What does a Liberty Home Guard warranty cover? This is a common question for homeowners to ask as they compare Liberty Home Guard to other home warranty companies. With its coverage for major home systems and appliances, Liberty Home Guard is trusted by homeowners across the United States.

Liberty Home Guard: What You Need To Know

  • Company Overview
  • What Areas Does the Company Serve?
  • Plans & Coverage
  • Optional Upgrades
  • How Much Does Liberty Home Guard Cost?
  • How To Sign Up for Liberty Home Guard
  • How To Request Warranty Service
  • How To Cancel Liberty Home Guard
  • Liberty Home Guard Contact Information
  • Is Liberty Home Guard Right for Me? 

If you’ve looked for a home warranty plan with various coverage options, you may have come across Liberty Home Guard, a home warranty provider with plans for homeowners and realtors. The company advertises a Systems Guard plan, an Appliance Guard plan, and a Total Home Guard plan for as little as $1-$1.50 each day. 

Still, Liberty Home Guard has a lot of similarities to its competitors. Therefore, it’s important to compare its offerings with other home warranty companies to determine the right service for you.

Liberty Home Guard: What You Need To Know

A home warranty is something important to consider as a homeowner. However, you probably also have a lot of questions, like “How much does a home warranty cost?” and “Which company is right for my needs?” 

We understand the importance of choosing the right home warranty company based on coverage options, customer satisfaction, services included in a combo plan, and more. 

Company Overview

Liberty Home Guard is based in New York and offers warranty coverage to homeowners across the country. A Liberty Home Guard plan provides home warranty coverage to protect home systems and appliances in customers’ homes. This type of coverage can be helpful for homeowners looking to keep important parts of their home that aren’t included in their homeowner's insurance protected when in need of repairs or replacements.

Also known as Liberty Home Guard LLC, the company currently has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. 

As one of the best home warranty companies, Liberty Home Guard's competitors include:

In addition to home warranty plans, Liberty Home Guard also offers warranty coverage for realtors and partners with experienced technicians nationwide to provide services to its covered customers.

What Areas Does the Company Serve?

Currently, Liberty Home Guard serves customers in most of the United States, including Washington D.C. Unfortunately, its home warranty services are not provided in Washington or Wisconsin. To learn more about its Total Home Guard or other home warranty plans in your state, you can request an online quote from Liberty Home Guard. 

Plans & Coverage

Liberty Home Guard has one of the best warranty websites in terms of transparency. Potential customers can view home warranty plans without requesting a quote or providing any information, which some companies require before displaying their various plans.

The company provides three plan options: Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard. Appliance Guard is a warranty plan for commonly used appliances in the home, like built-in microwaves, refrigerators, and laundry machines. Unlike other companies that offer ceiling fans and garage door openers as add-on appliance options, Liberty Home Guard includes these in the Appliance Guard Plan.

Systems Guard protects major home systems, like plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. Each covered item and system has a coverage limit and specific exclusions. For example, air conditioning leaks, non-ducted AC wall units, and humidifiers are not included in coverage for air conditioning systems.

Total Home Guard covers the items in both the Systems Guard and Appliance Guard plans, meaning that you’ll get a comprehensive warranty for one price. The Total Home Guard plan is only slightly more each month than the Systems Guard or Appliance Guard plans alone, so it could be worthwhile for homeowners who are willing to spend a little more for more widespread coverage. 

Depending on the coverage options you choose, you’ll need to wait 30-60 days before you can submit a claim for a covered item. 

Optional Upgrades

Liberty Home Guard has an impressive list of upgrades that customers can choose to add to their plans. These upgrades are available for any of the three base home warranty options the company provides.

Liberty Home Guard features common add-ons, like pool and spa coverages, sump and well pump coverages, and stand-alone freezer coverage. It also has a popular add-on for roof leaks that covers the costs for simple roof leak patches over living areas of the home. Additionally, homeowners can choose from nonstandard upgrades, like re-keying services, light fixture coverage, and an annual gutter cleaning. 

The home warranty company also has several options for maintaining the health and cleanliness of your home all year, like carpet cleaning coverage, plumbing fixture coverage, and protection for a reverse osmosis water filter system. Homeowners can also add pest control service coverage to protect their homes against common household pests, like cockroaches, ants, and house crickets. 

Window washing, TV mounting, and exterior flooring power washing are additional unique coverages from Liberty Home Guard. Homeowners with pro-series appliances, like washers, dryers, and ranges, can also add coverage to protect their appliances that may not be included in a standard plan. 

How Much Does Liberty Home Guard Cost?

Liberty Home Guard is transparent in its policy details, allowing potential customers to know exactly what to expect from a Liberty Home Guard warranty. However, like other home warranty companies, you’ll need to request a quote to see your exact pricing, which varies by location and the area’s home prices and repair costs.

Generally, home warranties from Liberty Home Guard cost between $30-$80 per month. Most customers tend to receive quotes, with each plan costing about $5-10 more than the previous plan. For instance, Appliance Guard may cost $59.99, while Systems Guard costs $64.99, and Total Home Guard costs $69.99 each month. Customers can save money by opting for an annual plan rather than a monthly subscription, which shaves about two months of payments from the cost.

You’ll also need to pay a service fee when you submit a claim for service. The service fee typically falls between $65-$125, depending on what you select when you sign up. The higher your service fee, the less you’ll pay for your home warranty plan. 

Upgrades add an extra cost to your monthly or annual payment. These add-ons cost between $50-$300, or about $4-$25 extra per month.

How To Sign Up for Liberty Home Guard

If you believe that Liberty Home Guard offers the right coverage and pricing to protect your home system, consider signing up today to get your coverage started as soon as possible. The easiest way to begin your service is to request an online quote from the company. You’ll get instant pricing information and can add your choice of upgrades to customize your quote before buying. After you pay, your plan begins right away.

If you prefer speaking with customer service to learn what sets Liberty Home Guard apart from other home warranty companies or what covered item exclusions exist in each plan, you can contact the team by phone at 866-440-1399. A customer service representative can help you find the right home warranty plan with the coverage options you need and sign you up when you’re ready. 

How To Request Warranty Service

To submit a warranty service claim on a covered item from Liberty Home Guard LLC, log into your online account. There, you’ll find a submission form where you can explain what you’re requesting, pay your service fee, and set an appointment for service on a covered item quickly and conveniently.

Liberty Home Guard also offers other contact methods for you to request warranty service with the help of the customer service team, including a live chat function on the website. Email [email protected] or call 866-440-1399 to speak with a representative by phone who can assist you with your claim and service appointment. 

How To Cancel Liberty Home Guard

If you decide that Liberty Home Guard is not a fit for you after signing up, you’re free to cancel your home warranty at any time. According to the Liberty Home Guard FAQ, you can cancel your plan by logging into your online account and clicking the ‘Policy Details’ section. Or, if you’d rather speak with a customer service representative, email [email protected] or call 866-465-2403.

For cancellations within the first 30 days of signing up, you’ll get a full refund reduced by the cost of any services Liberty Home Guard has paid for claims. 

Liberty Home Guard Contact Information

Email [email protected] or call 866-440-1399 to contact Liberty Home Guard customer service. Or, log into your online account to submit an online form or request a service using the online claim form. You may also use the live chat feature on the website to get answers to easy questions quickly.

Is Liberty Home Guard Right for Me? 

Based in New York but able to assist homeowners in most states, Liberty Home Guard has become one of the best home warranty companies in the country. Its customer reviews note its responsiveness when issues arise and its many contact methods making it easier for homeowners to get problems solved as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Like its competitors, Liberty Home Guard provides different plan options depending on your needs and budget. Select either an appliance-only, systems-only, or the Total Home Guard plan to have the most covered items in your home. Each plan has a different price point which can help you get coverage at the right price.

Liberty Home Guard’s selection of add-ons makes it stand out among competitors, though. With unique coverage options for plumbing fixtures, grinder pumps, wine coolers, and refrigerators, Liberty Home Guard truly has a personalized package for everyone.

Our Liberty Home Guard review provides helpful details that you can use to determine if this company might be the best option for your home warranty. However, the only way to get specific pricing and coverage details for your area is by requesting a free quote from Liberty Home Guard. You can start a quote online or call the customer service team to get more information.