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Are you in need of extra cash? And has it been a while since you’ve done some cleaning around your garage and house?

If the answer to both those questions is yes, then you might be able to get quick money by selling used tools for cash to people in your area.

Tools have incredible resale value if they’re still in decent condition. Whether it’s hand tools, power tools, tool boxes or something else, there are lots of places to sell used tools for cash. 

In this post, I’m sharing where to sell used tools for cash and some tips for getting the best price for your hardware,

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Where To Sell Used Tools For Cash

Tools are popular items that have a long lifespan. While we may not use them all daily, they last for years and can help us accomplish many different tasks without needing to hire a professional.

Since purchasing these tools can sometimes be a major investment, many buyers are regularly on the lookout to buy used tools. So if you have tools that you don’t need, here are some of the top places to sell used tools for profit.

1. Facebook Marketplace

The popular social media platform that you likely already use regularly is a great place to sell things! And this includes selling used tools for cash.

Facebook Marketplace is an immensely popular local selling site. And I’ve sold things on it before like furniture and clothing to make extra cash.

Facebook Marketplace sell used tools

Listing on Facebook Marketplace is completely free. And the platform helps you find local buyers, message each other, negotiate, and then deal in cash when you meet.

You can also try selling your used tools by searching for buy and sell groups in your area. If you live in a populated area, there’s probably a group that buys and sells tools and other types of equipment.

While common tools will likely sell easily in these groups if they are competitively priced, specialty tools or vintage items may take a little more looking to find the right buyer. For those you may need to search out specialty Facebook groups for individuals looking for those types of items. 

Our post on the top selling Facebook Marketplace items has even more ideas of things you can sell for fast money.

2. Garage 101

If you want to make passive income, you can try using Garage101 to rent out your used tools instead of selling them.

Tools are actually an incredibly popular thing to rent out for money. This is because many people prefer renting tools for one-time projects instead of buying them upfront.


All you have to do is create a Garage101 account, list your tools, and then set your pricing. Garage101 lets you charge hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or just set a final sale price.

You have to list the condition of your tools, and adding as many pictures and information as possible is the best way to attract buyers.

Garage101 is also giving out a free $10 credit when you list your first tool, so it’s a nice opportunity to try out the platform.

3. Craigslist

Like Facebook Marketplace, another place to sell used tools for cash you can try is Craigslist.

This local classifieds website is a great place to sell items for cash. Tools are one of its top categories, and tools and other merchandise can often sell quickly.

Craigslist sell tools for cash

Craigslist is also a great resource to find cash gigs near you. So, if you’re feeling particularly handy, you can also make money with your tools by finding local side hustle opportunities like furniture assembly or labor gigs.

But if you’re selling tools, make sure you include plenty of images and describe the condition of your tools.

Since most Craiglist transactions are done locally, you need to meet up with buyers to deliver goods and receive payment. But this lets you deal in cash and avoid shipping.

Our post on The Facebook Marketplace vs Craigslist shares even more information about these two popular marketplaces.

4. Pawn Shops

When you need money fast, pawn shops are always an excellent place to sell items for cash.

There are plenty of popular things you can pawn as well, including gold and silver, expensive tools, luxury watches, antiques, and more.

While not every pawn shop accepts used tools, many locations purchase power tools and higher-end items. Tool boxes and complete tool sets are also popular resale items for pawn shops.

When you sell used tools to a pawn shop, be prepared that you will probably get less cash than if you had sold the tools online or elsewhere. These retail shops need to have a high profit margin for their business, so they will typically offer a lower price when purchasing tools and other pawned items.

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5. Sawmill Creek

If you’re still wondering where to sell used tools, one option you can consider using is Sawmill Creek.

This woodworking focused website has popular classifieds where individuals can buy and sell tools online. So, you can potentially sell used tools to fellow members and access a large pool of online buyers.

Sawmill Creek

Users on this platform are pretty knowledgeable, so be prepared to know details about the equipment you are selling and to answer questions from potential buyers.

Also note that you might have to deal with shipping costs unless you get the buyer to pay for shipping fees.

6. Flea Markets & Garage Sales

If you have lots of used tools to sell, it could be worth selling at a flea market or hosting a garage sale over the weekend.

Flea markets are particularly lucrative if you have anything vintage to sell. But power tools that are in good condition can also sell quite fast.

As for garage sales, this is a good opportunity to sell your used tools as well as other household items you don’t use anymore.

My family has thrown garage sales in the past. And they’re a great way to make a few hundred bucks at least while cleaning out your home.

Just note that advertising can make your efforts for these sales more successful, so look at promoting ahead of time if possible.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp is a popular Facebook Marketplace alternative that lets you sell just about anything, ranging from used tools to shoes and niche collectibles.

The selling process is very similar to other selling apps. All you do is create a free listing, negotiate with buyers, and then agree on a meeting time and place to deal in cash.

Sell Tools OfferUp

I like OfferUp because it has plenty of pre-approved meeting places that are near police stations and busy public areas. So, you can feel safe when selling tools or other merchandise.

People can also sell online with OfferUp. However, the platform charges a 12.9% online sales fee, and you have to deal with shipping. In my opinion, this makes OfferUp best for local sales and that’s it.

You can read our post on the top selling OfferUp items for more ideas to sell stuff for cash!

8. Hardware Stores

If you want to sell used tools for cash locally, hardware stores might be willing to purchase some of your tools for cash.

This really depends on the hardware store and where you live. But some stores sell used tools or can repair and resell tools to make a profit.

However, keep in mind the type of store that you approach. Hardware stores that purchase used tools are typically local businesses and mom and pop type stores. Large retail chains typically will not make these purchases because they don’t want the liability of selling used tools.

9. eBay

One final place you can sell used tools for cash is eBay.

One of the original online marketplaces, eBay has millions of buyers shopping for a variety of items daily. Tools are a popular category, and shoppers browse and buy from the auctions and fixed price listings regularly.

eBay sell tools online

When selling tools on eBay, pictures and details do matter. Be sure to include as much information as possible and to take a variety of pics.

Also note that eBay charges 13.25% on the final sales for tools and most items. So, if you’re selling an expensive set or piece of equipment, it might be best to try a local selling option like OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace first.

What Are The Best Tools To Sell?

Now that you know where to sell used tools for cash, I want to cover some of the most popular tools you can sell if you want some quick cash:

  • Power Tools: These high powered tools are almost always in demand and can fetch a decent resale value if your tools are functional and in good condition.
  • Brand Name Power Tools: Certain top brands including DeWalt, Bosch, Ridgid, Milwaukee and Black & Decker are known for high quality and a long life. Tools from these brands usually command good prices, even when they are used.
  • Saws: Saws can be in high demand and popular ones to sell used include miter saws and circular saws. 
  • Wrenches: Power wrenches are a must-have item for many to tackle home and work projects.
  • Specialty Tools: Whether it’s electrical, carpentry or plumbing, specialty tools can sometimes be tougher to find, especially for someone shopping on a budget. This is where used specialty tools can be good sellers and help you make money online.
  • Tool Sets: Complete tool sets can be popular with buyers who are just starting their tool collection or need a variety of tools to get a job done.
  • Tool Boxes: Quality tool boxes in a good condition can almost always be a good seller when offered at a competitive price.

Tips For Selling Used Tools

In addition to the places where to sell used tools for cash that are in this article, you also want to keep a few tips in mind when putting your used tools on the market:

  • Clean Your Tools: Because tools are often dirty, it can be helpful to clean your tools and make sure they are in good working order. This also helps you take better photos when listing them for resale.
  • Test Tools Before Selling: If your tools don’t work, your buyers will be unhappy and demand a refund. Before posting your listing, make sure your tools are in good condition and do what they’re supposed to.
  • Include Parts And Accessories: When possible, make sure all the tools you are sell are complete. If your tools are missing pieces or accessories, make sure you let buyers know.
  • Research Prices: The market for used items can vary. Research the prices on the platform(s) that you’re using to make sure your prices are consistent with the going rates.

This guide from Ultimate Tool Reviews also provides a complete guide on how to sell used tools for cash.

The video explains everything from finding out the value of your tools to listing them for sale. I suggest giving it a watch before listing so you know how to get the most money for your tools.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide on where to sell used tools helps you boost your income while helping someone else with their handyman work.

As long as you stick with trusted marketplaces, there’s no reason you can’t get a decent amount of money for used tools. Just make sure you take good photos, write complete descriptions, and get back to buyers quickly.

Who knows; you might be able to get $1,000 by selling tools, or even more if you have popular ones that are in good condition.

Best of luck!

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