Kinetic Fiber by Windstream is one of the few internet providers to offer fiber internet in rural and suburban areas. They have some of the fastest internet speeds available outside of U.S. city areas.

Fiber internet is a revolutionary technology that uses fiber optic cables to transmit data as beams of light over tiny fiberglass strands. This results in internet speeds that are nearly as fast as the speed of light.

In our digital age, fiber internet isn't just a home upgrade – it improves our lives. With Kinetic fiber internet, you can work and learn better from home without internet-related interruptions. Get a productivity boost with ultra-fast upload and download speeds.

When you switch to Kinetic fiber internet from cable or DSL internet, you will notice the difference. Make stress-free video calls with no glitches and download a 1080p 2-hour-long movie in mere seconds, rather than waiting a half hour. Experience reduced lag when gaming and relax with less buffering when streaming your favorite shows.

Kinetic Fiber by Windstream Overview



✅ Rural availability

❌ Available speeds and pricing vary widely by location

✅ 1-Gig upgrade charges are only billed after the third month

❌ Price increases after one year

✅ Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

❌ No internet security plan included

Available Speeds: 200 Mbps to 2000 Mbps

Price Range: $39.99 to $169.99 per month (plus upgrade fees)

Data Cap: None

Contract Required: No

About Kinetic by Windstream

Kinetic Fiber is not a standalone fiber internet business. Rather, it is a branch of a larger high-speed premium broadband internet company. The Kinetic business is owned by Windstream Communications, a high-speed internet, phone, and TV company. It is the Windstream fiber internet division.

As one of the best fiber internet providers, Kinetic Fiber's competitors include:

The Kinetic high-speed internet fiber optic network spans over 125,000 miles. Currently, they deliver blazing fast internet speeds to over 4 million U.S. homes.

In addition to fiber internet for homes and businesses, Kinetic Fiber also offers home phone, security, and TV services.

Where is Kinetic Fiber available?

Fiber is the future of home connectivity. But, it isn't available everywhere just yet. Most fiber internet providers operate only in metropolitan areas. 

Kinetic Fiber is probably the biggest fiber internet provider that offers fiber internet in rural and suburban areas. Right now, Windstream Kinetic Internet is available in select towns spread across the following 18 U.S. states:

ArkansasNew Mexico
FloridaNew York
GeorgiaNorth Carolina
MississippiSouth Carolina

To learn more about Kinetic internet service and find out if Kinetic Fiber by Windstream is available in your town, enter your zip code into their Availability Checker. You can also sign up to be notified when Kinetic Fiber comes to your area by filling out this Availability Form

Products and Plans 

So just how fast is Kinetic Fiber?

Currently, Kinetic Fiber by Windstream offers upload and download speeds up to 2 Gbps, where available. There are 3 high speed fiber internet plans: 500 Mbps, 1 Gig, and 2 Gig. Kinetic by Windstream offers other plans, but they are DSL internet, not fiber.

All Kinetic Fiber plans include no monthly data cap and no annual contracts. Right now, there is also a $100 Visa card promotion for first-time fiber customers.

How much does Kinetic Fiber cost?

500 MBPS PLAN - $39.99 /MO

The 500 Mbps upload and download speed Kinetic Fiber plan costs $39.99 per month. This affordably-priced plan is a great option that can support several users and HD streaming on multiple devices.

1 GBPS PLAN - $69.99 /MO

Next is the Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig internet speed plan. It costs $69.99 per month. If your household has a lot of users or internet-connected devices, then this Kinetic Gig internet plan is for you.

2 GBPS PLAN - $169.99 /MO

For an even faster speed, the Kinetic Fiber 2 Gig plan costs $169.99 per month. The 2 Gig fiber plan is the fastest Kinetic Fiber offers. It is built for extremely heavy internet usage homes with multiple next-gen smart devices.

Kinetic Fiber offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the 500 Mbps and 1 Gig fiber plan.

TV and Entertainment

Kinetic Fiber offers TV and Entertainment packages that you can bundle with your fiber internet plan. They are partnered with DirectTV Streaming, DirecTV (satellite), and YouTubeTV to provide various TV packages to meet different customers' needs and preferences.

DIRECTV Stream - $74.99 - $154.99 /MO

With DirectTV Stream, customers can stream their favorite live TV channels from anywhere, on any device, at any time. All of the DirectTV Stream plans include live news, sports, and unlimited cloud DVR storage. There are 4 different tiers of packages to choose from: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier.

Entertainment Package - $74.99

The Entertainment package is a basic starter plan with over 75 channels, including CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, ESPN, TNT, HGTV, and Nickelodeon. It costs $74.99 per month.

Choice Package - $99.99

One step up is the Choice package for $99.99 per month. It includes everything in the Entertainment package, plus additional channels like MLB, NBA, OWN, Game Show Network, Sci, Travel Channel, Nick Jr. and college sports. There are over 105 channels included with this package.

Ultimate Package - $109.99

The next tier is the Ultimate package. For $109.99 per month, you get over 140 channels. The lineup includes everything in the Choice package, plus more channels like Oxygen, Starz Encore, NHL, FXM, CBS Sports, National Geographic Wild, Magnolia Network, Universal Kids, Smithsonian Channel, LMN, TUDN, and more. 

Premier Package - $154.99

The Premier package has the largest TV offering – a total of over 150 channels. For $154.99 per month, customers who purchase this plan get all the channels included with the Ultimate package, plus others such as HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, and more.

DIRECTV (Satellite) - $64.99 - $154.99 /MO

Windstream Kinetic also has satellite TV plans available through DirectTV. Like DirectTV Stream, there are 4 satellite TV packages to pick from: Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier.

The channel lineup for each DirectTV plan is similar to their streaming service plans, but prices vary depending on your location. All plans include one Gemini device, HD resolution, and on-demand services. Choice and above plans require a 24-month contract with an early termination fee of $20.

YouTube TV - $72.99 /MO

As an alternative to DirectTV, Kinetic Windstream customers can get YouTube TV – a streaming service that gives you freedom and flexibility to watch your favorite live TV channels where you want, anytime. YouTube TV can be accessed on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and Chromecast. The streaming service features unlimited DVR storage, up to six accounts per household, and simultaneous streaming on up to 3 different devices. 

YouTube TV has over 100 channels, including live news and sports. Right now, you can get YouTube TV for the special price of $62.99 per month for your first 3 months, then $72.99 per month after the promotional period is over.

For specific YouTube TV channel lineups and pricing in your area, enter your zip code on the YouTube TV website. You can also try YouTube TV for free before deciding if it is the best TV streaming service for you.

Home Phone

Kinetic Fiber by Windstream offers home phone services and bundling options. The Kinetic by Windstream phone service features unlimited nationwide calling, Caller ID and Call Waiting, and spam call alerts.

The basic Kinetic Voice plan costs $44.99 per month, but customers with an internet plan can bundle it for as little as $20 extra per month. The Kinetic Fiber 1 Gig + Kinetic Voice bundled plan costs a total of $89.99 per month.

Affordable Connectivity Program

Kinetic Fiber by Windstream has a partnership with the Affordable Connectivity Program – a long-term federal program that provides free or cheap high-speed home internet to eligible households. To qualify for the ACP, at least one member of your household must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Qualifies for the Lifeline benefit, meaning being enrolled in a federal program like SNAP, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, or Tribal Programs for Residents for Qualifying Tribal Lands
  • Income is at or less than 200% of federal poverty guidelines
  • Takes part in the free and reduced school lunch or breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision
  • Received a Pell Grant for the current year

Kinetic Fiber by Windstream gives qualifying customers up to $30 off their monthly Windstream internet service bill (or up to $75 if living on qualifying Tribal Lands) if approved by the ACP. 

If your household meets the ACP eligibility requirements, you can sign up through the National Verifier Application. Once you receive your Application ID, you can request your credit be applied to your monthly internet bills through the Kinetic Fiber website.

Optional Services

Kinetic Fiber by Windstream offers a handful of optional services that customers can choose to add to their internet plan each month. These optional services include Kinetic Internet Security, Kinetic Home Security, and Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager.

Kinetic Internet Security 

Kinetic Internet Security safeguards your home internet connection and connected devices from threats like malware, viruses, and ID theft. It also gives you parental controls to block harmful content and includes 24/7 technical support. The cost is $14.99 per month.

Kinetic Home Security 

Kinetic Secure Home is a no-contract, customizable home security system. There are three different plans to choose from that come with various types of equipment.

Video Doorbell - $7 /MO

The first plan is a Video Doorbell. For only $7 per month, you get video doorbell equipment with motion-activated notifications, real-time video with livestream, multiple users, two-way talk, video saving and sharing features, and video history of up to 14 days.

Kinetic Secure Home - $10 /MO

For $10 per month, you can upgrade to the next tier: Kinetic Secure Home. This plan includes 2 indoor/outdoor security cameras and a yard sign. The cameras have all the same features as the video doorbell, such as motion-activated notifications, real-time video, two-way talk, and video history.

Kinetic Secure Home Plus - $30 /MO

The final tier is Kinetic Secure Home Plus, which costs $30 per month. Equipment includes a hub, indoor/outdoor camera, motion sensor, 2 key fobs, 2 entry sensors, and a yard sign. It comes with all the features of the previous two plans, plus 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular connectivity, and battery backup.

Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager

With Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager, you get optimal control of your Wi-Fi service. You can manage your Wi-Fi connections, update your Wi-Fi password and name, and more – all in one place. The Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager can be accessed through the GoKinetic mobile app, available on Android or iPhone.

How To Sign Up for Kinetic Fiber by Windstream

To sign up for Kinetic Fiber by Windstream, you must call them at 1-833-408-2200.

Before you call to sign up, you can see which Windstream Internet plans are available in your area by typing your address into the Availability Checker

How To Request Technical Support/ Contact Information 

Kinetic Fiber offers 24/7 technical support for customers. Other departments have different hours of operation, as follows:

  • Billing & Financial Support
    Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Sat 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST)
  • TV & Internet Tech Support/Phone Repairs
    Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Sat 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST)
  • Account Support
    Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 8:00 pm
    Sat 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (EST)
  • Sales Support
    Mon-Fri 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
    Sat 8:30 am to 8:00 pm (EST)
    Sun 9:00 am to 7:00 p.m. (EST)
  • Order Updates
    Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Sat Closed

Kinetic Fiber's customer service phone number is 1-800-347-1991. 

You can call this phone number if you need to upgrade your existing service, transfer your service to a new address, or need technical support.

GoKinetic Mobile App

Customers can download the GoKinetic Mobile App to manage their Kinetic Fiber services on the go. From the GoKinetic app, you can view and pay bills, manage your Wi-Fi network, live chat with technical support, set up parental controls, track your technician, and much more.

The GoKinetic App is available to download for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How To Cancel Kinetic Fiber by Windstream

There are no contracts when you sign up for a Kinetic Fiber by Windstream plan. You are free to cancel at any time, and there is no cancellation fee.

To cancel your Kinetic Fiber by Windstream service, call the customer service phone number at 1-800-347-1991. Alternatively, you can also request to transfer your service to a new address.

Is Kinetic Fiber by Windstream Right for Me? 

Overall, Kinetic Fiber by Windstream is one of the best fiber internet providers out there. Especially if you live in a rural area, Kinetic Fiber may be the best option for lightning-fast internet speeds.

Kinetic Fiber stands out as one of the only fiber internet providers to service rural and suburban areas. The lower tier Kinetic plans (500 Mbps and 1 Gig) are very affordably priced; however, the Kinetic Fiber 2 Gig plan is pretty expensive compared to other fiber internet companies like AT&T Fiber or Verizon Fios.

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where several fiber internet services are available, be sure to take some time to read our in-depth reviews of other fiber internet companies before choosing a fiber plan that fits your household's unique internet needs and budget.