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Sometimes in life, you have to sell off things you own if you’re moving or just need some quick cash.

Selling used furniture is the perfect example. People sell all kinds of pieces if they’re changing apartments, having a home make-over, or just need to earn a bit of extra money.

So, if you’re upgrading your home or are moving elsewhere and need to sell off your furniture, you’re in luck.

Here are some of the top options to sell locally so you can make a fast sale.

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How To Sell Furniture Fast Locally

There are plenty of ways to sell used furniture, but using local selling websites is generally the best option. This is because selling furniture online means you have to deal with the hassle of shipping, which can be complicated and also immensely expensive.

And the great news is that there’s so many local selling apps and platforms you can use to find buyers. And, in my experience, certain pieces can sell for a hefty sum if they’re high-quality and in good condition.

1. Facebook Marketplace

When it comes to selling used goods for cash, it’s hard to beat the Facebook Marketplace.

This massive social media platform has millions of users. Posting listings is also completely free, and used furniture is actually one of the most popular things to sell on Facebook.


Some of the most popular pieces of used furniture you can sell on Facebook include:

  • Armchairs and chairs
  • Bedside tables
  • Bedroom sets
  • Coffee tables
  • Dining tables
  • Mattresses
  • Patio furniture
  • Sofas
  • TV stands

I’ve actually sold many things on Facebook Marketplace, and used furniture can sell quickly if it’s in good condition and you list at a competitive price with other sellers.

I’ve also found that joining local buy and sell groups is an excellent way to sell used furniture quickly. Even my little town has Facebook groups, and it’s a quick and effective way to fund buyers that live near you. 

When selling furniture locally on Facebook Marketplace, make sure you upload lots of images and include a description of details. Exact dimensions can be helpful, and mention if you have a pet-friendly or smoke-free home.

2. Craigslist

Another excellent way to sell used furniture locally is to list it for sale on Craigslist.

As one of the original online marketplaces, Craigslist is also another great resource when you want to sell things for cash. Free to list and sell, there are listings for nearly every community and this can be an easy way to sell things online.

People list old furniture on Craigslist all the time, but also new or like-new pieces that just don’t quite fit in someone’s home.

I like selling stuff on Craigslist since it also has a large pool of buyers like Facebook Marketplace. And creating a listing is free and just takes a few minutes.

You can read our post on Craigslist vs Facebook Marketplace for a comparison of these two local selling sites.

3. OfferUp

Another excellent way to sell used furniture locally is to use OfferUp, a popular buy-and-sell app that’s similar to Facebook Marketplace.

With OfferUp, creating listings is completely free. All you have to do is take some photos, add a description and price, and you’re ready to list your furniture for sale.

Sell Furniture OfferUp

People also sell all kinds of things on OfferUp, ranging from apparel and sneakers to entire furniture sets. Some of the most popular things to sell on OfferUp when it comes to furniture include:

  • Chairs
  • Couches
  • Bed frames and beds
  • Side tables
  • Tables and dining room sets
  • TV stands

Buyers message you through OfferUp’s app to ask questions, negotiate, and schedule a pickup time.

And one thing I like about selling on OfferUp is that buyers and sellers have ratings, which helps you avoid scammers. Plus, OfferUp has a list of suggested meeting points that are near police stations and busy public areas to help increase safety if you’re willing to meet somewhere.

You don’t pay transaction fees on OfferUp either for local cash sales. Overall, it’s one of the best ways to sell furniture locally, and you can usually find buyers pretty quickly.

Our post on OfferUp vs Facebook Marketplace has even more information about this selling app.

4. eBay Classifieds

As one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, eBay is a popular option for selling just about anything. In fact, it’s where many people start a selling side hustle in the first place.

However, what many people don’t know is that eBay also has a local selling option known as eBay Classifieds. And it’s an excellent place to sell things like appliances, used furniture, and other bulkier items you don’t want to ship.

You pay $9.95 for a 30-day eBay Classifieds listing, so it’s more expensive than using local selling apps. But you can potentially access a massive pool of buyers depending on where you live.

You can also sell furniture online with eBay’s regular auction or set-price listing system. But eBay charges a 12.9% fee up to a total of $7,500 for furniture.

5. Nextdoor

Dedicated to connecting neighbors, Nextdoor is an excellent site to turn to when connecting and selling locally. It’s also a useful platform for meeting new people in your area, finding odd jobs, and promoting a side gig you might have.

The platform is also similar to other local classified sites when it comes to selling used furniture.

All you have to do is create a listing, set your location and price, and then local Nextdoor members can message you to ask questions and arrange a pickup time. No need to worry about shipping or any of the hassles that come with selling online.

6. Garage Sale

Hosting a garage sale can be a great way to make money quickly and sell furniture and other items you no longer need.

For example, my family held a garage sale and sold outgrown baby furniture and small beds from when I was a baby. We also sold heaps of clothing, used furniture, and other stuff we didn’t need anymore.

For maximum traffic, plan your sale on a weekend. For even better results, try planning it during large city wide garage sale events or hosting it in a location that might get premium traffic.

7. Bookoo

This local selling platform is another excellent option to sell used furniture locally. Particularly popular in military communities, it is an excellent place to create an online yard to sell furniture and other items.

Bookoo sell furniture locally

To get started on Bookoo, join the community for your area and list your products. Potential buyers can then contact you to purchase.

There is no charge to list items for sale or transaction fees on Bookoo. While it is not yet available in all areas, if it is active in your community this can be a great resource to sell almost anything online for cash.

8. Consignment Stores

If you’re still wondering where to sell furniture locally, you can always consider checking out nearby consignment stores.

Most consignment shops require your items to sell before you get paid. However, some may just pay you an amount up front and purchase the item.

When consigning furniture or any other items, be aware that the store does take a percentage of the sale that may be 40-60%. Refer to the store’s consignment guidelines for more details.

9. Remoov

If you’re looking for an option that helps do the work of selling used furniture, Remoov is one of the best platforms you can use.

Remoov Sell Furniture

There are also two ways to sell used furniture with Remoov:

  1. Send Photos: Submit photos of the furniture you’re selling for Remoov’s team to review.
  2. Appointment: Have someone from Remoov’s team visit your home to inspect what you’re selling and they can pick up furniture directly from you.

Once Remoov has your furniture, it resells it on its website. The platform takes up to 50% of the sale since it does most of the leg work. But this is basically a way to get paid for doing nothing while getting rid of your used furniture.

This can also be an excellent way to sell office furniture or other high-value pieces that only a certain type of buyer might be searching for.

10. Bunz

One last way to sell furniture fast locally is to use Bunz, a new social trading platform.

With Bunz, you can connect and trade with people in your area. So, instead of selling furniture, you might be able to trade it for something else you’ve had your eye on for a while.


Bunz is a new platform, and it has an Android and iOS app. Currently, Bunz is active in major cities around the world, like Toronto, New York, London, and Montreal.

Again, you have to be comfortable trading for this platform to work. But you might be able to snag some free electronics, appliances, or something else of value in exchange for your furniture.

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Online Alternatives To Selling Furniture Locally

Now that you know some of the best places to sell used furniture locally, I want to cover a few alternatives you can consider if you’re willing to sell online.

Again, online selling means you have to deal with shipping costs and the hassle of properly packing furniture. But if you’re selling antiques or high-value pieces, this might be worth it.

Some other alternatives you can consider to sell used furniture online include:

  • Bonanza: Another popular online resale marketplace.
  • Charish: An online marketplace specializing in vintage and contemporary furniture.
  • Bookoo: A similar site to Nextdoor that helps you find local buyers and sellers.
  • Recycler.com: Another classifieds site where you can post used furniture for sale or for free pickup.
  • Ruby Lane: Another platform where you can sell vintage furniture online.
  • AptDeco: One of the most popular platforms for selling used furniture online as well as other home goods.
  • 1stDibs: This platform is worth considering if you’re selling other vintage or unique pieces of furniture.

As long as you factor in platform fees and potential shipping fees into your final price, there’s no reason why you can’t make decent money with online sales channels as well.

Tips For Selling Used Furniture Locally

To wrap up this local furniture selling guide, here are a few tips that I’ve found pretty helpful over the years that can make the entire process much more effective:

  • Clean Up When Possible: If your furniture is dirty, dusty, or has other dirt that can be removed, always clean it. Dirty items won’t sell well, if at all.
  • Set Competitive Prices: While you may have paid $1,000 for that sofa, that was several years ago. Recognize you won’t get back what you paid for a new item and list it at a competitive price.
  • Be Honest: Do you smoke or have pets? Be sure to reveal these in your listings. These can be deal breakers for some individuals, so it’s best to admit this ahead of time instead of once someone shows up in person to buy. Also mention any dents, scratches, or damage so buyers know what to expect.
  • Negotiate: Is someone offering you less than the price you had in mind? Make a counter offer. If you’re willing to negotiate, you’ll be more likely to sell furniture quickly.
  • Take Numerous Photos: If you’re selling furniture on an online marketplace, take photos. Include images of the whole piece, as well as different angles.
  • Consider Donating: Have used furniture that isn’t selling? Those pieces might be someone else’s treasure if they can’t afford what they need. Consider donating the furniture to a local reuse store or charity and getting a receipt for a potential tax deduction. I’ve donated to Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity before, and it’s a nice way to get rid of your furniture while doing some good.

This video from YouTuber Jennie and Davis also covers some tips for selling furniture online with Facebook Marketplace.

I know this video is for Facebook, but many of the selling tips apply to other resale platforms and classified websites, so it’s worth the watch.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on where to sell furniture locally helps you make some fast cash while giving some of your pieces a new home.

As mentioned, I’ve made money for years by selling furniture or other items. And, I think everyone is going to have the same opportunity at some point in life during a move or home renovation.

Just make sure you do some research, set reasonable prices, and respond to buyers quickly. There’s no reason you can’t make money selling used furniture to people in your city, and you might be surprised at how much you make.

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