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When it comes to selling sports cards, old basketball cards are some of the most popular and lucrative cards out there.

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So, if you have a collection of cards collecting dust in your garage, basement, or attic right now, you’re sitting on a potential payday.

This guide is covering all of the best places to sell basketball cards whether you’re selling online or in-person. Let’s dive in!

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Where To Sell Basketball Cards

The majority of basketball card sellers prefer to sell online because of how easy it is. Plus, most cards aren’t rare enough to require an in depth inspection of the card that needs to be handled in person.

So, I’m going to outline some of the best places to sell old basketball cards if you want to earn money online.

I’m then going to cover some ways to sell basketball cards for cash near you that you can use if you wan an offline option instead.

1. eBay

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling Yugioh cards, ancient coins, or even something like Beanie Babies; eBay is one of the best places for selling collectibles.

eBay has a massive platform for flipping any item, and basketball cards are no exception!

eBay Sell Basketball Cards

The website even has its own unique section for selling basketball cards where you can filter things like rarity, player history, and card manufacturer.

Plus, eBay makes it easy for beginners to post their cards for sale without having to worry too much about getting ripped off.

One nice aspect of eBay is that you can research previous card sales to learn more about how you should price your basketball cards as well.

Doing this research can help you price your own cards or understand which ones to buy in the future in order to sell for a higher profit.

A buddy of mine uses eBay to sell his basketball cards around the $200-$500 range and says it’s his preferred site for selling.

And, for very rare basketball cards, eBay’s auction feature can be incredibly useful if there’s a competition between buyers.

Just note that eBay charges around 11.5% on most trading card sales, so you have to factor this fee into your pricing!

2. Beckett

Beckett is a sports cards collectibles website that specializes in basketball, football, and baseball cards.

The website also has a marketplace where you can list your cards or you can sell directly to Beckett if the site wants to buy your basketball cards.

Beckett Sell Basketball Cards

If you have a box with a ton of random basketball cards, this can be a great site for you to sell your entire collection for some quick cash.

One perk of Beckett is that it also has a tool that helps you estimate the value of your basketball card collection.

Furthermore, Beckett pays for shipping if you’re selling basketball cards that are worth $50 or more, and it even has a grading service for expensive cards.

If you’re planning on selling individual cards, they also have a handy tool that lets you organize your cards digitally so you can clearly see everything you own.

Beckett also caters to serious card sellers since you can pay to become a registered dealer which unlocks tools like real-time price guides and more organizational tools.

3. Dean’s Cards

While the site for Dean’s Cards looks a bit vintage, it’s actually one of the best places to sell basketball cards online.

This is because Dean’s Cards is a sports cards trading platform that specializes in vintage player cards.

Deans Cards Basketball Cards

If you don’t know where to sell basketball cards that are vintage, definitely consider this site.

In fact, Dean’s Cards wouldn’t even buy a newer card from you; the company only purchases individual basketball cards that are older than 1978.

But, with a great team of genuine sports card fans and a “best price guarantee” for older cards, you can’t go wrong with this trading platform if you have rare basketball cards to sell.

You use an online form to submit a sale request from Dean’s Cards. This includes information like how many cards you’re selling, the years, and if you have any special cards like rare rookie cards or Hall-of-Famers.

From there, Dean’s Cards might reply with a quote if they want to buy your basketball cards. If you accept the quote, you ship your cards to Dean’s Cards to get paid via check.

4. Dave & Adam’s

It’s impossible to write a list of places that buy basketball cards without mentioning Dave & Adam’s.

This website is a well-known trading cards platform that specializes in packs, hobby boxes, and bundles of rare cards.

Dave Adams Basketball Cards

Now, Dave & Adam’s doesn’t just specialize in basketball cards, but this sport is still quite popular on the platform.

The main thing to know is that Dave & Adam’s only accepts two kinds of cards:

  • Modern cards must be professionally graded or valued at $50+
  • Graded or raw vintage cards from 1970 or earlier are accepted

However, once you submit your card collection to Dave & Adam’s, you get a quote you can choose to accept if you think it’s a fair price for your basketball cards.

And, if you have a pretty expensive order, Dave & Adam’s even covers shipping. You don’t pay seller fees either so it’s a more lucrative option than marketplaces like eBay oftentimes.

One advantage of Dave & Adam’s is that you can also get paid with PayPal money, store credit, or check after the company receives and accepts your cards.


COMC (Check Out My Collectibles) is a massive trading cards platform that specializes in extremely high value cards. So, if you have a rare basketball card that is worth thousands of dollars, consider listing the card on COMC to see if you get any bites.

I’m not joking either: some of the most expensive basketball cards on the site are going for over $100,000!

COMC Basketball Cards

If you want to know the best place to sell basketball cards that are worth a lot of money, Check Out My Collectibles is your best bet!

Just note that you pay processing fees of $0.50-$2.00 per card.

On the bright side, sellers don’t pay shipping fees, and the processing fee isn’t too bad if you’re selling very valuable old basketball cards.

Plus, COMC’s website has a ton of tools, filters, and guides to help you price your cards properly and maximize your earning potential.

6. Facebook Groups

With every popular hobby comes a Facebook Group where fanatics can get together and share everything related to that hobby.

So, unsurprisingly, Facebook is one of the best places to sell basketball cards if you know where to look.

A simple search on Facebook for “basketball cards groups” or “sell basketball cards” brings up plenty of groups with thousands of members.

These groups are an excellent way to connect with other fans who care about the hobby or to sell cards to people who actually understand them.

You can also try selling on the Facebook Marketplace if you want to sell basketball cards to people near you for cash.

Facebook Marketplace Basketball Cards

People sell all sorts of things on this local selling site, ranging from old furniture to niche collectibles like basketball.

Just be careful since Facebook selling can result with a lot of low-ball offers, and you also have to spend time negotiating with buyers.

7. PSA Card Forums

PSA Card is another reputable place to sell basketball cards online that can also help you find more international buyers.

The PSA Card forums are full of eager members who are willing to purchase rare items or very specific cards that match their taste.

Basketball cards aren’t an exception here, and there are plenty of novice and experienced collectors alike on the site.

PSA Cards Forum

Just note that many people selling basketball cards on PSA Card forums are actually  just linking to eBay listings. However, you can try the same tactic if you’re selling on websites like eBay or Mercari and want to increase your listing exposure.

If you don’t have a very specific type of card that only a rare fan would want to purchase, you’re better off with other sites on this list.

But if you have a rare card and want to negotiate with individual buyers directly, you can consider PSA Card forums for finding the right buyers.

8. Investacard

Investacard is the #1 sports card investor marketplace that helps you sell your cards much faster than many other marketplaces.

Really, Investacard’s goal is for traders to only worry about buying cards while Investacard handles the selling side of things.


When you sell to Investacard, the company actually promotes your basketball cards and sell them at events, shows, online marketplaces, and other channels.

The downside of selling basketball cards with Investacard is that you need to apply to become an approved seller through an online form.

Plus, all of this promotion comes with a cost, so Investacard is best for serious repeat sellers who know what they’re doing.

The platform can take as much as 50% for certain basketball cards they sell for you (depending on pricing and where they sell it).

In my opinion, I would consider selling with Investacard if you have a few high value cards or collections that you’re  having trouble selling on your own.

9. OfferUp

OfferUp is a popular online marketplace for people to sell new and used items with emphasis on in-person transactions.

However, you can still sell stuff to online buyers with OfferUp, so it’s sort of a mix between the Facebook Marketplace and apps like Mercari where you sell online.

Sell NBA Cards OfferUp

In any case, you can list your basketball cards for sale on OfferUp for free to see if you find local or online buyers.

Potential buyers can contact you to ask questions, and overall, it’s a great way to sell old basketball cards to fellow fans in your area.

Listing is also free, although OfferUp charges a minimum of $1.99 or 12.9% of the sale price if you sell online and ship your cards.

In any case, the benefit of selling stuff on OfferUp is the size of the platform. In other words, you’re more likely to have a lot more eyes on your listings!

You can also read my post on the best apps like OfferUp for even more selling ideas.

10. Sports Cards Pro

Another quick way to sell basketball cards for cash is to sell through Sports Cards Pro.

This free marketplace pays you directly through Paypal and doesn’t have any listing fees or processing fees.

Sports Card Pro Seller

In some cases, you need to pay PayPal fees, but this isn’t a direct fee from Sports Cards Pro so it’s not a downside of the site.

One advantage of Sports Cards Pro is that is also has numerous selling tools to help you price your collection and find buyers.

These tools include:

  • Lot Value Calculator
  • Hot Cards Finder
  • Collection Tracker
  • eBay Deal Scanner
  • Card Centering Calculator

The eBay deal scanner is particularly useful, and it’s nice you can track your collection or trending cards as well.

If you want a low-fee way to sell basketball cards to online buyers, you should definitely consider Sports Cards Pro.

11. Pawn Shops

Basketball cards make for one of the best things to pawn for money as long as the cards have a high price tag.

And, most cities have a few pawn shops, so you have a few options for where to sell your cards.

Overall, pawn shops aren’t going to give you a great deal because the shop has to turn a profit too. However, pawn shops are useful for selling off your collection quickly, and you can always pawn off other valuables like watches, gold and silver, and electronics as well.

Just do your research and call up the shops around you to make sure that they accept sports cards. Every pawn shop is different and some only want very specific items like antiques or electronics.

It never hurts to go in and see what they are willing to pay for it.

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12. Card Events

If you’re still wondering where to sell basketball cards, your best bet might be to attend basketball card conventions.

Attending sports card events is by far the most lucrative way to sell basketball cards for cash.

You’re surrounded by a massive group of people who are there for the sole purpose of buying and selling cards.

This is where you’ll find the real fans of the hobby and where you’re most likely going to sell an expensive collection or high priced individual card.

A simple search for “sports cards trading events” will yield you a ton of local places with dates, times, and other details.

Take a look at this search result for Los Angeles:

Sports Card Events

As you can see, there are numerous sports card events throughout the year, so you can bring your whole collection to one and rent a table to try and find buyers.

Another buddy of mine attends a massive Las Vegas show for basketball cards every year and always comes out with thousands in profit. He swears by these trading events for the high priced cards!

13. Craigslist

Craigslist might be pretty old, but it’s still one of the best places to sell basketball cards online or in person that you can try.

Many people sell collections of cards on Craigslist, so you can always post your cards up there to see if you get any attention.

There are a few individual cards for sale (some for over $1,000), so it can’t hurt to list a good card on there along with a few other marketplaces.

Again, this is all for getting cash and meeting in person. If that’s something you value, definitely consider Craigslist to sell your cards.

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14. Mercari

One final place to sell basketball cards you can consider is Mercari, a popular online selling app and local marketplace.

With Mercari, you can sell just about anything, ranging from apparel and shoes to your basketball card collection. And there are plenty of people selling basketball cards online when I checked Mercari recently.

Mercari sell basketball cards

As you can see, this seller has a signed Shaquille O’Neal Skybox card for sale for $285. And there are plenty of other people selling single rare cards and collections.

The main downside is that Mercari seller fees are 10% plus a 2.9% transaction fee, as well as a flat $0.30 per sale.

However, Mercari has a new local selling option which removes this fee. And basketball cards and other collectibles are still a popular thing to sell on Mercari.

What Influences Basketball Card Prices?

Now that you know where to sell basketball cards, it’s important to know what factors influence card prices in the first place.

This is important because like any selling side hustle, you need to accurately price your cards and know when there’s an opportunity to flip your money.

Here are five factors that influence basketball card prices:

  1. Condition: How well kept is the card? (Mint, Near-Mint, Very Good, etc.)
  2. Rarity: How many cards were originally manufactured?
  3. Player Popularity: How well known is the basketball player?
  4. Team Popularity: How elite is the basketball team?
  5. Player Performance: How is the player performing currently and over time?

Other factors like winning a championship, breaking NBA records, or the age of a card can also affect basketball card pricing.

Older rookie cards for players who are now considered the best in the game have the highest prices.

Most Expensive Basketball Cards

Check out the example above: According to this roundup post, the highest selling basketball card of all time was a Stephen Curry 1-of-1 rookie card that sold for $5.9 million!

Tips For Selling Basketball Cards For Cash

Now that you know where to sell NBA cards, here are a couple of tips you can keep in mind to make the process much easier while you clean out your home.

  1. Do Your Research: It’s important to know an approximate price for the basketball cards you’re selling so you know how to negotiate and what your bottom price is.
  2. Try Multiple Marketplaces: If you’re not in a rush for cash, try listing on several marketplaces rather than just accepting a quick offer to shop around for higher prices.
  3. Value Your Time: If people lowball you endlessly, move on and don’t waste precious time negotiating. This is also why it’s important to know what price range you’re willing to accept for your basketball card collection.

If you want more tips for how to sell basketball cards, you can also watch this video from YouTuber Graded Card Investor.

In this video, Graded Card Investor shares his tips for how he flips basketball cards on eBay.

This includes the type of cards he looks for, how he prices his listings, and the entire eBay selling process as well!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these marketplaces, websites, and in-person events gave you an idea for the best place to sell your basketball cards.

The most important tip for selling is to do as much research as you can before listing a single card.

Find out your estimated card value from multiple sources and list your card on multiple platforms. This way, you’ll be sure to maximize your profits.

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