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OfferUp is one of the most popular marketplaces for selling your unused stuff locally and to online buyers.

So, if you need to make some fast cash, creating some OfferUp listings to get rid of your stuff is a smart move.

But like other selling marketplaces, it’s important to create listings the right way so buyers can find your products amidst all of the competition.

That’s why this post is covering some of the best OfferUp hacks for sellers that you should use to sell stuff more quickly.

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The Best OfferUp Hacks & Tips For Sellers

There are plenty of popular things to sell on OfferUp, ranging from old clothing to electronics and kids toys.

And with these OfferUp hacks for sellers, you can significantly increase the odds people find your listings and that you actually get sales.

1. Add Multiple Quality Photos

One of the most obvious but important OfferUp tips for sellers is to add multiple, high-quality photos to your listings.

People want to see numerous product photos before they agree to fork over money for something.


This is especially true for expensive products or categories like apparel where you really want to see as many sides and angles of the clothing as possible.

You can add up to five photos on OfferUp, so you might as well make use of the real estate!

Bonus points if you take photos of the product while it’s in use, or of things like tags that can show important information like material or sizing.

2. Increase Your OfferUp Organic Views With Good Listings

When you post something on OfferUp, it becomes live in the marketplace where OfferUp customers can stumble across your listing.

When someone finds your OfferUp listing from searching or browsing the marketplace, this counts as an organic view. In other words, the buyer found you naturally without you having to promote or bump your listing.

Getting more organic views on OfferUp is a seller’s dream because this means you’re getting buyers with a high level of purchase intent to view your listings.

Here are some tips to get more OfferUp organic views:

  • Titles: Write a title that is similar to what a potential buyer would search for.
  • Descriptions: Write in-depth product descriptions that mention things like brand, size, condition, and any relevant information that a buyer would be curious about.
  • Photos: As mentioned, add as many product photos as you can to make better OfferUp listings.

Here’s an example of a great OfferUp listing I found:

OfferUp Listing Description

As you can see, this seller is selling a women’s purse from Ellen Tracy.

The listing has a great title that mentions the brand, type of purse it is, material, and color all in one title!

All of the listing details are there too, and the description mentions why the purse is a great buy, what compartments it has, and even the dimensions.

This doesn’t take much extra work, but when I searched for “purses for sale” on OfferUp, this listing came up, meaning it’s probably getting plenty of organic views because of this useful listing information.

3. Try The OfferUp Bump Hack

Bumping an item on OfferUp is a promotional tool you can use to get your listings higher up in marketplace results. With bumps, you basically pay to promote your listings so more potential buyers find you.

Bumping can be a useful hack for OfferUp since as more sellers post similar items to yours, your listings get buried under the newer listings and are harder to find.

Here’s how you bump an item on OfferUp:

  1. Tap on the Offers tab
  2. Tap on “Selling”
  3. Tap on the listing you want to bump
  4. Tap bump to confirm

You pay $1.99 to bump items on OfferUp. But if you’re struggling to get organic views on a listing, this small fee can be worth it so you find buyers faster.

4. Learn The Best Time To Post On OfferUp

As mentioned, when people post stuff on OfferUp, the newest listings get placed at the top of the marketplace feed and push older listings farther down.

Therefore, if you post new listings at busy OfferUp times when more people are using the app, you’re more likely to get a surge of organic views to your listings.

Here’s what some Reddit OfferUp sellers are saying about the best times to post on OfferUp:

  • User tymando2 says: “I have noticed that listing around noon, or around 7pm at night my ads almost always get a better response than other times.”
  • User photikmusic says: “I generally post local items that would sell around the two times you’ve mentioned, simply because around noon people are more likely to be on lunch break from work, and then around 5 when they get off work.”
Best Time To List OfferUp

As you can see, posting sometime after work or when people might be on work are good times to post new listings on OfferUp.

You can also try posting on the weekends or right before bed to test when you get the most organic views.

This is a small OfferUp hack, but if you’re serious about making money with flipping, this test is worth trying.

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5. Try Other Selling Apps

While this might sound counterintuitive, sometimes, the best OfferUp selling tip is to crosslist your items on other selling apps.

OfferUp is great for fast, local sales. But if you’re not making sales, you should try some OfferUp alternatives to find more buyers.

Some popular apps and websites like OfferUp include:

Between these OfferUp alternatives and your original listing, you should definitely get more potential buyers checking out your listings!

6. Do Competitive Pricing Research

Another simple yet effective OfferUp hack is to do some competitive research before making your listing.

Basically, check what other people are selling similar products for and try to price yourself competitively.

You don’t have to undercut everyone else, but if you’re 10% to 25% more expensive than every other seller, it’s hard to make sales as quickly.

7. Respond Quickly To Buyers

On OfferUp, buyers can message you to ask questions and to negotiate on price.

So, if you want to sell stuff fast on OfferUp, you really have to be speedy with getting back to potential buyers.

My advice is to turn on app notifications so you see incoming messages. And if people have questions or concerns, do your best to answer them thoroughly and to be patient with people.

If you’re friendly and fast, there’s a higher chance you make the sale and get money in your pocket.

8. Make OfferUp Counter Offers

Oftentimes, OfferUp buyers message you to try and negotiate. Don’t be offended or annoyed if this happens.

However, you don’t have to accept a lower price or be scared of losing potential buyers. Remember: there’s always other buyers out there, so don’t be afraid to counter offer buyers.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re selling an old iPhone 10 for $75.

If the buyer counters your listing down to $40, that’s pretty low. So don’t be afraid to counter back to $65. They might try to drop to $50 or $55 from here, and if they don’t and stick with $40, you can always walk away.

OfferUp Firm Price

Also note that you can toggle “firm on price” on if you don’t want to deal with OfferUp counter offers.

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9. Choose The Right Meeting Place

One perk of selling on OfferUp is that it has a list of safe meeting spots that are near police stations or busy public areas.

So, one obvious OfferUp hack is to actually use this feature!

Furthermore, you should check out people’s OfferUp profiles to see if they have previous buyer ratings or seller ratings and a profile picture so you know who you’re selling to.

Image courtesy of OfferUp.

10. Be Careful With OfferUp Fees

One more tip for selling stuff on OfferUp is to be careful with potential fees.

OfferUp is awesome for local cash sales because you don’t pay listing fees or payment processing fees because you’re dealing with cash.

But OfferUp also lets you sell online like marketplaces like eBay and Mercari do, and this is where fees can hurt you.

Currently, OfferUp charges $1.99 or 12.9% of the final sale price for online sales.

Buyers pay for shipping labels which is a plus. And this fee structure is similar to Mercari fees and is fairly standard in the world of resale apps.

But if you sell online, make sure you factor in this selling fee into your listing price so you’re making the profit you want.

11. Don’t Waste Time With Lowball Offers

One disadvantage of selling on sites like OfferUp is you’re going to encounter some lowball offers.

Here’s the perfect example from Reddit: an $18 counter offer for a $45 listing.

OfferUp Lowball Offer
Image courtesy of Reddit.

Offering $18 on a $45 listing is so low, and the seller funnily counter offers with an even higher price of $55.

But for these sorts of lowball offers, you don’t even have to respond if you don’t have the time or interest in negotiating.

How To Sell Stuff Fast On OfferUp?

Now that you know some of the best OfferUp hacks, here are a few tips you can use to sell stuff as fast as possible.

  1. Drop Prices: The simplest way to sell stuff fast on OfferUp is to drop prices lower than the competition. This reduces your profits, but if you need fast cash in a day, this is a strategy worth using.
  2. Keep Bumping: It costs $1.99 to bump something on OfferUp. But if you’re selling something expensive and want to sell it quickly, bumping a few times over a week or two might be worth it.
  3. Be More Flexible: One final tip to sell stuff on OfferUp faster is to be more flexible. So, when someone messages you with a counter offer, consider accepting lower amounts or at least be more open to the discussion,

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Increase My Views On OfferUp?

Writing in-depth listing descriptions and titles is the best ways to get more views on OfferUp. You can also bump listings for $1.99 to get more views as well.

Why Am I Not Getting A Lot Of Views On OfferUp?

One main reason sellers struggle to sell stuff on OfferUp is that they don’t write comprehensive descriptions. Make sure you upload several photos, write a descriptive title, and fill out all the product information and mention aspects about the product in your description as well.

How Can I Bump On OfferUp For Free?

Unfortunately, you can’t bump listings on OfferUp for free. All bumps cost $1.99, but this cost can be worth it if it helps you find a buyer.

Some people try an OfferUp hack of marking an item as sold, archiving it, and then relisting to try and get more views. But this doesn’t always work, so again, paying for a bump could be worth it.

Final Thoughts

I hope our list of OfferUp hacks helps you get more sales on this marketplace so you get more money in your pocket.

It really doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to selling or are starting a full-on retail arbitrage business; learning how to sell more effectively is always a good idea.

Between sites like OfferUp or sites like Mercari, you definitely have plenty of options to sell as well.

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