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Mercari, a Japanese e-commerce company that started in 2013, is quickly becoming an incredibly popular way to buy and sell things online for extra cash.

On Mercari, you can sell anything from clothing, to toys, electronics, automotive and office supplies, and even musical instruments. And it’s a great way for homeowners to declutter their homes while making some extra cash.

However, Mercari fees are sometimes steep. And it’s also useful to try other selling platforms to find as many buyers as possible.

So today, I’m covering some of the best apps and sites like Mercari that you can use for selling if you find Mercari just isn’t working for you.

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The Best Sites & Apps Like Mercari

I’ve sold plenty of things online over the years to make extra cash. And during that time, I’ve explored pleny of Mercari alternatives that have helped me find local and online buyers.

Whether you want something with less fees or you want to list your items in multiple places, keep reading as I run through some of the best Mercari alternatives. 

1. Poshmark

Poshmark is pretty well known in the reselling community, making it one of the most popular apps like Mercari out there for the fashion niche.

Unlike Mercari, Poshmark focuses on clothing and accessories, so if you’re selling anything other than that, you won’t have much luck here.


And because it’s so popular, Poshmark is pretty competitive for sellers.

The platform encourages you to list higher priced and unique items, and will sometimes remove your listings if they’re too similar to apparel that’s already available on the app.

As for fees, Poshmark charges a 20% fee on sale over $15, and a flat rate of $2.95 for anything under that.

The company also offers pre-paid shipping labels that the buyer pays for, so shipping is fast and painless for sellers.

You can also read our post on selling on Mercari vs Poshmark for the complete breakdown!

Verdict: Poshmark is better than Mercari for clothing sellers who want to build a following and don’t mind the 20% fee.

2. OfferUp

OfferUp is another Mercari alternative that’s ideal for second hand selling, as it eliminates shipping costs by focusing on local listings only.

It was known previously as Letgo, but was recently acquired by the company to offer a more expansive user base.

This is another app like Mercari where just about anything you want to sell goes. Some popular categories to sell include used furniture, clothing, electronics, toys, watches, and jewelry.


It’s completely free to list on OfferUp, and if you complete the transaction with cash, cheque, or bank transfer, then you keep 100% of the sale.

The app also offers subscriptions for frequent sellers, where you pay monthly to have your items promoted across the site. For serious sellers, this could be worth it.

The app makes meeting up safe, by implementing TruYou, an authentication system for buyers and sellers so you can make sure you know exactly who you’re meeting to make the sale.

OfferUp also allows for ratings and reviews, so you can get an idea of how reliable your buyer will be before making the trip to meet them. 

Messaging is done in-app, and OfferUp has partnered with businesses and Police stations to help you find safe and surveilled Community MeetUp Spots– so you can make your sale stress free.

You can read our post on 15 best things to sell on OfferUp for even more ideas! And our Mercari vs OfferUp post provides a complete breakdown of these two apps.

Verdict: OfferUp is ideal if you plan on selling a lot of items locally and want enhanced security features and no fees.

3. Depop

Out of all the apps like Mercari, Depop probably has the most flair.

Depop is also another go-to in the clothing resale community. In fact, many popular influencers and fashion bloggers use the site to sell their old clothing to their followers.


This is possible thanks to the social features of the app, which let you follow people with similar style or sizes as you, so you can be the first to know when they update their closet.

Many Depop sellers will launch their stores alongside Instagram and/or TikTok– platforms  that make it easier to get visibility, grow a following, and bring in some sales.

Depop only charges 10% on sales you make and transactions are done entirely through PayPal, making it a preferable option in terms of security and currency exchanges. 

Verdict: If you have a social media following, Depop is probably better than Mercari for selling apparel.

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4. Facebook Marketplace

If you want another free site like Mercari, one reliable option I’ve used for years is the Facebook Marketplace.

People sell all sorts of things on Facebook Marketplace, ranging from used bikes  to rare collectibles. Overall, it’s one of the most popular local selling marketplaces in the entire world.


Not only is it free and user friendly, but Facebook’s terms indicate that everything is a final sale– meaning that as the seller you’re protected. Plus, you don’t have to worry about shipping, since most sales are done through local meet ups.

There’s also the added benefit of Marketplace being seamlessly integrated into the social media platform, so your items will automatically be displayed to anyone who may be interested.

I think Facebook Marketplace is a good place to start if you’re selling anything– but if you want to build a store or reputation, you should eventually move on to something else like eBay or Etsy.

Ultimately, the Facebook Marketplace is probably the most beginner-friendly Mercari alternative you can use as long as you’re comfortable with local selling.

Verdict: If you want to keep things simple and avoid fees, use the Facebook Marketplace for local selling.

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5. Worthy

Do you have jewelry or luxury watches to sell? If the answer is yes, then Worthy is one of the best sites like Mercari out there.

This reputable online jewelry reseller lets people sell things like designer watches, wedding rings, diamonds, and jewelry.

You get to work with an account manager, and Worthy handles everything for you, from taking photos of your pieces to selling them on its online auction.

What’s nice about Worthy is that it makes selling incredibly easy and fast. Plus, you get access to a pool of Worthy’s buyers and clients which include many professional jewelry buyers.

You pay seller fees that range from 10% to 18% depending on the final sale value. Overall, Worthy is a great alternative to Mercari if you have some higher-end pieces to sell

Verdict: Use Worthy to sell fine jewelry or designer watches instead of Mercari.

6. ThredUP

If you’re looking for a more passive clothing resale site, ThredUP could be the one for you.

After all, all you have to do for selling is pack a bag full of any clothing items you want to sell and ship it off to the company.


The one major downside is you will likely get the lowest price for your items by selling on ThredUP. Apparel with low resale value will only earn you about 5% of the sale, whereas higher value items you can make up to 80%.

Since you’re selling in bulk, the payment system is a bit different than normal.

From what you send to ThredUP, clothing currently on trend will get you paid up-front, but anything that won’t immediately sell will be sold on consignment (meaning you don’t see the money until it’s sold).

This can be a downside if you’re looking to make some quick cash, but in reality it’s a good way to get a steady flow of extra money without having to lift a finger. 

Verdict: Sell on ThredUP instead of Mercari if you’re looking for passive income instead of active income.

7. Vinted

While Vinted is a less popular app like Mercari, there’s a reason this selling platform still deserves a spot on our list.

Vinted doesn’t charge you anything to sell, and even lets you swap clothes with other members rather than sell them.


There’s a small fee associated with the Smart Swap feature, but this is just a form of insurance to make sure both parties make good on the trade.

If you’re looking to make serious money selling online, Vinted may not be your best option.

This is because the site traffic is fairly low compared to some of the other platforms we’ve mentioned, so you may not have as much luck making sales.

However, if you’re struggling to make sales on Mercari, you can always give Vinted a try, especially since you don’t pay fees for most sales.

Verdict: Try Vinted if you’re struggling to make sales on other platforms.

8. Tradesy

If you have a lot of high value or luxury items to get rid of and are struggling to make the sale on other platforms, Tradesy is probably your best site like Mercari.

It’s not the best first option due to the high commission they take on every sale– for anything under $50, they charge a flat rate of $7.50 and for items over $50 they’ll take 19.8% commission.


However, Tradesy somewhat justifies their fees because of their sales process.

The reason the seller fees are so high is because Tradesy does everything to ensure your items get sold.

They’ll retouch and edit the photos you submit so your items look their best, suggest an appropriate price based on their previous sales, and also give you luxurious packaging with a prepaid label.

So yes, the commission is steep– but Tradesy basically holds your hand through the selling process and makes sure both you and the buyer are satisfied with the experience.

Verdict: Sell higher-value pieces on Tradesy if you also want help with the selling process.

9. SidelineSwap

When it comes to selling sports apparel, SidelineSwap is one of the best Mercari alternatives you can try.

On SidelineSwap, you can sell new and used sports equipment and apparel to people around the world.


This marketplace began in 2012, and the most popular sports categories include:

  • Apparel
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Footwear
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Pelotons
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Treadmills

Creating a listing is free and also similar to Mercari; you just snap some photos, write a description, and set your price. From there, buyers can contact you to negotiate or to ask questions.

If you make a sale, buyers pay for shipping. And, one nice aspect of SidelineSwap versus apps like Mercari is you pay less in seller fees the more you sell.

In fact, SidelineSwap has two different fee structures depending on your lifetime sales:

  • First 0 – 5 Sales: Sellers pay 12% of listing price in fees.
  • 6+ Lifetime Sales: Sellers pay 9% of listing price in fees.

You get paid through direct deposit or with PayPal money, and overall, this is one of the best apps like Mercari if you’re trying to sell some sports apparel.

Verdict: Sell sports apparel and equipment on SidelineSwap in addition to Mercari.

10. The Real Real

If you’re selling luxury and designer clothing, The Real Real is one of the best selling apps like Mercari out there.

Selling with The Real Real is also ideal if you want to earn a bit of passive income rather than doing all the selling work.


This is because The Real Real does all the work for you when you sell your clothing, handbags, and accessories.

All you do is package the items you’re selling and schedule pick up or ship the package off to The Real Real. From there, The Real Real’s team authenticates and lists all of the apparel and accessories you’re selling on your behalf.

The company handles everything from photography to pricing, which is much less work than creating listings with Mercari.

You keep 85% of all profits, and this isn’t a bad deal when you consider you don’t have to manage your listings or worry about customer service.

The Real Real states most items sell in about one month, so it’s also possible to make some quick money with this website.

The bottom line is that if you’re selling higher-end pieces, The Real Real is one of the best apps similar to Mercari around.

Verdict: Use The Real Real if you want a fast selling process and a company to manage your listings.

11. Etsy

Etsy is a vintage and handmade marketplace that encourages growth for artists and small business owners.

An example of some Etsy pieces currently for sale.

Popular categories on Etsy include:

  • Craft supplies.
  • Apparel.
  • Jewllery and accessories.
  • Artwork.
  • Home decor products.
  • Stickers.
  • Wedding and party.

For sellers, Etsy charges a small listing fee of $0.20 per item, and only a 5% transaction fee– meaning it won’t cost you much to get started

It’s important to note that shipping costs are up to you to charge, but many sellers will increase their prices slightly to offer their customers free shipping, which can entice buyers even more.

Etsy has a bit more of a niche audience, and you won’t have luck selling any ordinary old clothing or items.

Etsy is ideal if you want to start selling vintage, handmade, thrifted and/or flipped clothing, as well as anything like wedding or special event dresses that may be hard to find anywhere else.

You also have complete control over your prices and storefront, and buyers tend to be very generous with ratings and reviews– so long as you’re responsive and work to make good relationships.

Once you start making sales, it’s easy to build your reputation on the site and increase traffic.

The fact that you’re actually building your own storefront with Etsy is a massive plus over Mercari – although the competition on Etsy can be fierce.

Verdict: Sell on Etsy if you have handmade or vintage items to sell and want to build an actual storefront for long-term sales.

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12. Craigslist

Craigslist is another website like Mercari that’s a better choice for fast and local selling. Plus, you can also choose between local in-person selling or shipping if you prefer.

Overall, Craigslist is a low pressure environment, so you don’t have to concern yourself with perfecting your brand or listings in order to get some quick sales.

Not the prettiest design, but it works!

Just be smart when it comes time to meet and make the sale! Pick a public place and have a friend or partner tag along to make sure things run smoothly.

Verdict: Use Craigslist if you aren’t finding success with the Facebook Marketplace, but always be safe!

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13. StockX

One final site like Mercari you can use if you’re selling shoes, sneakers, electronics, and collectibles is StockX.

This online marketplace is a popular choice for anyone buying or selling sneakers and collectible shoes. And what’s nice is that StockX verifies every item that lists on its marketplace to help ensure authenticity.


So, if you’re selling some expensive collectibles like sports cards, designer sneakers, or limited-edition apparel, StockX could be the best Mercari alternative.

There’s also millions of global buyers, so this isn’t some small platform. And beginner sellers pay a 10% transaction fee but can drop this fee down to 8% per sale with enough volume.

Verdict: One of the best places to sell collectibles.

Tips For Using Mercari Alternatives

Now that you know some of the best apps and sites like Mercari, here are some tips that I’ve found helpful when selling stuff online or in-person:

  • Take Good Photos: When you sell stuff online, upload numerous, quality photos. Buyers want as much information as possible, so take some photos of what you’re selling from several angles.
  • Write Long Descriptions: Mention things like scratches, general condition, and if you live in a smoke free or pet free home.
  • Be Ready To Negotiate: On apps like Mercari, buyers like to negotiate. So, don’t get offended and be ready to go back and forth on price.
  • Know Your Prices: I suggest researching what other sellers are listing the same items at and pricing yourself similarly. You don’t want to undercut the market completely, but staying too high might mean you don’t get sales.

Is Mercari Worth It?

Mercari is worth it if you want a free selling platform that lets you sell just about anything. But if you want to avoid high seller fees or find local cash buyers, it’s not always the best platform.

And while selling on Mercari is completely free, once your item sells,Mercari charges a 10% sales fee plus 2.9% + $0.30 as a payment processing fee.

These Mercari fees can seem like a lot. But the app argues that the fees can be justified by the many features they’ve put in place for the benefit of buyers and sellers.


Let’s run through a few of these features:

1. Instant Pay: Once your buyer has received the item and submitted a rating, you can then rate the buyer and receive your funds in your account. Cashing out is quick and easy, with a $2 fee for instant cash out or a free direct deposit for transfers over $10 (which can take up to 5 business days).

2. Shipping Protection: Mercari shipping is paid for by the buyer, and Mercari includes $200 Shipping Protection with every prepaid label, so you’re still covered for items lost or damaged in transit. 

3. Mercari Now (Available in NY, Houston, San Francisco): If the item you’re selling is under 50lbs and fits in a Prius trunk, Mercari can pick it up and deliver it using Postmates to your buyer.

4. Mercari Authenticate: Have something high end to sell, but want to make sure you get the right price for it? Mercari lets you have your items authenticated by their team of experts in under 48 hours, with a $5 fee and a few photos of the item.

Clearly, Mercari has a lot of awesome features, and it’s no surprise it’s such a robust selling platform with lots of popular things to sell.

However, Mercari fees can be steep. Ultimately, decide if its fees are worth it and factor this in to your bottom line when you set your prices.

Final Thoughts

Mercari and other platforms make it easy for you to part ways with your old stuff laying around your house while making a quick buck.

Selling online can definitely be a bit of work, but ultimately, the time you put in can yield some impressive results and help your finances if you’re willing to put in the work.

Besides, your first sale may even lead you to turn this into an entire side-hustle, in which case you’ll want to refer back to this article and make sure you know which platform will best suit your needs.

Hopefully, this list of sites and apps like Mercari sets you up with a bunch of ideas to kickstart your selling side hustle.