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Visa gift cards are useful since you can spend them anywhere that accepts Visa, and they generally make for thoughtful gift ideas.

However, if you keep getting Visa gift cards from reward apps or as gifts from other people, you probably want cold hard cash instead. And there’s a good chance you have some cards clogging your wallet or laying around the house right now.

That’s why this guide is covering some of the simplest and secure ways to sell virtual Visa cards so you can enjoy cash instead.

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How To Sell Visa Gift Cards For Cash

Lots of popular get-paid to websites and survey sites let you cash out with free gift cards or Visa gift cards, but not PayPal cash or direct deposit.

So, if you want to actually spend your rewards how you please, you need to sell your prepaid Visa gift card for cash instead.

Luckily, there’s several safe and secure methods to get cash off of a Visa gift card. I’ve tried out several of these methods over the years, and there are plenty of other options as well.

1. Add The Balance To Your PayPal Wallet

If you’re already a PayPal user, then this might be the easiest way for you to cash out a Visa gift card.

PayPal actually lets you transfer the balance of any prepaid gift card to your PayPal wallet.


After you transfer your balance, you can use the funds to checkout at any online retailer that accepts PayPal or you can just transfer them to your bank.

Just keep in mind that you incur a PayPal fee if you want to use your cash immediately once you transfer it to your bank account. However, if you’re willing to wait a few days, then you can get it all for free.

2. Use A Gift Card Exchange

Another way to sell a Visa gift card for cash is to just sell it on an online exchange.

There are numerous apps and websites that let you sell Visa gift cards for cash. The only downside to these is they tend to take a pretty hefty commission, so it’s best to try other avenues first.

One reputable website you can use is Raise, which lets you sell unused, unwanted gift cards, including Visa gift cards. It’s available via browser, but they also have an app if that’s easier for you.

Raise actually works with Prepaid 2 Cash to let you sell Visa gift cards for cash, and it’s a secure and quick way to get some extra cash in your hands.

Other websites you can use to get cash from a Visa gift card include CardCash, Gift Card Granny, and GiftDeals.

Before selling, remember to shop around to check what the commission percentage is to find the best platform to sell your Visa gift cards!

3. Buy Other Gift Cards

This may seem like an odd choice, but there are a few reasons why you may want to use your Visa gift card to purchase other gift cards.

The simplest reason is that you might want one or several different gift cards and plan on shopping somewhere that doesn’t accept Visa gift cards.

For example, you can break up the balance on your Visa gift card into:

  • A movie theatre card
  • an iTunes card
  • Free Steam codes and gift cards
  • A restaurant gift card for a chain you like
  • Free Amazon gift cards

Alternatively, you might want to convert your Visa gift card into another gift card and then regift that to someone you know.

In this case, choose a gift card that shows you know the person well– like getting a book lover a gift card to a bookstore they like, or a foodie a card to their favourite restaurant.

Finally, this idea is also helpful in the case that your Visa prepaid gift card has an odd balance.

For instance, if you have a card for $26.07, you can buy a $25 gift card and use the remaining change elsewhere.

4. Sell Your Visa Gift Card On Facebook Marketplace

There are plenty of things you can sell on Facebook Marketplace, covering everything from used apparel to gym equipment.

But, while it might surprise you, another way to convert a Visa gift card to cash involves selling it on Facebook.

Facebook lets you sell gift cards, so you can get cash from your Visa gift card if you find a buyer in your area who’s looking to snag your card.


Just remember: you have to sell your Visa gift card at a discount to actually get buyers, otherwise there’s no point for the buyer.

Typically, people discount gift cards on the Facebook Marketplace by 5% to 15%, so do some competitive research to see what sellers are offering in your city

The same safety rules apply here as with all local meetups: try and sell to someone who seems trustworthy, meet in a public place, and bring someone with you to the actual sale so everything goes smoothly.

5. Pay Off Your Bills

One of the best ways to get money off a Visa gift card is to use the balance to pay your bills and home expenses.

Some billing providers accept Visa credit cards for payment, which means you can apply your prepaid Visa gift card against the outstanding balance.

Just look out for any credit card fees when doing this, since sometimes they will apply if you’re trying to pay any mortgage or electrical bills.

You can also use your Visa gift card to pay other daily expenses, like groceries, your daily coffee run, or your monthly gym membership payment, ultimately helping you save more money.

6. Sell It To A Friend

Selling to your friends is also a fast, simple way to get some quick money. Plus, you can avoid platform fees or selling at a massive discount.

This option might take you a little longer to find the right person in your circle who’s willing to make the trade, but if you want cash and to avoid fees, this is your best bet.

7. Buy Something And Flip It

Another great way to convert your Visa gift card into cash is to get into flipping!

This is the most time consuming way to get cash for your Visa gift card. But it’s also the only option that can actually make a profit.

To start, purchase discount items or some trendy merchandisde from a thrift store or online retailer than accepts Visa gift cards.

Afterwards, list that product for sale on a local selling website or online maketplace at a markup so you make a profit.

Some popular resale websites and apps you can try include:

  • Poshmark – Ideal for selling apparel, shoes, accessories, and watches.
  • Mercari – A general resale marketplace that’s very easy to use for sellers.
  • Depop – A vintage and trending fashion marketplace that’s great for content creators and influencers.
  • OfferUp – A popular local selling app that’s great for selling furniture, electronics, clothing, toys, and pretty much anything you can think of.
  • SidelineSwap – The best marketplace for selling sports equipment and apparel.

Just make sure to list the product below retail so it’s an enticing offer for potential buyers, but still high enough that you’re making back more than you spent.

After making a sale, you can also put your profit into buying another item to flip and start an entire flipping side hustle!

Again, this option for turning a Visa gift card into cash takes the most time, but it also lets you start making money online if you get into flipping, which is a plus.

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8. Re-Gift The Visa Gift Card

This is an easy way to save cash when attending your next birthday or event. If you can save the Visa gift card, you can easily re-gift by placing it in a card!

Visa gift cards are a great way to give someone the ability to choose exactly what they want for their birthday or Christmas gift, without giving them loose bills.

Plus, many people today don’t like holding onto cash, so a Visa gift card is perfect.

9. Purchase A Money Order

Chains like Walmart and certain groceries stores let you purchase a money order with your Visa gift cards, which you can deposit directly into your bank account.

Not all places offer this, so check multiple locations before you find somewhere that offers money orders.

You also have to create a PIN for your card beforehand and the transaction will include a small fee.

Ultimately, if somewhere near you offers money orders, this is one of the simplest ways to get cash out of a Visa gift card.

Also, avoid doing this too frequently, as banks may suspect criminal activity and can sometimes close accounts that deposit money orders regularly.

10. Add The Balance To Your Venmo Account

Like using PayPal, another way to get cash from a Visa gift card is to transfer the balance to your Venmo account and then send those funds directly to your bank.


Keep in mind, immediately transferring money from Venmo to your bank account results in a small fee, so it’s best to wait a few business days so you don’t pay fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Withdraw Cash From My Visa Gift Card?

Unfortunately, you can’t go to an ATM and withdraw cash from your Visa gift card as if you were taking money out of your bank account.

Again, you can use some tricks to convert your Visa gift card to cash and then deposit the money to your bank account, but you have to take this step first.

How Do I Get Cash From A Vanilla Visa Gift Card?

Vanilla Visa gift cards are prepaid Visa gift cards that are available in amounts between $10 and $500.

To convert a vanilla Visa gift card into cash, you can try selling it to a friend, online gift card marketplace, or on the Facebook Marketplace.

How Do I Add A Visa Gift Card To PayPal?

If you want to add your Visa gift card to your PayPal wallet, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Click “link a card” under the debit and credit card screen.
  3. Click “link card manually” when given a list of options to link your card.
  4. Enter your Visa gift card information, which is essentially the card number.
  5. Click “link card.”

This should let you add the Visa gift card to your balance.

If you run into trouble, you can also check out this Business Insider article on how to add gift cards to your PayPal balance for steps.

How Do I Transfer A Visa Gift Card To Venmo?

To transfer your Visa gift card balance to Venmo, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Venmo account.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Payment Method.”
  4. Click “Add bank or card.”
  5. Enter your Visa gift card information as a new card to add it to your Venmo balance.

The video above also walks through the steps on adding a Visa gift card to your Venmo balance.

Final Thoughts

While Visa gift cards are the most flexible types of gift cards you can get– in terms of retailers and websites that accept them– they can be a hassle to hang on to and you definitely lose certain spending and saving options.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to sell a Visa gift card fo cash which is great if you want to avoid having plenty of random balances across cards or worrying about when the card expires. 

If you want the most immediate and painless options, try using PayPal or Venmo.

However, gift card resale on online platforms I mentioned above is also great ways to access the right buyer for your card. 

If you have the extra time and want to profit off of your cards, maybe it’s time to start up a new side hustle and get into reselling.

There are plenty of clothes, shoes, office supplies, toys and more than you can find on sale and make a profit selling online.

All that matters is you find the best option that works for you, so you can sell your virtual Visa card and spend the cash where you like!