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Are you looking to sell your Peloton bike or other equipment? If so, you’re not alone! 

While Peloton bikes were all the rage over the last few years, many exercise enthusiasts are ready to break up with their Peloton and are looking to sell their machines. 

Used Peloton bikes can have pretty decent resale value, which is great news if you need fast cash. However, it’s important to know where to sell your bike so you get the best value possible.

In this guide, I’m sharing some of the best places to sell Pelotons. I’m also covering how to determine your bike’s resale value based on what the experts say, and how Peloton warranty transfer works.

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Where To Sell Used Peloton Bikes

Online marketplaces make it simple and easy to sell almost everything. From used furniture to home furnishings, job equipment to exercise machines, these sites can help you sell used Peloton equipment quickly and easily.

Local selling sites are also a great option, especially if you want to avoid high shipping costs and deal in cash.

Think about the type of platform you want to sell on. Then, you’re ready to turn your used Peloton bike into extra cash!

1.  Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a popular way to sell almost anything these days, including used bikes, Pelotons, and other sports equipment

I’ve sold plenty of things on Facebook Marketplace before. And I like that it’s completely free to use, and posting a listing just requires posting a photo, description, and your price.

Facebook Marketplace sell Peloton bike
Some Peloton bikes for sale in my area as an example.

When selling items on Facebook, being a member of your local community’s buy and sell groups can be a helpful location to start. These groups help you reach a large local audience, so you can sell your Peloton for cash quickly to a nearby buyer.

However, because this popular workout equipment is somewhat specialized, it can also be helpful to join some of the Facebook Peloton buy / sell /  trade groups.

These groups already have everyday people and gym owners who want to buy or sell Peloton bikes. And they’re already familiar with Peloton’s equipment and price points, so you might find making a sale is much easier than a general marketplace listing.

You can also sell things like Peloton bike shoes, seats, and other accessories on Facebook.

Our post on the top selling Facebook Marketplace items has even more ideas for things you can sell for quick cash.

2. Peloton Trade-In Program

In the past, Peloton actually had its own trade-in program where you could return your used bike and other equipment to get a rebate.

This was a popular option for anyone who owned a regular Peloton Bike and wanted to buy a Peloton Bike+ instead.

Unfortunately, the Peloton Trade-In program isn’t currently running. But I suggest keeping an eye on Peloton’s website to see if this program resumes.

3. Craigslist

Another one of the best places to sell Peloton bikes is Craigslist, one of the leading platforms when it comes to selling items locally.

This popular Facebook Marketplace alternative lets you list almost anything for sale, ranging from cars to used sports equipment like Pelotons.

Craigslist sell Peloton

Whether you sell Peloton or other items, it can be a successful way to find buyers in your area so you deal in cash.

I didn’t have any luck finding listings in my small town, however when I looked up larger cities, there were a considerable number of used Peloton bikes for sale.

And since there aren’t fees to list locally on Craigslist, it could be worth posting a listing just to see if you get interest.

4. OfferUp

OfferUp is another popular online marketplace for buying and selling, especially in larger communities. If you live in a large city, it could be another great place to sell a used Peloton.

Like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist, creating a listing on OfferUp is free. There aren’t seller fees if you sell locally either, and OfferUp also has pre-approved meeting points that are in busy public areas to help improve safety.

You can also sell stuff online with OfferUp. However, you pay 12.9% in online fees. Plus, a used Peloton bike is too heavy to sell online with OfferUp and is frankly too much of a pain to ship, so sticking with local sales is best.

Ultimately, apps like OfferUp are an effective way to sell almost anything from around the home, and used Peloton bikes are no exception.

Check out our post on the top selling OfferUp items for more ideas to begin selling.

5. Nextdoor

If you’re still wondering where to sell used Pelotons, you can always try listing your bike on Nextdoor.

This free classifieds website is useful for staying up to date on community news and events. But you can also post things for sale or pickup if you’re getting rid of things like large appliances, electronics, and furniture.

Listing on Nextdoor is also free. And you might even find a buyer for your Peloton on your street or within a short distance to make selling easy.

6. Mercari

Mercari always seems to amaze me with the wide variety of items on its popular online marketplace. So, unsurprisingly, this selling app is another effective place to sell used Pelotons.

While I’ve sold personal items on Mercari in the past, people also list larger items such as used Pelotons for sale. Things like Peloton treadmills, Peloton shoes, seats, and other accessories are also available for sale as well.

Mercari sell used Peloton

However, one drawback to selling on Mercari versus some of the other websites on this list are Mercari seller fees, which include a 10% seller fee and payment processing fee.

Thankfully, Mercari recently added Mercari Local, which is a classifieds version of the app you can use for local sales. However, you still process payments through Mercari with its local sales option and still pay fees

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7. 5miles

While I just found out about this marketplace myself, 5Miles definitely looks like a great place to sell Peloton bikes and other items.

5Miles is an online marketplace similar to OfferUp where you can find a wide variety of items for sale. So, you can always post your bike for sale to see if you find any cash buyers.


This marketplace does appear to focus primarily on larger communities, so if you don’t see listings for your area, do a search for bigger areas near you.

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8. Pawn Shops

One final place to sell used Pelotons you can consider are pawn shops.

Some pawn shops buy expensive exercise equipment, like treadmills, ellipticals, and Peloton bikes. And you could potentially pawn the bike for a few hundred dollars or sell it outright.

Just note that pawn shops generally don’t pay as much as selling to buyers yourself. This is because pawn shops need to flip their inventory to turn a profit.

So, I’d consider the other options on this list first before trying to pawn stuff for cash. And you can also try options like hosting a garage sale to sell your used Peloton.

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How Much Can You Sell A Used Peloton For?

I’ve seen a lot of people selling used Peloton bikes for between $800 and $1,200, with $1,000 being the average price. However, how much you sell your Peloton bike for depends on a few factors, including:

  • Type of bike (Peloton vs Peloton Bike+)
  • The generation of Peloton monitor
  • Bike condition
  • Any additional equipment or accessories that you’re including
  • Amount of time the bike was used

Your market also plays a massive role in your Peloton’s resale value. Busy cities with more buyers might fetch a higher price, unless you’re competing with lots of other sellers. This is why it’s important to do some competitive research to see what the going rate is for selling used Pelotons near you.

That said, most sellers will find that their used Pelotons sell for between 40% and 75% of the original price.

Tips For Selling A Used Peloton Bike

Now that you know where to sell your Peloton bike, here are a few useful tips to keep in mind to make the selling process as easy as possible:

  • Sell Locally When Possible: Shipping costs on Peloton bikes and treadmills can be hefty due to the size of the equipment. So, sell locally if you can to avoid steep fees.
  • Offer Delivery: Have a truck or large vehicle? Consider offering delivery of your Peloton to entice potential buyers.
  • Clean Your Equipment: Exercise inevitably makes your Peloton bike or treadmill sweaty and dirty. Make sure your equipment is very clean and ready to be used by potential buyers.
  • Take Numerous Photos: Whenever you’re selling online, make sure to take lots of photos. Shoot photos from different angles and include close ups of any issues such as markings or scratches.
  • Fix Your Bike: If anything on your Peloton needs fixing, try to repair your bike before listing it for sale. Your warranty likely covers most issues and you’ll be able to get a higher price if everything is in working order. Also mention if your bike has been serviced for past Peloton recalls, like its seat issue, or if your bike hasn’t been recalled.

This video from Peloton owner and YouTuber Steve Julien also shares how to sell a Peloton bike on eBay and some tips you can use to get the highest resale price possible.

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Do Peloton Warranties Transfer To New Owners?

According to Peloton, the warranties on its Bike and Bike+ products aren’t transferable to secondary owners. Its website states that if you purchased a protection plan before April 5th, 2022, it’s not transferable to other owners. However, if you purchased a protection plan after that date, it can be transferred to the new owner. 

When you sell your used Peloton, make sure you include information about the warranty if it helps you make a sale.

Final Thoughts

I hope this guide on the best places to sell used Peloton bikes helps you turn your bike into a nice amount of extra cash.

Thankfully, Pelotons have pretty decent resale value since the bikes are very popular and are well made. And many marketplaces have active markets for used Peloton equipment and those mentioned in this post can help get you started. 

Just make sure you take plenty of photos and list your Peloton for sale on numerous marketplaces. If you respond to buyers quickly, there’s no reason you can’t make a decent amount of money in a short period of time by selling your bike.