out for being completely free—it doesn’t require a subscription, all you need is an Amazon login.  

Freevee is designed to be convenient and accessible, and is available on many devices, including smart TVs, smartphones, web browsers, and streaming media players, making it easy for viewers to enjoy affordable content from anywhere.


Freevee is a free streaming service supported by advertisements. As an ad-supported platform, it doesn’t offer an option to skip ads. This means viewers will experience regular ad breaks while watching content. For those who find advertisements disruptive, this might be a consideration when choosing an entertainment platform. Freevee’s ad-based model is what allows it to provide content without a subscription fee, making it a budget-friendly option for

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14. Pluto TV


  • Free
  • No account required
  • Access to 250+ live TV streams, with many recognizable brands


  • No way to skip ads
  • Cannot stream many live sports games
  • Very few “new” episodes of popular TV shows

Monthly Price Range: Free
User Profiles: 1
Number of Screens: Unlimited
Highest Playback Resolution: 720p
Free Trial Period: Always Free

Find a new TV show or movie to watch without signing up for another TV streaming service with Pluto TV. The free service includes select shows and movies across hundreds of exclusive channels. Watch Baywatch reruns on the Baywatch channel, catch RuVealed on Logo for Pluto TV, or stream live CNN news. 

Pluto TV is supported on multiple streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Android Play Store, iOS Apple App Store, and Roku. You can also use the desktop app to watch wherever you bring your laptop. 

Why We Chose Pluto TV

Pluto TV is chosen for its unique approach to streaming, offering a free, ad-supported platform with more than 250 live channels and a vast on-demand library. It mimics traditional TV, providing a channel-surfing experience without a subscription.

Users appreciate its variety of content, including movies, TV shows, news, and sports, making it an attractive option for those seeking a no-cost entertainment solution. Pluto TV’s ease of access and diverse programming appeal to a wide audience, especially those looking to enjoy streaming without financial commitment.

Popular Channels Include: NFL Channel, Star Trek, Stories by AMC, Degrassi Channel, CBS News Channel, Hell’s Kitchen Channel, Survivor Channel, CSI Channel, Showtime Selects Channel, Blue Bloods, The Price is Right

Pluto TV Plans and Services

There are no subscription fees or sign-up requirements to stream Pluto TV, making it easily accessible. You can stream Pluto TV on multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, streaming devices, and through web browsers.


Pluto TV is a free streaming service supported by advertisements. Viewers can enjoy a wide range of content without any subscription fee, but this comes with the trade-off of non-skippable ads. These ads are integral to the platform’s free model, but may be a consideration for those who prefer an ad-free viewing experience.

For viewers who find advertisements interruptive, exploring other platforms might be more suitable. Pluto TV’s ad-supported structure allows it to offer diverse, free content, appealing to those looking for cost-effective entertainment solutions.

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15. Sling TV


  • Very affordable if you just want a basic streaming package
  • Lots of add-ons to customize subscription, including Showtime and STARZ subscription
  • Sling Freestream gives you access to more than 400 channels for free


  • Streams on delay, which can be problematic when watching live sports
  • Limited DVR storage when compared to competitors
  • Not very many local channels and regional sports offerings

Monthly Price Range: $40
User Profiles: 4
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: 720p
Free Trial Period: None for paid tiers

Sling TV is one of the best TV streaming service options for customizable plans, helping you watch your favorite TV shows for an affordable rate that fits your budget. The base service provides 31 channels, like TBS, Freeform, and Vice, plus 50 hours of DVR storage. Channels on premium plans include E!, Discovery Channel, and NFL Network.

Atop your base plan, you can choose optional add-ons, like Lifestyle Extra or Kids Extra, which pack on more channels that fit your add-on’s theme. Or, choose a four-pack of extras for just $13 more per month. Base plans start at $40/month, and add-ons range from $3-$21/month.

Why We Chose Sling TV

Sling TV is popular for its flexibility in live TV streaming, offering a personalized viewing experience. It’s known for its a la carte channel customization, allowing subscribers to tailor their package to their interests, whether it’s sports, news, or entertainment.

Additionally, Sling TV offers Cloud DVR, enabling viewers to record and watch shows at their convenience. The service appeals to those looking for a more tailored alternative to traditional cable TV, providing choice and control over their viewing experience.

Popular Channels Include: ESPN, Disney Channel, Freeform, Fox News, MSNBC, Bravo, NFL Network, FS1, USA, Discovery, TLC, E, SYFY, National Geographic, and TruTV

Sling TV Plans and Services

Sling TV offers three main plans, each with unique features.

Orange Plan: Focuses on sports and family channels and allows streaming on one device at a time.

Blue Olan: Includes news and entertainment channels with streaming on three devices simultaneously.

Orange + Blue Plan: combines all channels from both plans.

Sling TV also provides add-ons for extra customization, like Entertainment Extra or Sports Extra, and DVR options for recording shows. Premium channels and standalone options, like MGM+ or Showtime, are also available for added variety.


Sling TV stands out in the streaming market for its customizable plans and varied channel options. Its basic plans, the Orange and Blue, each priced monthly, offer different channel selections catering to diverse interests.

Orange Plan: $40 per month.

Blue Plan: $40 per month.

Orange + Blue Plan: $55 per month.

Additionally, Sling TV offers a range of add-ons, such as Sports Extra, Entertainment Extra, DVR Plus, and premium channels like SHOWTIME® and STARZ. The prices of these add-ons vary, ranging from approximately $3 to $10 each.

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16. Acorn TV 


  • Lots of British TV shows and movies
  • Available as an add-on for three of the top streaming platforms


  • No children’s programming
  • No live streaming
  • Constantly rotating content with no way to watch when it’s gone

Monthly Price Range: $6.99
User Profiles: None
Number of Screens: 4
Highest Playback Resolution: 720p
Free Trial Period: 7 Days

Acorn TV is a bit different from others on our list of the best TV streaming service options because it focuses on the best of British TV. If you enjoy watching British favorites, like Bloodlands, New Worlds, and Murdoch Mysteries, then this service is for you.

Start with a free trial to test out the service for seven days. Then, Acorn TV is just $6.99/month or $69.99/year. 

Why We Chose Acorn TV

Acorn TV appeals to viewers for its unique focus on British and international television. It offers a wide array of acclaimed TV series, mysteries, dramas, and documentaries from the UK, Ireland, Australia, and beyond.

Acorn TV’s specialty in foreign shows makes it a go-to place for fans of international content, particularly those who enjoy British TV series. The platform’s curated selection of quality programming not commonly found on other streaming services is a major draw for viewers seeking new and diverse entertainment options.

Popular TV Shows and Movies Include: One Lane Bridge, Darby and Joan, The Chase, My Life is Murder, The Lost King, The Sounds, A Tale of Two Thieves, The Fall, and The Great Train Robbery

Acorn TV Plans and Services

Acorn TV only has one membership level, but it offers streaming on a variety of devices including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and streaming devices like Roku and Apple TV.

The service also provides high-quality playback and offline viewing. This makes Acorn TV accessible and enjoyable for a wide range of users, whether they prefer watching on a big screen or on the go.


Acorn TV’s membership is available at two different price points. The monthly subscription costs $6.99, with automatic billing each month. For those looking for a longer commitment, the annual subscription is available at $69.99, which offers a full year of Acorn TV for the price equivalent to 10 months.

 This pricing structure provides flexibility for users to choose between a monthly or yearly commitment to the service.

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17. Philo


  • Unlimited DVR cloud storage
  • Includes 70+ channels and on-demand content
  • Very affordable for a live stream service


  • Streams on a delay
  • No sports or local channels
  • Some content includes ads

Monthly Price Range: $25
User Profiles: 10
Number of Screens: 3
Highest Playback Resolution: Live TV: 720p / On Demand: 1080p
Free Trial Period: 7 Days

For just $25/month, Philo lets subscribers get popular channels like A&E, CMT, and VH1. The live and on-demand TV service provides unlimited DVR storage for up to one year, giving you ample amount of time to watch the shows and movies you love.

A subscription to Philo includes streaming on up to three devices simultaneously and up to ten profiles on one account, so everyone can organize their channels and save their shows separately from other household members.

Why We Chose Philo

Philo was chosen for its affordable access to a wide range of live and on-demand TV channels, including entertainment, lifestyle, and educational content. It appeals to those seeking a simple and cost-effective alternative to cable TV.

Philo’s features, like unlimited DVR, ability to stream on multiple devices, and a user-friendly interface, add to its attractiveness. It’s a popular choice for viewers looking for a straightforward, no-frills streaming experience with a focus on entertainment and lifestyle content.

Popular Channels Include: Food Network, Lifetime, MTV, Paramount Network, TLC, Discovery Channel, AMC, Nickelodeon, Outside, and Vice.

Philo Plans and Services

Philo offers a no-contract, single plan streaming service. It provides a wide variety of live and on-demand TV channels, focusing on entertainment and lifestyle content.

Key features include high-quality streaming, unlimited DVR, and the ability to stream on multiple devices simultaneously. Its user-friendly interface and straightforward approach make it a popular choice for those seeking an uncomplicated streaming solution without a long-term commitment. Philo is compatible on a range of devices, including smart TVs and mobile devices, adding to its convenience.


Philo is a streaming service offered at $25 per month, providing an economical option for accessing a variety of television content. This pricing structure makes it a cost-effective choice for viewers seeking a wide range of entertainment without a high expense. Philo’s affordability and diverse channel selection make it a compelling option for budget-conscious viewers who want live streaming.

How To Watch Streaming Content

Did you know that there are dozens of ways to stream TV and movie content as a cord-cutter? Whether you want to watch sports favorites like the NFL Network or NBA TV, or your favorite weekly TV show on-demand when you get home from work, a streaming device and streaming service can help you do it.

A streaming device connects to the internet to help you stream using your chosen on-demand or live TV streaming service. The Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV devices, NVIDIA Shield TV, and Apple TV are some of the most popular options to date. It also helps to have one of the best routers for TV streaming.

TV-streamers can also connect to their computers, phones, tablets, and other mobile devices to watch via a mobile or desktop app. Blu-Ray players and modern video game systems usually have streaming capabilities, too. 

Best TV Streaming Service Options

Our list of the best TV streaming service options isn’t all-encompassing, so you may find plenty of other worthy contenders in your search for your ideal service. Still, we believe this list includes some of the best services for most people, offering a range of features, content, and budgets.

Some households combine a few TV streaming services to have more options available when they want to relax with a show or movie. To save money, be careful about adding services that overlap many of the same channels.

You can also check with other services you already pay for, like your mobile phone plan, to see if your company has deals on select TV streaming services. For example, some AT&T unlimited plans include HBO Max at no extra charge.