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If you want to sell something for fast cash, OfferUp is one of the most popular platforms you can use.

However, this marketplace is also very competitive between sellers. And if you sell online, you pay a steep $1.99 or 12.9% final sale fee!

Because of the competition and fees, it’s sometimes better to use OfferUp alternatives to find more buyers. So today I’m covering some of the best apps like OfferUp you can use to clear out your home while making some extra cash.

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The Best Sites & Apps Like OfferUp

There are plenty of apps and sites like OfferUp out there. Some are better if you want fast cash through an in-person sale while others are better than OfferUp for selling online.

Additionally, some marketplaces are better for certain types of products or more niche categories than others.

So, think about the type of product you’re selling and if you prefer in-person or online. Then pick some sites and apps like OfferUp that make sense.

1. Facebook Marketplace

One of the best websites like OfferUp you can use is the Facebook Marketplace.

I’ve actually sold several things on Facebook Marketplace before, including some old furniture and a guitar. It’s always my go-to selling platform since it has so many local buyers.

Like OfferUp, creating a listing is completely free. And there’s a number of popular things to sell on Facebook like:


You have to negotiate and communicate with buyers, which can take some time.

But once you agree on a price and meeting place, you can make quick cash and you don’t have to pay any selling fees.

You can sell online and agree to ship to buyers, but the Facebook Marketplace is really for local sales. You can read our post on FB Marketplace vs OfferUp for a complete breakdown of these two platforms.

2. Mercari

If you want to sell online, Mercari is one of the best apps like OfferUp out there.

Once you download the free app, creating a listing is just like OfferUp. All you have to do is upload some photos, write a title and description, and set your price.


From there, buyers can contact you to ask questions or to negotiate on prices.

There are numerous things you can sell on Mercari, with popular categories including:

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Home goods
  • Toys
  • Video games and consoles
  • Watches and smartwatches

Mercari fees are also lower than OfferUp, and you pay 10% of final sale prices in fees. Buyers also pay for shipping most of the time, although one common Mercari trick is to offer free shipping to attract more buyers.

You can read our post on OfferUp vs Mercari for a complete comparison of these two selling apps.

3. Worthy

Looking to sell watches, jewelry, diamonds, wedding rings, or some other valuable pieces? If the answer is yes, then Worthy is one OfferUp alternative worth trying.

This online auction site helps people sell their jewelry and designer timepieces without them having to do any work.

All you have to do is submit your pieces to Worthy to see if they’re interested in selling them through their auction. From there, Worthy receives your pieces, cleans them, takes photos, and prepares them for sale.

If you make a sale, Worthy takes a small cut and then pays you through PayPal within a few days. The process is simple, and you get to work with a personal auction manager to decide on pricing and sales strategy.

💎 Learn more about selling with Worthy!

4. Swappa

If you have some old electronics to get rid of, Swappa is one of the best sites like OfferUp you can use.

Sell on Swappa

This electronics resale marketplace lets you sell a variety of products like:

  • Apple watches and other wearables
  • Cameras
  • Gaming consoles like an Xbox or PS5
  • Home tech like Amazon Echo and Google Home devices
  • iPads
  • iPhones
  • Macbooks
  • Video games

All you have to do is enter the product you’re selling on Swappa. It gives you an average marketplace price, and you can then choose to sell on Swappa’s marketplace or not.

The advantage of Swappa vs OfferUp is that you only pay 3% in seller fees with Swappa when you make a sale.

You also get paid with PayPal money, which provides protection for both buyers and sellers through PayPal.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest and most popular classified websites out there. So, unsurprisingly, it’s also an excellent site like OfferUp you can use.

There aren’t any frills with Craigslist; just list something for sale, set your price, and start negotiating with buyers in your area.

The advantage of selling on Craigslist is you can find buyers quickly and sales are all cash.

The downside is you probably have to deal with haggling a bit more and finding a time and place to meet your buyer. But for selling popular products or things like gold, silver, or appliances, it’s a pretty reliable alternative to OfferUp.

6. Locanto

Locanto is another popular site like OfferUp that’s a similar classified style-website to Craigslist.

You can list just about anything for sale on Locanto, and it’s available all across the United States and many other countries.


Creating a classified posting is free, and you can include photos in your listing and set your own prices.

Locanto also has a variety of other services, including community events and local dating. But it’s still very popular for selling stuff for quick money.

You don’t pay seller fees either, making it a cost-effective OfferUp alternative.

7. Poshmark

When it comes to selling clothing and accessories, Poshmark is one of the best apps like OfferUp out there.

This resale platform specializes in women’s designer clothing, accessories, shoes, and handbags.

You can still sell other goods on Poshmark like home goods or men and kid’s clothing, but it’s best for selling brand-name apparel and accessories.


Creating listings is very similar to OfferUp, and you upload photos and create a description for what you’re selling.

The main difference between OfferUp and Poshmark is how fees work.

Poshmark charges sellers various fees depending on the final sale price:

  • Sales Under $15: Flat fee of $2.95.
  • Sales Over $15: Poshmark takes 20% in commissions.

This fee model makes Poshmark more expensive than OfferUp in many cases. However, you can find buyers for designer brands more quickly, so it could be worth the premium. Poshmark also provides a prepaid shipping label, so you don’t pay for shipping.

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8. VarageSale

VarageSale is your “online garage sale” that makes it easy to sell both online and locally just like OfferUp.


The platform also works in three simple steps:

  1. Join your local community after you create an account.
  2. Verify your VarageSale account by connecting through Facebook.
  3. List your items for sale and meet with local buyers.

People sell sorts of things on VarageSale, especially clothing, home goods, and toys. But it’s a local marketplace where just about anything goes.

And the best part of VarageSale vs OfferUp is that VarageSale doesn’t charge any fees at the time of writing.

9. 5miles

Another popular selling app you can use instead of OfferUp is 5miles.

As the name suggests, 5miles mostly caters to people who want to buy and sell stuff in their area. So if you live in a major city, you should find plenty of potential customers.


And 5miles lets you sell just about anything, including:

  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Home goods and used furniture
  • Toys
  • Video games

The main downside to 5miles versus OfferUp is that the pricing is a bit confusing.

You get some free listings per month for certain categories but then pay $4.99 for additional listings. And for regular listings for most products, it costs $1.99 per 7 days your listing is up.

5miles doesn’t charge a seller fee, but it charges 4.9% when you withdraw funds to your bank account.

Overall, it’s not as cost-effective as OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace for local sales. However, it’s probably cheaper if you end up shipping your products to someone.

10. eBay

It’s impossible to have a list of the best OfferUp alternatives without including eBay.

eBay is one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. And it also lets you sell to millions of active buyers around the world or locally through eBay classified ads.


The main advantage of eBay is that you can sell just about anything.

And it’s also very useful for selling more niche items; think random collector items like Beanie Babies or basketball cards.

The downside of selling on eBay is that it charges 12.9% in seller fees for most categories.

But some categories are only in the 5% range, and again, you get access to way more buyers on eBay than you do with OfferUp.

You can offer free shipping, but it’s not uncommon for buyers to pay for shipping on eBay.

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11. Listia

Another popular site like OfferUp is Listia, a free auctions website.

This is also one of the more unique alternatives to OfferUp because of how rewards/payments work.


With Listia, you create free listings for stuff you want to sell. The website uses an auction format, so buyers bid on your items.

When you sell something on Listia, you earn points. You can then redeem points for rewards like free gift cards, kitchen appliances, electronics, and more.

It’s honestly the most confusing OfferUp competitor in my opinion, but the auction format can be more exciting than selling at a fixed price.

Listia also lets you sell at fixed prices however, and overall, it’s one of the more versatile and unique selling platforms out there.

12. Carousell

If you’re still looking for other apps like OfferUp, you can always try selling on Carousell.


This Android and iOS app lets you quickly create listings for what you want to sell, and popular categories include:

  • Cars and property
  • Fashion
  • Home and living
  • Hobbies and games
  • Mobiles and electronics

You can also choose to meet buyers in person or to ship it to them, and you also decide who pays for shipping costs.

Right now, Carousell only charges seller fees in specific countries, and the website is a bit more confusing than OfferUp.

However, it’s still a snappy way to turn your clutter into cash that you can use if OfferUp isn’t getting you sales.

13. Wallapop

Like OfferUp, Wallapop is another local classifieds website and app where you can sell things to people in your area.

If you live in Europe, Wallapop is one of the best apps like OfferUp out there. The Spanish-based selling app is available in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and several other countries.


Popular things to sell on Wallapop include:

  • Cell phones
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Home and garden items
  • Sports equipment
  • TVs and consoles

Listing is free like OfferUp, and you coordinate sales by messaging local buyers. And the Wallapop app is available for Android and iOS and is easy-to-use like OfferUp as well.

14. Decluttr

Decluttr is a leading website where you can sell electronics like tablets, laptops, old DVDs, smartphones, and gaming consoles.

Unlike OfferUp, Decluttr buys back old tech from you, so you’re not selling to random people. To begin selling, you simply submit a sales form with information about your tech and its condition so Decluttr can give you a quote.


If you accept the quote, Decluttr provides a prepaid shipping label you can use to ship your tech to its headquarters. Once it inspects and approves your tech, you get paid via direct deposit or with PayPal.

15. Oodle

One final site like OfferUp you can use to sell stuff is Oodle, another large classifieds website.

Like other classified websites, people sell just about anything on Oodle including:

  • Cards
  • Dogs
  • Fashion items
  • Furniture
  • Instruments
  • Jewelry
  • Sporting gear like used bikes or sports equipment
  • Video games and electronics

You meet buyers in person so sales are in cash, letting you avoid high online seller fees.

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Tips For Using Sites & Apps Like OfferUp

Now that you know some of the best websites and apps like OfferUp, here are a few seller tips you can keep in mind to increase your odds of success!

1. Upload Quality Photos

For any OfferUp alternative, it’s important to upload numerous, high-quality photos to give buyers more confidence.

People want to know exactly what they’re paying for, so photos matter. This is especially true if you’re selling stuff online and have to ship your products to the buyer.

And if you’re selling clothing, try to take photos of stuff like the tag and of someone wearing it so the buyer can see all the details.

2. Research Competitor Prices

Before setting your prices, search as a buyer and see what other sellers are selling their merchandise for.

You don’t need to undercut the entire market to find success. But you shouldn’t be way more expensive than every other seller for the same or similar goods.

3. Write In-Depth Descriptions

When using marketplaces like OfferUp, writing an in-depth description can make or break your listing.

Descriptions help you convince the buyer they should shop with you. And descriptions can also help your listings rank higher on marketplace search engines when people look for the specific thing you’re selling.

Important information you can consider including in your descriptions include:

  • Sizes
  • Materials
  • Condition (new, like-new, good, poor, faulty)
  • Colors
  • Brand
  • Age of product
  • If you have a pet-free or smoke-free home

Even details like if something comes in the original packaging can matter. And if you’re selling collectibles like Yugioh cards or Magic cards as an example, you can even mention the grading.

Here’s an example of a great OfferUp description on a listing for a handbag:

OfferUp Listing Description

Handbags and apparel and top selling items on OfferUp, but this seller ranks highly on the marketplace because they write great descriptions.

This description includes information about size, brand color, product advantages, and condition, giving buyers plenty of information.

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4. Communicate With Buyers Quickly

Online selling is competitive. So when you get a message from a buyer, respond as quickly as possible.

You don’t have to waste time with low-ball offers. But for serious questions and buyers, be timely and professional to secure the sale before they move on.

5. Know Your Bottom Price

Haggling is an inevitable part of selling with apps like OfferUp. But you should know the absolute lowest price you’re willing to sell for and be firm when negotiating.

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Final Thoughts

I hope my list of the best apps and sites like OfferUp help you sell your stuff quickly so you can make money when you need it most.

I’ve sold plenty of things online over the years. But one of the most important things for sellers is to use a reputable platform to avoid scams and to find buyers quickly.

And remember: you can always use several OfferUp alternatives to maximize how many buyers see your listing.

And who knows; after a few sales, you might find you like flipping things for profit and turn this into a new side hustle.

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