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When it comes to flipping stuff for profit, selling sneakers is an incredibly lucrative category for sellers.

After all, the sneaker resale business is worth billions of dollars a year, and there’s lots of money to be made if you’re reselling popular brands like Jordans, Nike, Adidas, and Converse that are in mint condition.

If you have sneakers laying around your house that are in good condition, you can get in on the action. And that’s why this guide is sharing some of the best sneaker resale websites you can use to get quick money for your sneakers.

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The Best Sneaker Resale Websites

I’ve sold clothing and shoes before to empty out my closet while making a bit of side money. Selling sneakers is a similar concept, and it’s a lucrative one if you know where to start selling.

We have a guide on how to sell sneakers on Homeowner. But this guide is going to cover some of the best sneaker resale websites that specialize in footwear, whereas our other guide includes a lot of general online marketplaces.

1. Stadium Goods

One of the most trusted locations to resell sneakers, Stadium Goods sells sneakers online as well as through its physical store. And it’s one of the best sneaker resale websites if you want to start a reselling side hustle with lots of inventory.

Stadium Goods

Here’s how selling with Stadium Goods works:

  1. Sign up
  2. List your sneakers for sale
  3. Ship your sneakers to Stadium Goods
  4. Make Sales
  5. Get paid

Stadium Goods pays sellers weekly and you can get paid by check. However, you pay up to 20% of the sale in fees before you collect your share of the sale, making this one of the largest fees for sneaker resale websites.

While this fee is higher than many other sites, Stadium Goods does all of the marketing and listing management for you, making this one of the most hands-off sneaker resale websites.

2. Flight Club

A leading consignment retailer for sneakers, Flight Club is another leading sneaker reselling site that features both new and secondhand shoes for sale.

One area where this online retailer is different is that it requires you send in your sneakers prior to selling for authentication. Once the shoes are confirmed genuine, you can advertise and sell sneakers on this online marketplace.

Flight Club

If you’re selling sneakers like Air Jordans, limited-edition Nike, or other in-demand sneakers, this site definitely has the buyer pool you’re looking for.

Flight Club charges a $5 seller fee plus a 9.5% commission. And there’s a 2.9% payment processing fee when you cash out your balance on the website.

This might seem steep, but Flight Club promotes your sneakers in its in-store locations and through various online channels, so you might get a faster sale.

3. StockX

StockX is a popular streetwear website specializing in the latest sneakers and fashion. So, unsurprisingly, it’s a reliable sneaker resale website you can test out.

Sellers can post their sneakers for sale or list them for an auction. After they’re posted, sellers send in their sneakers for authentication before they’re listed for sale.

StockX sell sneakers for cash

StockX charges about 10% in final sales fees. As a seller, you also pay a $9 subscription. Finally, there’s a 3% payment processing fee sellers cover as well.

However, if you resell regularly on StockX, you can move up seller levels and be able to keep a larger percentage per sale. This makes it a great sneaker reselling site if you have a lot of inventory.

Also note you can sell other things on StockX, such as electronics like PS5s and laptops, or collectibles like Funko Pops and Lego.


Another leading sneaker resale website you can try is GOAT.

This website focuses on top sneaker brands including Jordans and Yeezy. To get started, search for the SKU on your sneakers. You can usually find this inside your shoe, or on their box.

GOAT sneaker reselling

Next, enter the price you want to sell for and additional information, like sneaker condition. You then upload photos of the sneakers you’re selling.

Once you make a sale, you receive a prepaid shipping label. After your buyer confirms they received the sneakers and that they’re authentic, you receive payment via PayPal cash or bank transfer.

Just note that United States sellers have a $5 fixed seller fee and also pay a 9.5% commission. GOAT also charges an additional fee of 2.9% to transfer your earnings to your bank account.

Sellers outside the United States can expect higher fixed seller fees up to $30 depending on their location.

5. eBay

One of the original online resale marketplaces, eBay offers a large market of buyers for nearly everything, ranging from luxury watches to a variety of sneakers brands.

Now, unlike the other sneaker resale websites on this list, selling sneakers on eBay may require a little more work. This is because you have to manage your own listings, communicate with buyers, and deal with shipping if you make a sale.

eBay resell sneakers

However, the trade-off is that you pay less in fees since eBay charges 8% for final sale value, so you have a higher margin

Before posting sneakers to sell on eBay, be sure you do your research and price competitively. You also want to have lots of details on your listing and several different images to maximize your sales potential.

6. Grailed

Grailed is another leading sneaker reselling platform that specializes in streetwear, designer, and vintage fashion for men and women.

Sneakers are a main category on Grailed, with sellers focusing on leading brands like Adidas, Dior, Jordans, Nike, and Balenciaga.

Grailed sneaker resale

Listing sneakers for sale on Grailed is free. If you make a sale, you pay a 9% seller fee, which is competitive with platforms like eBay. You then get paid via PayPal up to three days after your buyer receives their sneakers.

Overall, Grailed is similar to options like Poshmark, and it’s a great option for selling sneakers and other fashion items.

7.  Sole Supremacy

Prefer to sell sneakers for cash quickly and not have to wait for a sale? In this case, Sole Supremacy is one of the best sneaker reselling sites you can use.

This website purchases sneakers and footwear from sellers directly to then resell. You can call (510) 792-4090 to get a quote or send an email to [email protected] with information about the sneakers you’re selling.

Sole Supremacy sneaker reselling

In order to get a quote on your shoes, this sneaker resale site requires that the shoes are in the original box and include any accessories. Sneakers can’t have any issues, damage, or blemishes. You also need to ship your shoes within 48 hours for the quote given to be honored.

Sole Supremacy also says it tries to match or beat competitor quotes if you can provide valid proof you have a better offer.

And since Sole Supremacy purchases the shoes directly, you don’t have to worry about seller fees. However, you probably get less for your sneakers since the company needs to flip them for a profit.

8. Urban Necessities

A sneaker and streetwear consignment store based in Las Vegas, Urban Necessities specializes in high end sneakers. And it currently buys sneakers from resellers with its consignment section of the business.

Urban Necessities reselling sneakers

You have to have brand new sneakers to sell to Urban Necessities. You can also sell items like shirts, jackets, hoodies, and crewnecks alongside your sneakers.

Since you’re selling to Urban Necessities, you won’t get full-price for your footwear. But if you have mint-condition, popular sneakers, you should sell pretty quickly and not have to do any work yourself.

9. Sole Stage

One final sneaker reselling website you can use is Sole Stage.

With offices in both the United States and China, Sole Stage has a large audience of buyers for specialty sneakers. And the company has a free mobile app you can use to sell sneakers to people right from your smartphone.


Selling is also quite streamlined. You have to submit images and details of your sneakers for review. Once they’re approved, this reseller lists the sneakers on its marketplace.

After you make a sale, in-state sellers have the option to drop off their shoes at one of the Sole Stage locations. Sellers out of state can ship the shoes instead. Questions regarding selling shoes with Sole Stage can be sent to [email protected].

Selling fees vary depending on the types of sneakers you’re selling and where you live.

Tips For Using Sneaker Reselling Websites

Now that you know some of the top sneaker resale sites and apps, here are a few tips that can help increase the odds you make a sale:

  1. Take Quality Photos: When using sneaker resale sites, make sure you take numerous photos to show buyers as much information about your sneakers as possible. This is especially important if you’re selling used sneakers or anything in mint condition since you really need to highlight quality.
  2. List On Several Sites: Listing on a few sneaker reselling websites is the best way to find buyers quickly. This takes more work, but it’s worth it if you want fast sales.
  3. Stay Competitive: Always research what other sellers are listing similar sneakers for so you can price competitively and avoid scaring off potential buyers.

This YouTube video from Jeremy Jones also shares some of his top sneaker reselling apps and websites that he used to make sales.

Of course, you can also use local selling sites like Facebook Marketplace, or online apps like Poshmark, to find buyers. But if you’re specializing in sneaker reselling, sticking with the sites in this article often makes the most sense.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this guide of the best sneaker resale websites helps you flip your footwear into a nice amount of cash.

Many brands of sneakers are more than just shoes these days. Certain designs and brands can be collectibles and uncommon or highly sought after shoes can bring the sellers hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

These designer brands and rare styles can often fetch extremely high price tags. Whether your sneakers are new or used, there are lots of places to sell sneakers for cash to make money off your collection.

While some sneaker resale sites purchase your shoes directly and others just help you list them for sale, there are lots of different options to make money selling sneakers. The partner that you choose depends on how much time you have to commit and what you are willing to pay for sales fees.

You will also want to evaluate the condition of your shoes, find out all relevant details and take some great photos for the sales listing if needed.