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First Premier Home Warranty is considered one of the best home warranty companies for homeowners looking for simple service and affordable fees to repair their home systems and appliances. Home warranty service from First Premier Home Warranty is available in most states across the United States to help homeowners get the coverage they need.

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Have you looked for additional ways to keep your home protected beyond your homeowner’s insurance capabilities? If so, you may have come across a home warranty review for First Premier Home Warranty. A home warranty company typically protects your appliances and major home system components, like an air conditioning and heating system, when they need a repair or replacement.

First Premier Home Warranty Review (2024)

First Premier Home Warranty has two plans for homeowners plus several optional add-ons for customizable plans. With helpful customer support, affordable service fees, and easy service requests, this company is one to consider in your search for the right home warranty company.


  • Affordable plans and add-ons
  • $15,000 annual cap on select items
  • Several add-on options
  • Platinum Plan pays for up to two heating and air conditioning units


  • Not available in California and Texas
  • No appliance-only plan
  • Website isn’t as transparent as others about pricing and exclusions

Locations Served: 48 states (excludes Texas and California)

BBB Rating: D |  Accredited? No

Service Fee: $75

Company Overview

If you’ve already researched some of the best home warranty companies, you may have read about some of First Premier Home Warranty’s competition.

Competitors of First Premier Home Warranty include:

While these are also excellent options, homeowners should consider First Premier Home Warranty for reliable and affordable home warranty coverage to supplement their homeowners insurance.

This review will help you choose the right warranty company for you and your home.

First Premier Home Warranty has offered home warranty plans to Americans since its founding in 1989. First Premier Home Warranty offers different plans and upgrade options that allow customers to customize coverage.

The company has its own network of experienced contractors it partners with to provide home warranty service to customers, whether they need a repair or replacement of a covered appliance or home system. Contractors can sign up for the First Premier Home Warranty network to become one of the company’s go-to service providers when homeowners need assistance.

With a First Premier Home Warranty plan, homeowners can conveniently request a service for a covered item online or by phone to keep their homes in top condition.

Locations – Areas Served

First Premier Home Warranty is based in New York but is available in 48 states. The company does not have home warranty plans in Texas or California. However, any homeowners in other areas of the United States may request a free quote and sign up for a home warranty plan with First Premier Home Warranty.

2024 Plans & Coverage

Many of the best home warranty options include a minimum of three plans: one that covers appliances only, one that covers home systems only, and one that combines coverage for both. However, First Premier Home Warranty streamlines its options with two plans: the Premier Plan and the Platinum Plan.

Premier Plan
(starting at $39.99 /mo.)
Platinum Plan
(starting at $64.99 /mo.)
✅ Plumbing System ✅ Plumbing System
✅ Plumbing Stoppage ✅ Plumbing Stoppage
✅ Water Heater ✅ Water Heater
✅ Whirlpool Bathtub ✅ Whirlpool Bathtub
✅ Electrical System ✅ Electrical System
✅ Oven/Range/Stove ✅ Oven/Range/Stove
✅ Cooktop ✅ Cooktop
✅ Sump Pump ✅ Sump Pump
✅ Built-in Microwave ✅ Built-in Microwave
✅ Dishwasher ✅ Dishwasher
✅ Garbage Disposal ✅ Garbage Disposal
✅ Trash Compactor ✅ Trash Compactor
✅ Ductwork ✅ Ductwork
✅ Garage Door Opener ✅ Garage Door Opener
✅ Ceiling & Exhaust Fans ✅ Ceiling & Exhaust Fans
 ✅ A/C System (2 Units)
 ✅ Heating System (2 Units)
 ✅ Clothes Washer
 ✅ Refrigerator
 ✅ Clothes Dryer

Interestingly, there is no appliance-only plan from First Premier Home Warranty. Instead, its base Premier Plan includes coverage for a combination of home systems and appliances, including plumbing systems, built-in microwaves, sump pumps, ductwork, and ceiling and exhaust fans.

The Platinum Plan includes everything on the Premier Plan with the addition of coverage for up to two air conditioning units, a clothes dryer and washer, a refrigerator, and up to two heating system units. If you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage for your home, the Platinum Plan is the best option. It’s also the more popular home warranty coverage plan for customers.

🏡 First Premier Home Warranty offers a range of affordable plans, including the popular Platinum Plan that covers multiple HVAC units.

Customers must wait at least 30 days after signing up for a First Premier Home Warranty plan to begin using their coverage. After that time, you can request service whenever you need service for a covered item.

To schedule an appointment, you first need to pay a service fee. This fee will be outlined in your contract, and it’s required to be paid before First Premier Home Warranty sends a network contractor to your home for a covered home appliance or system repair or replacement.

Optional Upgrades

If your First Premier Home Warranty coverage doesn’t include everything you want, you can select one or multiple available upgrades to personalize your plan. The company’s optional coverages are available for a basic plan or complete home plan.

➕ Pool / Spa➕ Refrigerator Ice Maker
➕ Additional Spa➕ Free Standing Ice Maker
➕ Limited Roof Leak➕ Additional A/C System
➕ Central Vacuum➕ Additional  Heating System
➕ Sump Pump➕ Additional  Water Heater
➕ Well Pump➕ Additional  Garage Door Opener
➕ Septic System➕ Additional Oven/Range/Stove
➕ Septic Pumping➕ Clothes Washer
➕ Second Refrigerator➕ Clothes Dryer
➕ Stand Alone Freezer➕ Sprinkler System
➕ Water Softener

Some of the home coverage options include pool and spa protection, central vacuum coverage, septic system coverage, and warranty coverage for a second refrigerator. You can also add extra coverage for another garage door opener, range, or water heater.

🛠️ Enhance your home’s coverage with add-ons like pool/spa, sprinkler system, and central vacuum.

These coverage options are helpful if you have a large home with additional home system components or simply want a couple of extra options on a basic plan without upgrading to the advanced plan. For example, the Premier Plan doesn’t include washer or dryer coverage like the Platinum Plan does. However, you can choose the Premier Plan and add washer and dryer coverage for a few extra dollars a year to protect those appliances.

Each add-on has its own fine print that details exclusions and coverage limits outside of your regular plan. You can learn more about each service by contacting First Premier Home Warranty’s customer service department by phone or by requesting a warranty quote and reviewing your options.

How Much Does First Premier Home Warranty Cost in 2024?

With First Premier Home Warranty, how much does a home warranty cost? Pricing varies by location, but this company generally has some of the lowest rates for its warranty coverage. On average, expect to pay $500-$800 per year, or around $45-$65 per month. States with high costs of living, like Washington and New York, will generally pay more for their coverage than states with lower costs of living, such as Oklahoma or Michigan.

💲 With plans starting around $39.99/month, First Premier Home Warranty offers some of the most affordable home warranty options.

Optional services are an additional cost to your monthly or annual plan. Some add-ons are as little as $35 per year, including coverage for an additional refrigerator and water softener coverage. Others, like pool and spa coverage, are about $150 per year, although the pricing also varies by location.

To determine more precise pricing for your warranty, request a quote from First Premier Home Warranty. During the quoting process, you can customize your plan with add-ons to get accurate price details for your chosen plan and add-ons.

How To Sign Up for First Premier Home Warranty

The quickest and easiest way to sign up for First Premier Home Warranty is to start with an online quote. Once you choose your options and find a price that works with your budget, you can sign up for your warranty online.

However, some people might prefer speaking with customer service to get questions answered before signing up. In that case, call (800) 388-1918 to contact the sales team, learn more about a Premier Plan or Platinum Plan, and get details about coverage limits, service fees, claims, and more, before committing. When you’re ready, your representative can sign you up over the phone.

How To Request Warranty Service

Homeowners can request service for covered items in their Premier Plan, Platinum Plan, or add-ons by logging into their online accounts. From the dashboard, select ‘Request Service’ to start a service claim. Or, click the ‘Request Service’ button on the First Premier Home Warranty website homepage to be taken to the login page.

If you’d rather speak with someone about requesting service and paying your service fee, contact First Premier Home Warranty customer service at (800) 388-1918.

How To Cancel First Premier Home Warranty

First Premier Home Warranty allows cancellations within the first 30 days of starting your Premier Plan or Platinum Plan. The first 30 days of your plan is a waiting period during which no services can be requested, so you’ll get a full refund for your plan.

Canceling after the first 30 days is also possible, but you may be subject to an administrative fee of $75. To cancel, use your online dashboard or contact the company at (800) 388-1918 or by email at [email protected].

First Premier Home Warranty Contact Information

It’s easy for homeowners to contact First Premier Home Warranty when they have questions about their plans or are interested in signing up for a home warranty. One of the simplest ways to contact the company is through your online dashboard, which you can access when you sign up.

📞 24/7 customer service availability ensures prompt attention when your home needs repair.

Otherwise, fill out the online form, call (800) 388-1918, or email [email protected] to speak with a customer service representative. First Premier Home Warranty also has Instagram and Facebook pages you can use as additional contact methods.

Is First Premier Home Warranty Right for Me?

When you need a priority home warranty service, consider First Premier Home Warranty. The company is considered a leader in the home warranty industry.

Many homeowners wonder, “Is a home warranty worth it?” Purchasing a home warranty from First Premier Home Warranty is a good idea, even if you have homeowner’s insurance. A home warranty policy covers appliances and home systems that insurance policies don’t usually protect. When they do, it can be costly in the long run to put a claim through. However, home warranties are designed to help you afford the typical expenses that come with appliance break-downs and repairs to heating, air conditioning, or plumbing systems.

In this guide, we’ve covered the basic information you should know about First Premier Home Warranty and its plans and coverage options. Still, we urge you to seek out customer satisfaction reviews and browse the website on your own to learn more about the company and how its home warranty coverage works.

💡 A 30-day full refund policy provides a risk-free trial period for new customers.

If you’re considering First Premier Home Warranty in addition to other home warranty companies, request a free quote. You can request a quote from First Premier Home Warranty on its website or by calling customer service.

Play around with pricing for add-ons and pay attention to each company’s coverage limits and exclusions. Compare your quote with quotes from other select home warranty companies to find the best fit for your home, family, and budget. It may be best to speak with a customer service representative to understand the minor differences between the plans you’re comparing.