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It doesn’t matter if you’re playing hockey, football, soccer, basketball, or another sport; buying sports equipment is rarely cheap.

And, what’s worse, it can also be difficult to sell your sports equipment when you’re done playing or need new equipment. This leads to valuable gear piling up in your garage or basement, collecting dust.

Thankfully, with SidelineSwap, you can now make money selling your sports equipment or find a deal if you’re on the market for new gear!

Out SidelineSwap review is covering everything you need to know about this sports apparel and equipment marketplace, so let’s jump right in!

What Is SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap is a peer-to-peer sports marketplace where people can buy and sell new and used athletic apparel and sports equipment.


The company was founded in 2012, and the most popular sports and categories on SidelineSwap include:

  • Apparel
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Footwear
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse
  • Skiing
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis

But SidelineSwap is actually quite extensive, and there are also categories like bikes, camping, fishing, Pelotons, electronics and eSports, and water sports on this marketplace.

SidelineSwap is cool because it’s a busy marketplace, so there’s so much used sports gear you can find to save more money.

Additionally, as a seller, SidelineSwap lets you make some extra cash by selling your sports gear to people who need it.

There are plenty of popular brands on SidelineSwap as well, including Bauer, CCM, The NFL, NBA, and Nike, so this is a quality sports marketplace.

How Does SidelineSwap Work For Sellers?

If you’ve ever used other selling apps like Poshmark or Mercari to sell clothing, the process of selling on SidelineSwap is actually quite similar. I signed up to test out the platform for this review, and overall, SidelineSwap is incredibly easy to use.

To sell on SidelineSwap, you:

  1. Create your free listing and a SidelineSwap account
  2. Find buyers
  3. Ship your sports gear
  4. Get paid

Let’s examine how each step works in a bit more detail for this side hustle idea!

1. Create A SidelineSwap Listing

To start selling on SidelineSwap, the first step is making a listing. This is completely free. When you click “start selling” on its website, you can begin creating your first listing.

Information you have to add includes:

  • Product category
  • Your listing title
  • Quantity of items you’re selling
  • Your price
  • Photos (SidelineSwap recommends uploading several 500×500, high-quality photos)
  • A product description to help buyers
  • Shipping details (weight and dimensions)

That’s it.


Once you finish entering your listing details, you also sign up for SidelineSwap with your email address and can enter your SidelineSwap referral code to get a free $5 in store credit.

If you need a referral code, you can use Tom_Blake266 for $5 sign up bonus in free SidelineSwap credit!

2. Find Buyers

When you create a listing, it goes live on SidelineSwap’s marketplace; no need to worry that your listing isn’t being published.

Ideally, your title, robust description, reasonable price, and product photos should convince people to buy and buy quickly.

If you’re not getting any bites after a few days, consider adding more photos or seeing what other people are selling similar gear for and pricing yours more competitively.


But, assuming you do get some interest, you probably have to chat with buyers to answer questions they have or to negotiate on price.

SidelineSwap lets buyers “buy now,” but it’s a marketplace, so haggling is normal.

However, if you come to an agreement, the buyer can purchase your used sports apparel or gear upfront, and you just made some quick cash!

3. Ship Your Sports Gear

Buyers pay upfront on orders on SidelineSwap and also pay for shipping.

So, when you make a sale, SidelineSwap sends you a prepaid shipping label you can print out and use to ship your sports gear to the buyer.

SidelineSwap has a useful guide on how to ship on SidelineSwap if you need guidance, but the process is similar to selling on marketplaces like eBay or Mercari.


Note: You should ship your gear within 3 days of making a sale, and the sooner the better.

If you delay, SidelineSwap contacts you, and the buyer can cancel the sale after 5 days if you haven’t printed a shipping label yet.

4. Get Paid

You only get paid for your SidelineSwap sales once the buyer receives and approves the sports apparel or equipment you sent.

Buyers can open a dispute with SidelineSwap if they feel like they were misled or your listing wasn’t representative of the product(s) they received.


However, assuming both parties are honest and reasonable, you should get your funds within a few days at most after the buyer receives their order.

Anyway, money from your sale appears in your SidelineSwap account. From there, you can cash out via Payoneer right to your bank account; no need for PayPal cash or random gift cards.

Your first bank transfer processes in one to two days. Future transfers take less than one business day.

Is Sideline Swap Legit?

Yes, Sideline Swap is legit, and the website has a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, the mobile apps have a 4.2 star rating on Android and a 4.8 star rating on iOS. And if you read other Sideline Swap reviews,  you see that both buyers and sellers are generally happy with the platform and think it’s safe.

In my opinion, SidelineSwap is safe and trustworthy, but again, always document your buying or selling process so you can file a claim if you have to.

This means taking photos of everything and keeping message logs/history for potential proof.

Also note that there are plenty of other ways to get quick cash by selling sports equipment to people in your neighborhood. For example, throwing a garage sale or using apps like Facebook Marketplace can be free alternatives to Sideline Swap.

SidelineSwap Selling Fees – What Do Sellers Pay?

SidelineSwap makes money by charging seller fees and transaction fees on sale.

Here’s how SidelineSwap’s seller fees work:

  • First 0 – 5 Sales: Sellers pay 12% of listing price in fees.
  • 6+ Lifetime Sales: Sellers pay 9% of listing price in fees.

There is also a payment processing fee of 2.9% of the cost of goods plus $0.30.

This payment processing fee is similar to marketplaces like Etsy, although 9% or 12% is quite high for a seller fee when you compare it to other marketplaces.

SidelineSwap states you get perks like free advertising, seller protection, and seamless shipping in exchange, and this is honestly a fair argument.

Besides, if your used sports equipment is going to collect dust in your garage anyway, paying 12% in seller fees could be worth it for the extra cash.

How Does SidelineSwap Work For Buyers?

If you want to save money on sports equipment by buying on SidelineSwap, the process is even simpler than selling on the platform.

All you have to do is search on the marketplace for the type of apparel or equipment you’re buying.

If you spot something you like, you have three options:

  • Chat: Ask the SidelineSwap seller questions about their listing
  • Make Offer: Negotiate with the seller and offer a lower price than the listing.
  • Buy Now: Pay the listing price and buy immediately.

One thing I like about SidelineSwap is that listings display helpful information like the normal retail price, sizing guides, and condition.

Listings also have a seller profile that shows how many sales the seller has made on the platform, where they’re shipping from, and any feedback from previous buyers.


Overall, if you find sellers with previous sales and good feedback, it’s highly unlikely you can get scammed on SidelineSwap.

Of course, if an offer looks way too good to be true, you should use your judgement, but the feedback and rating system is very helpful for buyers.

And besides, according to SidelineSwap’s buyer protection policy: “SidelineSwap will issue a full refund if your item is never shipped, is damaged, or arrives not as described.”

Other SidelineSwap Reviews

One good way to see if an online marketplace is legit or not is to see what real buyers and sellers are saying online.

And, in terms of SidelineSwap reviews, they’re generally pretty positive!

Here’s what real SidelineSwap sellers had to say about their experiences in a Reddit thread in r/hockeyplayers (hockey is very popular on SidelineSwap):

  • stevegcook says: “Yep, I sell things there pretty regularly. Things typically go smoothly, just ignore the lowball offers.”
  • brankovie says: “Good experience both buying and selling.”
  • jgold47 says: “Sold over 100 items. Bought probably as many. Never an issue.”
  • Peng-Win says: “One pair of skates – pretty smooth experience for me. The guy offered what I was asking for, I printed a shipping label, packed up the skates for shipping to avoid damage and done. Got the $ (minus SLS fee) after 2-3 days of the receipt of the shipment. There have been some bad experiences people posted about here. I would suggest that you document the entire process (once you get a buyer) which can be used as proof of you doing your part. Other than that, there are no red flags!”

So, as you can see, these SidelineSwap sellers are quite happy, and the main tip is to document everything just in case you ever have a dispute.

But, what about buyers? Is it safe to buy on SidelineSwap?

Well, here’s what some buyers had to say in another Reddit thread:

  • DicNavis says: “Very good to buy from. Direct communication with the seller, text message updates when your package ships, lots of buyer protection procedures in place. The seller doesn’t actually get the money until you verify that the item arrived as advertised.”
  • GT1646 says: “Bought a brand new Yale University “Pro” stock 1N. Came perfect, definitely recommend it.”
  • Danglelikedatsyuk says: “Better than eBay.”

So overall, it seems like SidelineSwap is trustworthy and legit, and SidelineSwap reviews are generally quite positive.

Just remember to document everything and to look for seller feedback if you’re buying something on the platform.

Pros & Cons

If you’re thinking about selling on SidelineSwap or buying sports equipment, here are some of the pros and cons worth considering.

Seller Pros:

  • Free and fast to create listings
  • Range of sports and categories to sell under
  • Seller protection policy means you get paid quickly
  • Buyers pay for shipping

Seller Cons:

  • High SidelineSwap seller fees
  • Payment processing fees

If you just want to sell your sports equipment for money as quickly as possible, the 12% seller fee is honestly worth it.

Now, as for buyers, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Buyer Pros:

  • Thousands of listings and new ones are added daily
  • You can negotiate with sellers
  • The buyer protection policy protects you against fraud

Buyer Cons:

  • Shipping can be expensive, especially if you buy from a seller over the border or across the country
  • Not always cheaper than local used sports stores or SidelineSwap alternatives (which we’re going to cover in a tad!)

I think SidelineSwap can help you save money, especially if you’re buying something expensive like hockey or football equipment or something like a new snowboard.

The Best SidelineSwap Alternatives

I think SidelineSwap is an effective way to make some extra cash or save money on your next sports equipment purchase. However, it’s also important to do your research and consider other sites like SidelineSwap, especially if you’re spending a lot of money.

So, some alternatives to SidelineSwap you can consider include:

I have friends who have bought fitness equipment and football gear off of the Facebook Marketplace, so it’s worth comparing prices there versus SidelineSwap to see what’s best.

But please, don’t sell to used sports stores unless you get a fair price since so many of them give lowball offers in my experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Use SidelineSwap?

You must be 13 or older to sell on SidelineSwap. However, sellers under 18 should use their parent or legal guardian’s name and date of birth to sell under.

Is There A SidelineSwap App?

The SidelineSwap app is free for Android and iOS, and you can actually create listings from there and manage your sales if you prefer to sell from your smartphone.


What’s A SidelineSwap Referral Code?

A SidelineSwap referral code gives you $5 in website credits to use on purchases. You can only use SidelineSwap credits to buy products on SidelineSwap, and credits can’t be cashed out for monetary value.

If you want, you can use my SidelineSwap referral code to earn $5 when you sign up: Tom_Blake266.

What Are SidelineSwap Bumps?

SidelineSwap Bumps are a way for sellers to promote their listings so they get more attention and, hopefully, faster sales.

It’s basically like boosting your listing to the top of the marketplace so more people see it.

According to SidelineSwap: ” You will receive 1 free bump per every 10 items you have listed, every week (10-20 items give you 1 bump, 20-30 give 2, and so on). These are “use it or lose it,” meaning they will not carry over to the next week if they’re not used. The Bumps count refreshes every Saturday.”

You can also buy bumps in packs:

  • One Bump: $1
  • 10 Bumps: $7.50
  • 50 Bumps: $25
  • 100 Bumps: $40

SidelineSwap lets stores sell on its platform, so buying bumps is probably a good idea for serious sellers but not if you’re just selling one piece of equipment.

How Do You Get Paid On SidelineSwap?

SidelineSwap pays sellers through Payoneer directly to their bank account.

Who Should Use SidelineSwap?

In my opinion, SidelineSwap is a great solution for anyone looking to make extra money selling some sports apparel or equipment they don’t use anymore.

And, if you’ve already sold stuff before on platforms like Poshmark or the Facebook Marketplace, the process will feel quite familiar.

Really, the only time SidelineSwap isn’t worth it is if you’re willing to take the time to find a local cash buyer or already have a local buyer since you won’t have to pay seller fees.

Now, as for buyers, SidelineSwap is simply an affordable way to buy new and used sports equipment.

So, if you’re trying to save money, consider buying through SidelineSwap before heading to your local sporting goods store.

Final Thoughts

I hope our SidelineSwap review helps you understand how to make money with this marketplace and how to also save money!

Ultimately, this is a safe and reputable marketplace with plenty of opportunity for sellers and buyers alike. And you can turn SidelineSwap into a fun side hustle if you get into buying and reselling sports gear.

Just remember to document everything so you’re not caught in a bind if there’s a dispute and you need to back up your claim.

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