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Have you considered adding home warranty coverage to your home as a supplement to your homeowners insurance? If so, American Home Shield is one home warranty company to consider. Its home warranty plan options offer some of the most comprehensive coverage for unexpected things that can happen in your home, such as electrical problems or appliance repairs.

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Whether you have an old house or a new build, select home warranty plans can give you some peace of mind as a homeowner. Home warranties can help homeowners afford the costs of necessary repairs to a home system or appliance you might use daily but aren’t covered under a traditional homeowners insurance plan.

American Home Shield (AHS) is preferred by many homeowners for its affordable rates, large network of qualified contractors, and 30-day workmanship guarantee.

American Home Shield – 2023 Review

American Home Shield is a leader in the home warranty industry, offering comprehensive systems plan coverage to homeowners who want additional financial protection from a home warranty. American Home Shield is considered one of the best home warranty companies in the industry. Customer reviews frequently praise its fair rates and courteous and knowledgeable contractors.


  • Flexible service fee options ranging from $75-$125
  • Customizable monthly payments based on service fee
  • Unlimited number of covered repairs per term
  • Nationwide contractor network


  • Repairs limited to a 30-day guarantee
  • No coverage in Alaska
  • Does not offer email or live chat customer support

Locations Served: 49 states (excludes Alaska)

BBB Rating: B |  Accredited? Yes

Service Fee: $75-$125

Company Overview

American Home Shield is a sub-brand of the Frontdoor, Inc. family, which also includes other home warranty brands, like HSA Home Warranty and OneGuard.

Competitors of First American Home Shield include:

American Home Shield has over 50 years of experience in the home warranty industry. Its service plans offer coverage that can help homeowners afford the costs of repairs to their home systems and appliances. In contrast to homeowners insurance, a home warranty can cover at least a portion of the costs of repairs and service fees for ovens, refrigerators, laundry appliances, water heaters, garbage disposals, and more. An AHS systems plan includes coverage for a home’s integral systems, like ductwork, heating, and interior plumbing.

The company partners with contractors in each state it serves, allowing homeowners to receive quick and professional services trusted by American Home Shield.


American Home Shield provides services to homeowners in all of the United States with the exception of Alaska. Prices, plans, and coverage may differ between states, so it’s important to look at coverage for your state when researching a home warranty through American Home Shield. You can find your state on the States Coverage page.

💡 Serving 49 states, American Home Shield provides extensive coverage options for homeowners across the U.S.

Why We Chose American Home Shield

When searching for a reputable home warranty company, you’ll come across many positive reviews about American Home Shield. One of the key factors that draws homeowners to this company is its longevity in the industry, which gives them confidence in its ability to effectively service their home systems and appliances.

Although American Home Shield may have slightly higher premiums compared to other companies, it offers several benefits that other companies don’t. For example, its top-tier plan covers up to $6,000 for the repair or replacement of selected appliances, while other companies might only offer coverage up to $1,000. Additionally, customers can take advantage of unlimited servicing for covered home systems.

American Home Shield also places a high emphasis on transparency. You can view sample contracts on their website to gain a clear understanding of what to expect before signing up as a customer. The company also provides clear information about what it covers and what it doesn’t, as well as any limitations, on its pricing page.

Plans & Coverage

Shield Silver
(starts at $39.99 /mo.)
Shield Gold
(starts at $59.99 /mo.)
Shield Platinum
(starts at $89.99 /mo.)
Heating & Cooling SystemsHeating & Cooling SystemsHeating & Cooling Systems
Air ConditionersAir ConditionersAir Conditioners
Heating UnitsHeating UnitsHeating Units
Electrical Systems & AccessoriesElectrical Systems & AccessoriesElectrical Systems & Accessories
Built-in Exhaust, Vent & Attic FansBuilt-in Exhaust, Vent & Attic FansBuilt-in Exhaust, Vent & Attic Fans
Main Breaker & Fuse Panel BoxMain Breaker & Fuse Panel BoxMain Breaker & Fuse Panel Box
Doorbells & ChimesDoorbells & ChimesDoorbells & Chimes
Interior Electrical LinesInterior Electrical LinesInterior Electrical Lines
Ceiling FansCeiling FansCeiling Fans
Garage Door OpenersGarage Door OpenersGarage Door Openers
Plumbing Systems & AccessoriesPlumbing Systems & AccessoriesPlumbing Systems & Accessories
Water HeatersWater HeatersWater Heaters
Interior Plumbing LinesInterior Plumbing LinesInterior Plumbing Lines
Faucets & ValvesFaucets & ValvesFaucets & Valves
Whirlpool Tub Motor & ComponentsWhirlpool Tub Motor & ComponentsWhirlpool Tub Motor & Components
Kitchen AppliancesKitchen Appliances
Built-in MicrowavesBuilt-in Microwaves
Garbage DisposalsGarbage Disposals
Instant Hot/Cold Water DispensersInstant Hot/Cold Water Dispensers
Laundry AppliancesLaundry Appliances
Roof Leak Repair
Maintenance ServicesMaintenance ServicesMaintenance Services
$100 Rekey$100 Rekey$100 Rekey
$75 HVAC Tune-Up$75 HVAC Tune-UpFREE HVAC Tune-Up
$5.25 Air Filter$5.25 Air Filter$5.25 Air Filter
Coverage LevelsCoverage LevelsCoverage Levels
AC Refrigerant
$10/Lb Covered
AC Refrigerant
$10/Lb Covered
Unlimited AC Refrigerant
Appliances Limit
$3,000 Per Appliance
Appliances Limit
$6,000 Per Appliance
Roof Leak Repair Limit
$1,500 Per Year

Because no two homes are the same or have the same needs, an American Home Shield warranty can be somewhat personalized to each homeowner.

American Home Shield plans begin with Shield Silver. This introductory plan is best for homeowners who want their major systems covered, including heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. The Shield Silver plan is the most budget-friendly, with coverage for garage door openers, water heaters, ductwork, doorbells, and more.

The next plan is Shield Gold. Shield Gold includes every covered item in the Shield Silver plan, with additional coverage for kitchen and laundry appliances, including microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers.

Shield Platinum is the highest-tier plan that offers the most coverage of any American Home Shield plan. Subscribers get everything on the Shield Silver and Shield Gold, plus coverage for roof leaks, code violations, and permits, a free HVAC tune-up, and unlimited A/C refrigerant when needed. Members also receive a $6,000 appliance limit, compared to Shield Gold’s $3,000 limit. Appliances are not covered on Shield Silver plans.

🏠 American Home Shield offers three warranty plans. This allows homeowners to choose the coverage they need without paying for what they won’t use.

However, homeowners aren’t stuck choosing one plan without being able to customize it. American Home Shield also has add-ons, allowing you to select specific services you might need on a lower-priced plan. For instance, repair for roof leaks is free on Shield Platinum, but Shield Silver and Shield Gold subscribers can add this coverage to their plans for an additional cost.

All three plans also include a $100 rekeying service for up to six locks.

Each covered item in an American Home Shield plan may have a coverage limit, meaning that the company will pay up to a specific amount for service, repairs, or replacement for that system or part. For example, AHS pays up to $1,000 for a service, repair, or replacement of a malfunctioning toilet.

Optional Upgrades

American Home Shield add-ons make it easier to customize your home warranty plan. When you compare American Home Shield plans, you’ll notice that there are various upgrade options available on all plans, including pool and spa coverage and septic tank coverage.

Homeowners can also choose to add roof leak repair to their Shield Silver or Shield Gold plan, which provides $1,500 in coverage per year to fix roof leaks. This coverage is available for free for Shield Platinum members.

Roof Leaks – Provides roof leak repair ($1,500 limit per year). This upgrade is included with the Shield Platinum plan.
Pool or Spa – Covers components of the pumping, heating, and filtration system for chlorine pools and spas
Guest Unit – Additional coverage for a guest unit up to 750 sq. ft.
Septic Pump – Coverage for components and parts of your septic pump
Well Pump – Coverage for components and parts of your well pump
Electronics Protection – Covers an unlimited number of new and used electronic devices like TVs and laptops

Members of any plan can also add an Electronics Protection Plan to their home warranty coverage. This upgrade covers electronics, like TVs, computers, headphones, and smart electronics, with an aggregate of up to $5,000. Coverage includes premium tech support and protection for power surges and mechanical failures.

You can also keep guest units covered under your American Home Shield warranty by adding the Guest Unit upgrade to any plan. It protects guest homes 750 square feet or smaller, offering similar coverages as your primary plan.

How Much Does American Home Shield Cost?

Understandably, one of the most important questions you probably have about American Home Shield is, “How much does a home warranty cost?” specifically with this company? Home warranties can be an essential part of home ownership, but it’s just as important to find one that matches your financial needs as much as it is to find one that covers the systems and items you need.

You can adjust your monthly payment by paying more or less for your trade service call fee. This is the amount you pay for each service call.

💡 In some areas, changing this fee from $75 to $125 can lower your payment by $20 each month.

American Home Shield prices start at $39.99 per month for its Shield Silver plan with the lowest trade service fee selected. However, this price varies by location. You can find out how much an American Home Shield home warranty plan will cost for your home by filling out a few of your details after clicking the Get a Free Quote.

Each plan costs more than its previous one because it adds more benefits and coverage. In general, Shield Gold is about $20 more per month than Shield Silver, and Shield Platinum is about $30 more per month than Shield Gold. Generally, homeowners can expect to pay between $29.99-$99.99/month for a base plan, depending on their trade service fee and location.

Add-ons range from $5-$24 per month, with the most popular add-on – Roof Leak Repair – adding $10 per month to your payment if you choose Shield Silver or Shield Gold.

How To Sign Up for American Home Shield

If you’ve decided that American Home Shield is the home warranty company for you, you can fill out the online form to view home warranty plans and select the one that’s right for you. The digital signup process also lets you choose the add-ons you’d like with your plan, so you can see how changes affect your pricing in real-time.

Alternatively, you can call the company 24/7 at (888) 682-1043 to speak with an agent who can help you sign up. This is a good option for homeowners needing more guidance on the best home warranty plan for their needs.

How To Request Warranty Service

American Home Shield makes it easy for homeowners to request a service covered under their plan. First, you can request a service call by calling an American Home Shield agent at (888) 682-1043. The phone line is open 24/7, so you can even use it in the event of an emergency to schedule service as soon as possible.

📞 Although American Home Shield doesn’t offer email or live chat support, 24/7 phone service ensures consistent customer service.

AHS is also one of the most forward-thinking home warranty companies with its online service request form, boosting the convenience of making a service request wherever and whenever it makes sense for you. Simply log into your online account, and select the item or system you need services for. Then, pay the fee associated with that service, and submit your request. American Home Shield will send a confirmation as soon as possible.

How To Cancel American Home Shield

When you buy an American Home Shield plan you sign up for a home warranty contract. Your contract covers a 12-month term, so you’re committing to keeping your coverage for that length of time when you sign up.

You can still cancel at any time, but American Home Shield may charge a fee. The fee depends on where you live and whether the company can legally assess an administrative fee. If so, AHS Home Warranty charges an administrative fee of up to one month’s payment to cancel your contract early. If you cancel within the first 30 days, you can receive a full refund minus any service and claims fees.

To cancel American Home Shield, call customer service at (833) 706-2865.

American Home Shield Contact Information

When you need to get in touch with American Home Shield’s customer service team, the company makes it easy. Prospective customers can call (888) 682-1043 to discuss AHS home warranty plans or (800) 858-1922 for questions or issues regarding your account, service, or claims.

You can also log into your online account anytime to request service.

Is American Home Shield Right for Me?

American Home Shield is one of the best in the home warranty industry. As you can see from our American Home Shield review, the company offers homeowners comprehensive coverage for their most-used systems and appliances, allowing some peace of mind for problems that arise that aren’t usually covered by homeowners insurance.

💲 American Home Shield’s flexible service fee options ranging from $75-$125 accommodate different household budgets.

Of course, several home warranty company options exist, and some are better suited for some homeowners than others. Start with a free quote from American Home Shield to determine how much you can expect to pay for the coverage you need. Remember to consider the company’s add-ons to customize your plan while still fitting your budget. If you do sign up and find that American Home Shield isn’t your ideal home warranty company, you can cancel at any time and receive a portion of your 12-month contract payment back, so there’s no financial risk to you.