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No, a 3 Mbps internet is not fast in 2024. It can frustrate you, especially when dealing with bandwidth-intensive activities. At this speed, even regular web surfing won’t be fun; hence I recommend opting for at least 10 Mbps internet speed.

However, with an internet speed of 3 Mbps, you can carry out limited tasks like 720p Zoom calls, basic YouTube streaming, audio streaming, basic gaming, etc. Also, 3 Mbps speed is eight times slower than the average US internet speed.

Still, is 3 megabits per second good enough for a single user? What can one do with this internet speed? I used this low-end plan for 3 days straight to answer these accurately, so read along.

How Fast is 3 Mbps?

Is 3 Mbps Fast?

Here’s all that you will be able to do with a 3 Mbps internet connection:

ActivitiesRequired Download
Required Upload
Can 3 Mbps
support it?
Social Media500 Kbps - 2 Mbps200 - 300 KbpsYes
Messaging & Email100 Kbps12.5 KbpsYes
Web Browsing100 - 1000 Kbps12.5 - 125 KbpsYes
WhatsApp Voice Call100 Kbps12.5 KbpsYes
WhatsApp Video Call2-3 Mbps250-300 KbpsYes
Skype HD Call1-3 Mbps125 - 300 KbpsYes
Skype Group HD Call4-5 Mbps500 - 600 KbpsNo
Zoom HD Call3.5-4 Mbps400 - 500 KbpsNo
Zoom Group HD Call4-5 Mbps500 - 600 KbpsNo
Watching YouTube Videos [480p]500 - 1000 Kbps200 KbpsYes
Watching YouTube Videos [1080p]2-3 Mbps250 - 300 KbpsYes
Streaming Netflix [720p]1.5-2 Mbps250 KbpsYes
Streaming Netflix [1080p]5-7 Mbps600-800 KbpsNo
Online Gaming3-4 Mbps300 - 400 KbpsNo
Streaming Audio Music400 Kbps50 KbpsYes

On paper, 3 Mbps internet speed can allow you to make 3 audio zoom calls, have 3 online gaming sessions, 1 Netflix HD Stream and 4 Spotify Premium Streams. In reality, this number might decrease.

Let’s break it down further to understand it in detail:

Is 3 Mbps Fast Enough for Streaming?

Netflix is the largest OTT platform today, and the standard definition video of Netflix requires an internet speed of 1 Mbps. This means you can stream up to 3 HD videos with this plan. While 720p HD videos require a minimum of 3 Mbps. So, that also is possible with this plan. Right?

Well, not really! Practically, the streaming requirements are higher than what Netflix claims. So, with 3 Mbps bandwidth, you will be able to have, at max, one standard definition stream.

Audio streaming platforms have a lesser upload and download speed. Talking about Spotify, the requirement is quite less, i.e. 640 Kbps. So, you could stream up to four tracks simultaneously with this plan.

Is 3Mbps Good for Gaming?

Online gaming has been in high demand for a long now. And the quality of games we have today, good upload & download speeds are needed. However, most games’ average download speed is between 3-10 Mbps. This speed can further increase based on the game quality.

So, with an internet speed of 3 Mbps, you can get away with approximately three gaming sessions. But be ready to deal with delays and lag. You will also need to disconnect all other devices from the internet when playing games.

Too many tasks for a not-so-good experience!

Another aspect of gaming is downloading game files. While low-end games like Puzzles and word games can be downloaded in seconds. You would face challenges downloading high-end games like Gears of War 4, with a file size of 117 GB. It will take you 3 days and a half to completely download it.

How Good is 3 Mbps for Video Calls?

Upload speed is crucial in video calls, and it might not be as smooth with the 3 Mbps WiFi. You will be able to make a single 720p HD Zoom call. However, group video calling requires higher bandwidth. So, that won’t be possible at this speed.

Audio calls, on the other hand, require a lower bandwidth. Hence, with the 3 Mbps connection, you can make up to three Zoom HD audio calls and two Skype audio calls. Quite a decent number for a 3 Mbps internet speed!

Downloading Experience with 3 Mbps Internet

Browsing the internet only will take longer than usual at this speed. Imagine downloading large files!! Too irritating. You can look at the table below to have a better understanding.

Also, megabit ≠ megabyte. Your browser downloads files in megabytes while your internet speed is measured in megabits. Learn more in Mb vs MB comparison.

Type & Size of FileDownload Duration
Apps and Games [Up to 20 GB]Approximately 2 Hours
Email Attachments [Up to 25 MB]Up to 9 Seconds
HD Movies [Up to 3 GB]17 Minutes
HD Music Album [Up to 500 MB]Up to 3 Minutes
1080 p videos [Up to 1.5 GB]Up to 9 Minutes

3 megabits per second internet is just okay for single users with low-bandwidth requirements. You can not expect to make HD calls or download large files.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 3 Mbps fast Internet speed?

3 megabits per second internet is very slow. It is not even good enough for a single user. A minimum internet speed of 10 Mbps for regular work from home is said to be ideal.

How many devices can a 3 Mbps plan support?

3 Mbps internet can support 1-3 devices depending upon the Usage. If your work includes basic internet tasks like surfing and browsing, this plan can help you achieve it.

What can I do with 3 Mbps speed?

Basic internet tasks like surfing the web, sharing small files, emailing without attachments, invoicing, etc., can be done with this plan.

Is 3 Mbps good for working from home?

No. 3 Mbps won’t be able to take care of all your work-from-home needs. It is not enough to make continuous video conferences, share large documents, upload or download large files, etc.

A 3 Mbps speed means a bad internet experience. I suggest you subscribe to a slightly higher internet plan, like 20 Mbps. After all, there is no fun struggling with video calling or streaming. Slow browsing can only leave you frustrated, especially when you have some urgent work to do.