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SimpliSafe is a leading provider of home security systems and safety solutions in the United States, offering affordable, user-friendly, and sophisticated security options to homeowners and renters. Launched in 2006, the company revolutionized the home security market with cutting-edge technology and excellent customer service. With over three million clients, SimpliSafe is one of North America’s fastest-growing security firms, offering coverage in all 50 states.

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SimpliSafe – Company Overview

The company’s straightforward and cost-effective pricing makes top-tier protection accessible to anyone. Basic security plans include a base station, wireless keypad, entry sensors, and motion sensors, with additional sensors available for individual security needs.

SimpliSafe offers several different options for home security ranging from self-monitoring to professional-grade monitoring. But, like all things, the service has pros and cons.


  • Professional or Self Monitoring available
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts required
  • DIY or Professional Installation


  • Limited selection of security cameras
  • Monitoring plans are somewhat pricey
  • Limited smart home device compatibility
  • Requires monthly subscription for smart home integration and remote viewing features

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 2006
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: No

SimpliSafe is accessible in all 50 states and has a solid customer service record, as seen by its Better Business Bureau A+ rating. Users may also combine the system with numerous smart home gadgets, increasing its usefulness and convenience.

Why We Like SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe features several noteworthy advantages that make it a popular choice among homeowners. For starters, it provides a simple DIY installation method that allows consumers to set up their security system without needing expert support. This reduces expenses while providing flexibility in modifying the system to fit individual demands.

💡 SimpliSafe’s DIY installation option allows for easy setup and flexibility in system customization.

Another benefit is the lack of long-term contracts, which means clients are not trapped in a long-term commitment.

SimpliSafe also provides 24/7 expert monitoring, allowing experienced experts to closely monitor homes for suspicious behavior and contact authorities in case of emergencies. The company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned numerous awards and positive feedback, continuously upgrading its services with the latest technological advancements to ensure dependable and effective home security systems.

Possible Issues

Some customers have noticed limits in the system’s connection with third-party devices, which may disappoint consumers looking for comprehensive home automation features. Furthermore, the equipment cost may be greater than other DIY security systems, but the lack of installation expenses can offset this.

SimpliSafe’s monthly monitoring plans are somewhat pricey compared to other providers. While SimpliSafe is a dependable alternative, users should carefully assess their circumstances and compare them to other available options.

SimpliSafe Home Security: How It Works

SimpliSafe is one of the best home security companies, providing homeowners and tenants with a unique and simple-to-use security system. They have created a comprehensive business model that offers their consumers one of the most popular home security systems on the market.

SimpliSafe’s security system, which consists of various sensors and gadgets specifically designed to defend homes from numerous dangers, is at the heart of its business strategy. These devices include motion sensors, entrance sensors for doors and windows, high-decibel alarms, smoke detectors, and even water leak sensors. The system is wireless, so it doesn’t require any complicated installation or hardwiring, making it suitable for homeowners of various technical abilities.

Customizable Options

SimpliSafe offers subscription-based services that cater to consumers’ unique needs and interests. These plans provide various levels of protection and monitoring, from intrusion detection to professional monitoring 24/7. Subscriptions include cellular backup, remote access via a mobile app, and limitless video recording.

🚨 24/7 professional monitoring service by SimpliSafe ensures continuous surveillance and quick emergency response.

SimpliSafe devices are pre-configured, making installation simple and easy for homeowners. The system can be mounted on walls or flat surfaces without drilling or wiring. Customers can personalize and configure settings through the SimpliSafe mobile app or central control panel. SimpliSafe’s key strength is its flexibility, allowing customers to cancel or change monitoring services at any time, allowing them to modify their security solutions to changing demands and conditions.

By offering various monitoring plans, SimpliSafe provides affordable and personalized home security solutions, allowing customers to choose the level of security they desire while still having the flexibility to make modifications as needed.

SimpliSafe Security Monitoring Plans

Monitoring Service PlansPrice
Self Monitoring w/Camera Recordings$9.99/mo
Standard Monitoring$19.99/mo
Fast Protect Professional Monitoring$29.99/mo

SimpliSafe offers three security monitoring plans: Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings, Standard Monitoring, and Fast Protect™ Professional Monitoring. The Self Monitoring plan gives you unlimited recordings that you monitor yourself without alerting authorities. In between professional-level service and DIY is the Standard Monitoring plan that allows you to monitor your own cameras but also offers emergency dispatch when the alarm is triggered. Customers can choose the plan that best fits their security needs and budget.

🎥 SimpliSafe offers unlimited camera recording in its monitoring plans for an extra layer of security.

Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings

SimpliSafe Review

The Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings plan suits customers who want a DIY approach to their security system without any professional monitoring. Under this plan, SimpliSafe provides you with the equipment and enables you to control the system through the mobile app or keypad. You will receive real-time alerts directly on your phone if any sensor is triggered, allowing you to take the necessary actions. However, no professional monitoring is involved, so it’s solely up to you to handle any emergencies.

Standard Monitoring

The Standard Monitoring Plan is SimpliSafe’s basic package with professional monitoring services. It offers 24/7 monitoring by SimpliSafe’s professional dispatchers, who can take immediate action in any emergency.

With this plan, your SimpliSafe system is connected to SimpliSafe’s monitoring center via a cellular connection, ensuring a reliable and fast response. If any sensor is triggered, the monitoring center will assess the situation and contact the relevant authorities, such as police or fire departments, on your behalf. This plan suits customers who want professional monitoring without the added features of home automation or remote control.

Fast Protect Professional Monitoring

The Fast Protect Plan is the most comprehensive service with 24/7 monitoring and dispatch of authorities in case of emergencies. In addition to the professional monitoring included in the Standard plan, the Fast Protect plan provides additional benefits such as 24/7 monitoring, alerts for flooding and extreme temperatures, intruder deterrence with 2-way agent audio, and agent verification with video when possible.

You’ll also get cellular backup during power or internet outages. It’s also important to note that the Fast Protect plan gets you discounts on new hardware purchases, home insurance discounts, and has an extended warranty throughout the lifetime of the subscription.

Security System Packages and Pricing

SimpliSafe provides you with a wide range of packages to meet a variety of security needs. SimpliSafe also provides optional add-ons, such as additional sensors, cameras, and monitoring services, which may be purchased individually.

All of the systems work well with smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch, and August Smart Locks, allowing seamless integration. Listed below are the available bundles, as well as their prices. Monthly payment plans are available, as well as the standard pay-in-full option.

🔊 SimpliSafe offers a range of packages, from basic security setups to more comprehensive solutions.

These prices are subject to change, so for the most up-to-date pricing information, visit the official SimpliSafe website or contact customer care.

The Foundation  – $249

This package includes the necessities to secure your home, including a base station, a wireless keypad, an entry sensor, a motion sensor, and a keychain remote. The sensors secure an entire room from a single position with a 90-degree field of view and a 35-foot range.

The Essentials  – $279

In addition to what The Foundation offers, this package includes one additional component called the SimpliCam. This HD security camera can be viewed remotely through the SimpliSafe mobile app.

The Hearth  – $399

This package adds extra sensors to your security system. It includes everything from The Essentials package, along with one extra motion sensor, one extra entry sensor, and a smoke detector.

The Knox  – $449

The Knox package is designed for larger homes or those needing more robust security. It includes all components from The Essentials package but with additional sensors, such as two extra motion sensors and two extra entry sensors.

The Lighthouse  – $449

The most popular system combines a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera, Motion Sensor, and three entrance Sensors to protect your house from outside threats. It detects the main route and alternative entry points, ensuring peace of mind and security.

The Haven  – $499

This is SimpliSafe’s most comprehensive package. It includes all components from The Knox package and also adds a 105dB siren, a panic button, a temperature sensor, and a water sensor.

The Beacon  – $699

This package offers a wireless outdoor camera, motion sensor, keypad, wireless outdoor camera, an entry sensor, and Smart Alarm wireless indoor security camera. The sensor protects doors and windows, providing a personal security guard in front of your home. The central station of the year is the all-new touch-to-wake keypad.

Build Your System

If the packages mentioned above just don’t seem right for your specific needs, you can customize your unique security system. This DIY option is part of what makes SimpliSafe security a popular option for renters across the USA.

DIY vs Pro Installation

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installation is a cost-effective option for customers who prefer to handle the installation process independently. SimpliSafe provides step-by-step instructions and necessary equipment for installation, allowing customers to place sensors, keypads, and base stations in desired locations. This method suits those comfortable with technology and eliminates the need for professional installation fees.

🛠️ For those less tech-savvy, professional installation services are available through OnTech.

Professional installation services are offered by SimpliSafe, which partners with OnTech to ensure a seamless installation process. The professional installer assesses the optimal placement of sensors, keypads, and base stations, assists with initial setup and configuration, and ensures the system functions correctly. This option offers secure and reliable installation of the SimpliSafe security system but comes with an additional cost compared to DIY installation. Both options offer secure and reliable installation options for customers to choose the method that best suits their needs and capabilities.

SimpliSafe partners with Ontech to ensure a smooth installation process. SimpliSafe and Ontech are home security companies that offer various products and services, including alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and monitoring services. SimpliSafe focuses on traditional security systems and monitoring, while Ontech specializes in home automation and smart home solutions.

By integrating their systems with smart devices like lighting, thermostats, and door locks, SimpliSafe and Ontech can provide a comprehensive, customized home security and automation solution that is sure to keep the porch pirates at bay. This integration allows homeowners greater control and convenience by managing multiple aspects of their homes through a single platform or app.

🤝 SimpliSafe has partnered with Ontech to ensure a smooth and professional setup process.

Collaboration between SimpliSafe and Ontech may involve partnerships or joint marketing efforts, promoting each other’s products and services to their respective customer bases, leading to increased market reach and customer acquisition.

What Are All the Components of a SimpliSafe Home Security System?

SimpliSafe home security systems include a base station, a keypad, and a range of wireless peripheral accessories and sensors. The sensors and accessories include video doorbell cameras, smart locks, door sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, and temperature sensors.

The SimpliSafe 8-piece package contains one base station, four entry sensors, a panic button, a tamper-proof keypad, a yard sign with stakes, and one motion detector. Every SimpliSafe beginning package includes four vital security components: a base station, keypad, motion detector, and entry sensor.

🏠 SimpliSafe also sells standalone sirens, keychain fobs, panic buttons, water sensors, freezing sensors, indoor security cameras, and CO detectors.

SimpliSafe Interactive features include intruder detection, 24/7 professional monitoring, environmental monitoring, a nationwide cellular connection, limitless camera recording, and alarm verification for priority dispatch. Implementing the SimpliSafe Home Security System is superior to even the best doorbell camera, given the extensive system you create with indoor and outdoor cameras and sensors.

How To Get a Quote

To get a quote with SimpliSafe, visit simplisafe.com and click on the “Take Our Quiz” or “Shop Now” button. Answer six short questions about the location that needs security, enter your name, provide your email, and SimpliSafe will email you your customized quote.

The other alternative is to select a package based on your security needs and click on the “Add to Cart” button. Customize the package by adding or removing additional sensors, cameras, or accessories. Click on the “Checkout” button to proceed.

If professional monitoring is available, choose between “Standard” or “Interactive” monitoring plans. Review the order summary, including the package, equipment, monitoring plan, and any additional accessories. Enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number. Enter your payment details, including credit card information or a financing option if available. Review the terms of service, privacy policy, and any other agreements and check the respective boxes to agree.

📱 Click on the “Place My Order” button to complete your purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with your order details.

The last option is to build your package. You can click the “build your own” button and select any of the sensors, cameras, or features that you would like. Once you click the “Add to Cart” button, you will be prompted to follow the instructions mentioned above.

If you have further questions or need assistance, contact SimpliSafe customer support directly. You can also speak to a security specialist by calling 1-800-304-3601 if you are unsure about exactly what you need for your specific situation or visit the online FAQ section or community forums.

How to Cancel SimpliSafe Monitoring

To cancel your SimpliSafe home security monitoring, call customer service at 1-888-910-1458 or 1-800-204-0542. Support is available from 8 AM to Midnight (ET). Ask to speak with a representative and provide them with your customer details and safeword. The agent will ask about your cancellation because they need documentation to gauge cancelation trends for their internal survey, but there is no pressure to respond a certain way. They might offer you a deal to stay, but they won’t try to convince you not to cancel.

You can confirm your cancellation with the representative. There is no charge to cancel SimpliSafe home security, and you are not required to return your equipment. SimpliSafe equipment can function as a simple home alarm system that doesn’t require monitoring. If someone breaks in, the base station siren will sound, deterring intruders and warning neighbors. However, professional monitoring is recommended whenever possible.

🚫 To cancel SimpliSafe monitoring, contact customer service. Remember, there’s no charge for cancellation and no need to return the equipment.

SimpliSafe allows you to start and stop services whenever you choose. If you need to restart or upgrade, you can do it quickly using the SimpliSafe home security app. However, if you wish to suspend or downgrade, you must contact customer care using their customer service numbers. Your SimpliSafe system can also be transferred. Once you call and cancel your services, the new equipment owner may then set up a SimpliSafe account and start a monitoring plan for that piece of equipment.

How to Contact SimpliSafe Customer Support

SimpliSafe has a history of excellent customer service and support. If you want to contact SimpliSafe, simply visit their website to access the help center and live chat.

The most direct way to contact SimpliSafe is by phone. Their customer support team is available every day from 8 AM to Midnight (ET). The phone number you should dial depends on your location. For customers in the United States, the two numbers are 1-888-910-1458 or 1-800-204-0542. If you are calling from a different country, you should visit their website for the phone number specific to your location.

📞 Customer support is readily available through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat.

Another way to contact SimpliSafe is through email. You can email them your questions or concerns, and their customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible. The email address you should use is [email protected]. It is important to provide as much detail as possible in your email so that they can assist you effectively.

SimpliSafe also offers a live chat feature on their website every day from 8 AM to Midnight (ET). If you prefer to communicate through chat, you can visit their website and click on the live chat option. This will connect you with a customer support representative who can assist you with any inquiries.

Social media is another way to communicate. SimpliSafe is active on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You can contact them through direct messages or tag them in a post. They typically respond to inquiries or comments on social media, making it an alternative option for contacting them.

SimpliSafe also has a comprehensive FAQ section on its website that covers many common questions and issues. Before reaching out to customer support, browsing the FAQ section and how-to guides may be beneficial, as they might contain the information you are seeking. You can access the help center by visiting www.simplisafe.com/help.

Is SimpliSafe Home Security Right for Me?

SimpliSafe Home Security offers a customizable, affordable, and customizable home security solution with easy installation, wireless and cellular connectivity, 24/7 professional monitoring, mobile app access, integration with smart devices, and excellent customer support. The system comes with pre-programmed sensors and adhesive strips, allowing users to create a personalized setup based on their specific needs.

SimpliSafe offers 24-hour monitoring services and a professional monitoring center that can notify authorities in the event of an emergency. The user-friendly mobile app enables remote management and monitoring of the security system, including activating or disarming the system, getting real-time alerts, and checking sensor status.

👉 Visit simplisafe.com for personalized quotes and to explore various security packages tailored to your needs.

The system works well with other smart home devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Watch, and August Smart Locks, allowing seamless integration. SimpliSafe’s exceptional customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by live chat, phone, or email, assuring quick resolution in case of a concern or question. SimpliSafe is a dependable, configurable, cost-effective home security solution with valuable features.

SimpliSafe is an excellent choice for homeowners looking to invest in a security system, whether you want professional installation or prefer going the DIY route.

The flexibility of SimpliSafe’s system doesn’t stop at installation. You can choose to monitor the system yourself or opt for 24/7 professional monitoring. With these varied options, SimpliSafe makes it convenient for most homeowners to find a solution that fits their home security needs and preferences.