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Whether you like watches as a fashion piece or as a potential investment, there’s no denying that watches can hold a lot of value.

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This is especially true for designer and luxury watches from brands like Rolex, Pateks, Cartier, and Piaget. So, selling off your watch can be a route to fast cash if you’re in a pinch.

However, it’s important to know where to sell your watches for cash so you get the best deal possible.

That’s why this post is covering some of the best places to sell watches and some important tips to keep in mind when listing them online.

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The Best Places To Sell Watches

There are plenty of places to sell watches for cash. Some are local selling websites, while others involve selling online.

Local selling is best if you want fast cash and to avoid the hassle of shipping. But selling online can often find the best price since you reach more buyers.

1. Worthy

When it comes to selling watches online, Worthy is one of your best options.

This online marketplaces specializes in reselling watches, diamonds, wedding rings, and jewelry in an auction style. And the platform has excellent customer service and handles all the selling for you.

Worthy sell watches

Here’s how the watch selling process on Worthy works:

  1. You submit photos and information about the watches you want to sell to Worthy
  2. You have a call with a Worthy representative to go over the process if you want
  3. Worthy receives your watch, cleans it, and takes professional photos
  4. Worthy then lists your watch for sale in its online action of over one thousand professional buyers
  5. You get paid with PayPal money or bank transfer after the watch sells

I actually called Worthy to ask about its service and submit some jewelry for sale, and the auction manager I got was very helpful in explaining how everything worked, so customer service is excellent.

You also get to set the price for the watch you’re selling. And you get paid a few days following a successful sale. Fees for sales range between 18% to 10%, with fees getting lower the more expensive your watch is.

Overall, Worthy is one of the best places to sell watches online. Just note that it generally focuses on high-end brands, including vintage and antique watches.

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2. The RealReal

Another luxury watch selling platform is The Real Real. Like Worthy, you get to work with a watch expert to help authenticate and appropriately price your timepiece before listing it for sale.

In fact, The RealReal has experts who guide you through the process including determining market value, pricing and communicating with buyers. Once your watch sells online, you receive payment via check, store credit or direct deposit.

TheRealReal sell watches

I like The RealReal since you can get a free valuation for your watch. This is useful if you want to sell your watch elsewhere but need some guidance on pricing.

And if you need quick money, you can also consign your watch and get paid up to 85% of its value right away.

3. The WatchBox

Like the name suggests, another place you can sell watches is The WatchBox. This online watch retailer focuses on premium brands like Rolex, Omega, Hublot and Patek Philippe and helps people resell them at the highest possible price.

Like the other sites I’ve covered, The WatchBox experts help you evaluate your watches to price and list them.

TheWatchBox Sell Watch

If you accept the quote you get, you get a prepaid shipping label and send your watch to TheWatchBox. It also pays for insurance like Worthy so you can have peace of mind.

Once your watch gets inspected and accepted, you get paid via wire transfer or check. And you get paid within 72 hours following inspection, making The WathBox one of the fastest ways to sell your watch online.

You can also trade-in your watch if you want to change things up instead of selling it completely.

4. WP Diamonds

Have a high-end luxury watch? WP Diamonds is definitely one of the best ways to sell a watch for cash in that case.

This site focuses on selling diamond jewelry, designer handbags, and luxury watches. It also buys watches directly from you for cash or store credit, and you can schedule an in-person or online appointment to value your pieces.

WP Diamonds

As for brands you can sell, expect the common list of luxury ones like Hublot, Patek Philipe, and Cartier.

You don’t pay any selling fees either. And you get a pretty quick quote for your watch after submitting some information and photos. If you like the offer, you simply ship your piece to WP Diamonds and get paid after inspection.

This site is also a great resource for watch pricing and market value help if you decide to sell your watches in person or with another online site.

5. Pawn Shops

If you prefer to sell watches near you, pawn shops and consignment stores can be a quick and easy option. 

The downside to selling watches to pawn shops is that you’re not going to make as much as you would selling online. This is because pawn shops can be quite aggressive with their offers to try and maximize profits.

However, pawn shops save you the hassle and time of shipping and waiting for an online sale. This is why they’re popular if you need money right now.

Finally, consignment stores can also be an option for selling watches for cash. But again, you’re likely leaving some money on the table versus selling online to a professional watch seller or with an online auction like Worthy runs.

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6. Crown & Caliber

If you’re still wondering how to sell used watches, one more option you can consider is Crown & Caliber.

Crown and Caliber sell watches

Like the other online selling option, Crown & Caliber lets you work with a specialist to value your watches. All you have to do is submit details about the watch you have for sale to get a reserve price within a couple working days.

After you receive an offer, you get a prepaid insured shipping label to ship your watch. Following authentication, Crown & Caliber then pays you via check or store credit. 

Some quotes are instant, while others can take a few business days. But overall, the selling process is quite streamlined and simple.

7. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is an excellent local selling option for just about anything, ranging from shoes and furniture to cars. So, unsurprisingly, it’s also a popular place to sell watches for cash.

I’ve sold plenty of things on Facebook Marketplace before as well to make money while in college. And the listing process is fast, free, and easy.

All you need to do is take some photos of the watches you’re selling, writer a description, and set your price. From there, buyers can message you to ask questions or negotiate.

The downside of Facebook Marketplace is that you can get a lot of lowball offers. But you don’t have to deal with shipping or online selling.

Plus, Facebook also has lots of local sale groups or groups with watch fans. So, you can potentially find more serious buyers in these groups instead of the general local marketplace.

Facebook sell watches for cash

In my area, there are tons of groups for selling watches or even swapping them with other collectors. So, it’s pretty easy to find someone to sell to if you live in a populated area.

Also note that Facebook Marketplace is an excellent option for selling non-designer watches since you can list pretty much any type of watch, including sports watches, Apple watches, FitBits, and everyday-wear type of watches.

8. Luriya

Another place to sell watches that you can test out is Luriya. This New York company buys gold, silver, watches, and jewelry from just about anyone.

To sell, you can request a free appraisal so a professional values your items. After getting a quote, you ship everything in to get paid.


Luriya is excellent for local watch selling if you happen to live in New York. But it’s still a nice backup to have if you’re not happy with the quotes you’re getting from other websites on this list.

9. Watch Forums

If you’re willing to deal with independent buyers, another one of the best places for selling watches is to use watch forums.

Plenty of websites are dedicated to covering watches and jewelry. And, these websites often have forums where people can buy, sell, and swap their timepieces with other members.

Several leading watch forums you can try include:

Chrono24 sell watches

The main downside of selling watches by yourself and without a dealer or watch buyer is that you have to handle negotiations, listing, and the entire sales process yourself.

However, you might get way more money this way since you don’t have to pay any fees. Just note that sale might take longer to complete.

10. Bob’s Watches

One final place you can sell watches is Bob’s Watches. This is also a great option if you’re selling popular brand names like Patek Philippe, Rolex, and Cartier.

After you get a quote from Bob’s Watches, you get paid via check, cash, or wire transfer once its professionals finish inspecting your watches to confirm the quote.

Bobs Watches

It also pays for shipping like other online watch resellers. Overall, Bob’s Watches is a popular, reputable way to sell used luxury watches in a short amount of time.

Tips For Selling Watches For Cash

Now that you know some of the best places to sell watches, here are a few selling tips you can keep in mind to help you get a fast sale at a price you’re happy with.

  1. Do Your Homework: Factors like brand, condition, vintage value, features, and materials all impact how valuable a watch is. And even fashion trends can play a role. So, do your research and see how much similar watches to yours are selling for so you have a general idea of a fair price.
  2. Get Multiple Quotes: Submitting photos and info about your watch is free and easy with many online options. So, take the time to shop around and get a few quotes to get as much info as possible. This can also help you get the best price possible.
  3. Consider Pros & Cons For Various Selling Options: Auctions like Worthy can help you get the best price for expensive watches, but the process takes a bit more time. In contrast, online watch buyers can work quite well for popular brands and mid-tier watches. But local selling sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist might be the fastest route to cash, as are pawn shops.

The video above from YouTuber Teddy Baldassarre also provides a great step-by-step guide for how to sell watches. Teddy covers how to value your watches, the best ways to list it for sale, and tips for getting the best price possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Place To Sell Watches Near Me?

If you want to sell watches for cash to local buyers, your fastest option is to go to a pawn shop. Jewelry and watch stores in your area might also buy watches, but call them ahead of time to see if they do. Finally, you can also try local selling sites like Facebook Marketplace to find buyers yourself.

 What’s The Best Way To Sell Luxury Watches?

If you have a high-end watch, you can use online auction sites like Worthy to sell them through a professional auction. Other jewelry and watch websites might also buy-back your timepiece if it’s the right brand.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, finding the best place to sell your watch largely depends on how fast you need the cash and how valuable your timepiece is.

For watches less than $1000, your best bet to sell is probably at a pawn shop, on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

For more valuable timepieces, an online reseller or an auction style with Worthy can help you receive a higher price. These platforms also help you authenticate your timepiece and find the best buyer.

Also, if you have multiple timepieces to sell, the truth is you might not want to sell them all in one place. If they are different brands and values, you might have better results selling them via different places.

In any case, I hope this guide on where to sell watches helps you make a bit of extra money and find a reputable buyer for your timepiece.