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An internet speed of 400 Mbps isn’t the fastest but it is “great” for gaming, streaming, working from home, and a lot of other activities. But is it ideal for you? Can it handle all the devices at your place? Let’s find out!

400 Mbps is equivalent to 400 Megabits per second. Therefore, you’ll get a download speed of 45-50 MB/s, as web browsers display download speeds in Megabytes.

Just so you know, it is faster than the average connection speed in the US. Hence, for online gaming, Netflix, YouTube videos, Instagram, Skype, Zoom calls, or even downloads, this speed is fast enough.

However, you may be wondering about its cost, which internet providers offer it, and how it differs from other speeds. Well, to answer these, I tested the Xfinity Blast service for 21 days, and have shared my findings below.

How Fast is 400 Mbps?

An ideal internet user won’t complain about the 400 internet speed. Downloading heavy files also doesn’t take much time with this plan.

What Can You Do With 400 Mbps?

Look at the table below to understand what can you do with a 400 Mbps connection, i.e., activities it can support.

ActivityRequired Download SpeedRequired Upload
Can 400 Mbps
support it?
Number of Device Supported
Web Browsing, Messaging & Email
Web browsing0.1-1 Mbps12.5 - 125 KbpsYes100+
Social Media, Messaging & Email200 - 300 KbpsYes100+
Voice & Video Calling
Skype/WhatsApp Audio0.1 Mbps12.5 KbpsYes100+
Skype/Zoom Video0.5-1 Mbps250-300 KbpsYes100+
Skype/Zoom Video (HD)2-3 Mbps200-400 KbpsYes100+
Zoom Group Video (HD)4-5 Mbps500 - 600 KbpsYes80
Streaming Online Music & Radio
Online Radio0.2 Mbps20 KbpsYes100+
Spotify, Apple Music, etc.0.4 Mbps50 KbpsYes100+
Streaming Online Video
YouTube (480p)0.5-1 Mbps200 KbpsYes100+
YouTube (720p)2-3 Mbps200-250 KbpsYes100+
YouTube (1080p)4 Mbps250 - 300 KbpsYes100
Netflix (720p)1.5-2 Mbps250 KbpsYes100+
Netflix (1080p)5-7 Mbps600-800 KbpsYes57
iPlayer/Netflix (4K UHD)25 Mbps1-2 MbpsYes16
Online Gaming
PC/Console3-4 Mbps300 - 400 KbpsYes100
Stadia/PS Now/Xbox10 Mbps800-900 KbpsYes40
4K Stadia35 Mbps3-4 MbpsYes11

Downloading Experience

You can take up to 17 gaming sessions and download a file of 170 GB in just 1 hour. Also, the 400 Mbps of internet allows music lovers to stream up to 666 Spotify sessions. Even you can take Zoom HD video calls without any lag.

Anything above 25 Mbps is considered good for streaming videos, gaming, uploading, and downloading large files. The duration, however, depends upon the plan you are using. So, 400 megabits per second can allow you almost all data-intensive tasks.

Type & Size of FileDownload Duration
Email Attachments [Up to 25 MB]0.5 Seconds
1080p Videos [Up to 1.5 GB]30 Seconds
HD Movie [Up to 3 GB]1 Minute
Mobile Applications [Up to 40 GB]13-14 Minutes
HD Music Album [Up to 500 MB]10 Seconds

Is 400 Mbps Good for Working From Home?

Encountering lag or slow network issues when video calls can be super annoying, but is it the same case with 400 Mbps?

Absolutely not!

This internet plan can make your Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype calling experience pleasant. Zoom video calls have a bandwidth of 3.8 Mbps for HD calls. So, with 400 Mbps WiFi, you can make up to 10 HD Zoom calls simultaneously. In the case of 720p HD calls, an entire office can do the calling at the same time.

Coming to WhatsApp calls, almost 150 devices can remain connected at the same time. Similarly, Skype calls allow up to 300 connected devices with this plan.

How is 400 Mbps for Streaming and Gaming?

Netflix HD videos have a bandwidth of 25 Mbps per stream in case of download speed. So, yes, 400 Mbps is good for streaming.

To be more specific, you can stream Ultra HD Netflix videos almost 16 times. YouTube videos have even less bandwidth, a maximum of 5 Mbps, which means you can watch as many as 80 such videos.

Audio streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music require only up to 1 Mbps. So, with this plan, almost 666 Spotify streams can be enjoyed at the same time. A huge number indeed for the concerned speed plan.

In the case of gaming, you need to consider both upload and download speed for a smooth and lag-free gaming experience. A bandwidth of up to 3 Mbps is said to be ideal enough for gaming.

With the 400 Mbps, you can simultaneously have almost 60-70 online gaming sessions.

Note that you must have a good gaming modem and a capable dual-band or tri-band routing unit to experience low-ping gaming.

Another thing is downloading games. High-end games like Quantum Break, having a 178 GB file size, can be downloaded in just 1 hour with an internet speed of 400 Mbps. Also, low-end games like Minecraft and puzzle games will take you just 4-5 seconds.

The Cost of 400 Mbps Internet

The plan and pricing of the 400 Mbps speed depend upon the Internet provider and region you are subscribing to.

Generally, the price ranges somewhere between $30-$70 per month. Before subscribing to any plan, you must check its upload and download speed.

List of internet providers with this service package:

Internet ProviderService PackageMax Download SpeedMax Upload SpeedPriceLink to Buy
BreezelineUnlimited Ultrafast400 Mbps40 Mbps$40/Mo
WOWWAYInternet 500400 Mbps30 Mbps$55/Mo
WindstreamWindstream 400400 Mbps30 Mbps$47/MoBuy Now
XfinityBlast!400 Mbps40 Mbps$101/ MoBuy Now
Higher Plans
OptimumOptimum 500400 Mbps35 Mbps$60/MoBuy Now
SpectrumInternet Ultra400 Mbps20 Mbps$70/MoBuy Now
AT&TInternet 500400 Mbps40 Mbps$65/MoBuy Now
VerizonInternet 500/500450 Mbps35-40 Mbps$70/Mo
MidcoInternet 500400 Mbps30 Mbps$80/Mo
CoxUltimate 500350 Mbps35 Mbps$80/MoBuy Now

400 Mbps vs Other Speeds:

Internet PlanDownload Speed*Upload SpeedSummaryIdeal UsersSuitability
5 Mbps0.625 MB/s768 KbpsSlow1Browsing on Single Device
10 Mbps1.25 MB/s1.7 MbpsBasic2Browsing on 2 Devices
25 Mbps3.125 MB/s3 MbpsAverage3Browsing on 2-3 Devices
50 Mbps6.25 MB/s10 MbpsGood4Social Media / Content Creation
100 Mbps12.5 MB/s11 - 12 MbpsVery Good5High-Graphic Gaming on Consoles
200 Mbps25 MB/s20 - 25 MbpsDecent10HD Streaming on Multiple Devices
300 Mbps37.5 MB/s32 MbpsBetter15Home Use with a Few Smart Gadgets
400 Mbps50 MB/s35 MbpsFast20Small Offices / Small Businesses
500 Mbps62.5 MB/s60 MbpsVery fast25Modern Homes with Lots of Gadgets
Gigabit125 MB/s100 - 120 MbpsHigh-Speed30Hotels, Hostels, or Office Premises
*These are expected Download Speeds. They may vary from place to place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 400 Mbps worth it?

For families having heavy internet usage, 400 Mbps speed is more than enough. Businesses dealing with heavy online traffic and multiple device support can also subscribe to this plan.

How many devices can 400 Mbps support?

It depends on your usage but on average, it can support up to 5-7 devices easily. In case of heavy internet usage like Netflix streaming and PS4 gaming. And if your work involves just regular web surfing and emailing, this number can go as high as 800 devices.

100 Mbps vs 400 Mbps: Which is better?

First, consider the number of devices and people who will use the internet. A 400 is good enough if you are more into online gaming and Netflix HD streaming regularly. While for work-from-home or basic video streaming, an internet speed of 100 Mbps is also sufficient.

200 Mbps vs 400 Mbps: Which one to get?

First, understand what your need is. For Content creators, YouTubers, Gamers, and businesses dealing with data-intensive work, 400 Mbps is better. While for regular work-from-home usage and small families, 200 Mbps is fast enough.

400 Mbps vs Gigabit: What should I get?

1 Gigabit or 1000 Mbps is technically a much higher internet speed. Generally, such high internet speed is not needed. It is suitable for places where a lot of people can connect their devices at the same time, like schools, airports, etc. On the other hand, 400 Mbps is good for families and businesses having frequent internet needs.

To sum up, 400 Mbps is faster than the average speed and can get your work done easily, even if each member of the family is on heavy internet usage. With this plan, you get a download speed of approximately 350-400 Mbps.

You can download heavy games like Fortnite, deal with business calls, and stream Netflix videos easily. However, before subscribing to any plan, you must be clear about the number of people and devices sharing the internet.