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If you own a home, there’s a good chance you have homeowners insurance. But homeowners insurance does not cover normal wear and tear. That’s where a home warranty provider comes in.

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There are many types of insurance for homeowners. To fully protect your home and major appliances, it’s important to consider purchasing a home warranty.

Choice Home Warranty – 2023 Review

A home warranty protects appliances and home systems like plumbing, electric wiring, and heating and cooling systems. There are certain types of home warranty programs that also cover additional items like swimming pools. Rather than having to shell out thousands of dollars when something breaks, consider purchasing a home warranty through Choice Home Warranty.


  • Affordable $85 service fee
  • 24/7 customer service
  • First month is free with any sign-up
  • Service requests can be made online or by phone


  • Not available in Washington
  • No coverage for known or unknown preexisting conditions
  • Customers cannot select their own service providers
  • Allows only up to $500 in roof leak coverage

Quick Facts

Locations Served: 49 states (excludes Washington)

BBB Rating: C |  Accredited? No

Service Fee: $85

Company Overview

Choice Home Warranty sells service contracts for the appliances and systems in your home. Approximately 1.6 million homes in America are covered by Choice Home Warranty, and the company has handled over 5 million claims.

Choice Home Warranty support is available 24/7. It’s important to note that the company does not have its own in-house service repair technicians, but instead operates a partner network of over 25,000 contractors who handle service calls.

Keep in mind that a service contract is not exactly what you might think of when you hear the word “warranty.” Sometimes warranties are meant to replace defective items, whereas a service contract is geared toward attempting to fix the item in question and only replacing it as a last resort. However, for the average Choice Home Warranty plan subscriber, this is just fine print with no practical difference. Most companies that sell a home warranty are technically selling a service contract.

As one of the best home warranty companies, Choice Home Warranty’s competitors include:

Locations and Service Areas

Choice Home Warranty provides service contracts in every single state except Washington. In California, there is a slight variation to their service, as they partner with the Home Service Club of California (HSCCA). The HSCCA provides homeowners with the service contracts and CHW provides the necessary backend technology and administrative services. The reason behind this partnership is that Choice Home Warranty has chosen not to become licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

💡 Enjoy the first month free after signing up for any Choice Home Warranty protection plan.

Plan Options & Coverage

There are two plans offered by Choice Home Warranty: Total and Basic. The Basic Plan covers heating and electrical systems, plumbing, garbage disposal, water heater, whirlpool bathtub, dishwasher, built-in microwave, garage door opener, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, ductwork, and ovens, ranges, stoves, and cooktops.

The Total Plan covers everything included in the Basic Plan, plus the refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and air conditioning system.

Covered ItemsTotal Plan
($55 – $85 /mo.)
Basic Plan
($46 – $65 /mo.)
Heating System
Electrical System
Plumbing System
Plumbing Stoppage
Water Heater
Whirlpool Bathtub
Oven / Range / Stove
Built-In Microwave
Garbage Disposal
Garage Door Opener
Ceiling and Exhaust Fans
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryer
Air Conditioning System

Optional Upgrades

Pool / SpaCentral VacuumWell Pump
Limited Roof LeakSeptic SystemSump Pump
Second RefrigeratorStand Alone FreezerSeptic Tank Pumping

Choice Home Warranty coverage includes optional upgrades to cover your pool, spa, well pump, sump pump, septic system, stand alone freezer, or central vacuum. Limited roof leak coverage is also available.

Choice Home Warranty can provide a service contract for a second refrigerator, along with septic tank pumping services. Unlike the Basic and Total plans, this optional coverage does not have to be purchased as a bundle and can be purchased as individual coverage options.

How Much Does Choice Home Warranty Cost?

The cost of the Choice Home Warranty depends on the size of your home and where your home is located.

Here is an average example of most states: If your home is under 5,000 square feet, the Basic Plan costs $46 per month, while the Total Plan costs $55 per month. If your home is over 5,000 square feet, the Basic Plan costs $69 per month while the Total Plan costs $85.

💲 Choice Home Warranty’s extensive Total Plan is reasonably priced between $55 to $85 per month.

The average home in the U.S. is around 2,300 square feet. Most homeowners can expect to pay no more than $55 per month for the most comprehensive service contract unless they have a pool, septic tank, or additional freezer to cover as well.

Remember that a home warranty is not homeowners insurance (see Home Warranty vs Home Insurance). While homeowners insurance is often bundled into your monthly payment for your mortgage, along with taxes (often called a PITI Payment), your Choice Home Warranty service contract will be a separate payment to manage.

In addition to the contract fees, Choice Home Warranty charges an $85 service fee per claim. If you are going to opt in for additional coverage for some of the items mentioned above, that could run anywhere from around $40 to $180, depending on your home size and where you live.

How To Sign Up for Choice Home Warranty

You can sign up for Choice Home Warranty on their website or by calling 800-816-2688. Since plan prices vary from state to state and by the size of your home, you will first need to request a quote by answering a few questions about your home: address, square footage, and what type of home it is – single family, townhome, condo, etc. Remember that the plans only cover one of each item listed. So for instance, if you own a fourplex and want to cover appliances in each unit, you’re going to get a much different price quote than someone with a single family residence.

How To Request Warranty Service

You can request service by logging in to your account and making a claim at any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can also call 888-531-5403 to request service. The Choice Home Warranty call center is also open 24/7, 365 days a year.

How To Cancel Choice Home Warranty

If you are moving or just want to cancel your home warranty, you will need to call the Choice Home Warranty customer service line at 1 (888) 373-7924. Be prepared for Choice Home to present you with alternative pricing and coverage plans.

📆 A 30-day free cancellation policy offers flexibility and reassurance for new Choice Home Warranty customers.

After 30 days, the cancellation fee is $50, and if you paid for the entire year, the remaining coverage can be prorated.

Choice Home Warranty Contact Information

For signing up for a warranty, getting a quote, or customer service issues if you already have a contract, call 1 (888) 373-7924. Customers filing a claim for service can call 1-888-531-5403. If you are interested in a quote, you can also go right to their website to have a quote emailed to you.

Is Choice Home Warranty Right for Me?

On average, Choice Home Warranty is slightly less expensive than some of the other home warranty companies. In addition to reasonable pricing, Choice Home Warranty offers fast response times, the opportunity for add-on coverage, 24/7 support, and free cancellation within 30 days.

One possible con is the inflexibility of the two service plans. If you live in a smaller home and have fewer appliances to cover, for instance, you will still have to pay for the full Basic or Total plan.

👩‍🔧 With a vast network of vetted contractors, homeowners can trust the quality and reliability of repair services provided.

There are some limitations to what Choice Home Warranty will cover. While Choice does not deny coverage based on age, they will deny coverage to items that were already damaged. Appliances with pre-existing conditions are not covered.

Choice Home Warranty does not cover cosmetic repairs or repairs that don’t impair functionality, such as sediment buildup in your water heater or reservoir tank. They also do not cover damage from freak accidents, theft, severe weather, earthquakes, or natural disasters – these types of events are covered by homeowners insurance. Remember that a service contract is primarily to provide service to items that break down through normal usage or standard wear and tear.

There are also some limitations on payouts if an appliance or system is broken beyond repair. Choice Home Warranty will pay up to $3,000 for repair, and/or replacement if necessary. This means that if you have a $6,000 Sub-Zero fridge that needs to be replaced, you will have to shell out $3,000 of your own money to do so. The same is true if your HVAC requires $5,000 of ductwork: Choice Home Warranty will only cover up to $3,000.

You’re probably wondering: Is a home warranty worth it? Whether you’re a homeowner in New York, North Carolina, or Hawaii, you have things in your home that will break down through normal wear and tear. The cost of fixing a home system like the HVAC or electrical system can be steep.

There is also the issue of staying away from bad repairmen and consumer fraud. Choice Home Warranty has a vetted network of 25,000 contractors who have handled over 5 million claims. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you will get reputable work done at your home, all for just $85 beyond the annual cost of the Choice warranty you choose.

A home warranty can save you money in the long run. Someone with a specialized skill in fixing an air conditioner or home appliance in the kitchen can charge upwards of $100 per hour and spend hours making a repair. A warranty company, on the other hand, can remove the financial pressure by paying for those repairs and only charging you a nominal service fee. Sign up for a Choice Home Warranty today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your expensive appliances and systems are covered.