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Home invasion is a serious, ever-present threat, but investing in home security can help provide peace of mind. The best home security companies give you everything you need to protect your family, pets, and belongings from intruders.

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7 Best Home Security Companies in the U.S.

There are several different kinds of home security systems. Some are as straightforward as setting up your own basic security camera system to keep an eye on things, while others can involve an expertly installed system of the best home security cameras, alarms, and sensors with round-the-clock professional home security monitoring.

Whether you prefer to leave it to the pros or do it yourself, a home security system is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.

Who Are the Best Home Security Companies in 2024?

Best Home Security Companies

Which home security company has the best security camera equipment, professional monitoring, and easy-to-use control panel? Many of the best home security system options offer similar benefits and devices for homeowners, making it challenging to find the right one for your needs. Fortunately, having several options also means more choices available for the security of your home.

Equipment Costs

CompanyStarter Package CostPremium Package CostNotes
VivintFrom $599.99Custom PricingNo DIY option; prices vary by equipment.
ADTPro: From $14/mo*Self: From $479*Pro package costs over contract term. Self setup package costs upfront.
Brinks HomeCustom PricingCustom PricingNo pre-configured packages; pricing based on selected equipment.
SimpliSafe$249 (Foundation)$699 (Beacon)Packages available; prices upfront.
Frontpoint$129$419Prices upfront for DIY packages.
Ring$179.99 (Basic)$699.99 (Deluxe)Prices upfront for kits; add-ons available.
Link Interactive$24-$255 (Devices)CustomNo packages; devices priced individually.

Monitoring Costs

CompanyStandard Monitoring CostPremium Monitoring CostNotes
VivintN/AFrom $29.99/moNo self-monitoring option; includes professional monitoring.
ADTPro: $49.99/moSelf: $24.99-$34.99/moSeparate costs for Pro Install and Self Setup options.
Brinks HomeFrom $44.99/moN/ANo tiered monitoring; one price.
SimpliSafeFrom $19.99/moFrom $29.99/moOptions for self and professional monitoring.
FrontpointN/A$50/moOne monitoring plan available.
RingFree (Self)$19.99/mo (Pro)Self-monitoring is free; Pro includes professional monitoring.
Link InteractiveFrom $30.99/moUp to $47.99/moThree tiers of professional monitoring available.

Let’s dive into a closer look at the best home security companies in 2024.


Company Overview

For over 20 years, Vivint has been creating smart home security systems to help families live safer and more intelligently in their own homes. When it comes to home security, Vivint believes in taking all of the stress off of the homeowner. So, all of the work – from installation to 24/7 monitoring – is provided by trained security professionals.


  • Compatible with a wide range of smart home devices
  • No additional fee for professional installation
  • Free in-home consultation included
  • Offers highly customizable security systems designed to suit every home’s unique needs


  • No DIY installation or self-monitoring options
  • High starting costs
  • Some homeowners have complained about the customer service

Company Highlights

BBB rating: C
Year founded: 1999
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: Professional
Contract required: Yes

Why We Chose Vivint

Vivint takes care of everything for you, with free professional installation and 24/7 professional monitoring. Their top-of-the-line home security equipment integrates with many smart home systems, including Amazon Echo, Google Home, Google Nest, Philips Hue, Kwikset, and others. Homeowners can select from a variety of customizable packages at mid-range prices.

Vivint Home Security: Products & Services

Vivint offers professional monitoring with professional installation only. There is no option for self-monitoring or DIY installation.

There are three customizable packages to choose from, or you can build your own from scratch. Homeowners can call Vivint to speak with a specialist, who will help determine the best system for your home’s unique needs. There is also a free in-home consultation.

Vivint Home Security Packages – Starting at $599.99

Choose your devices to customize a plan that’s right for you.

Starter Package

The Starter package includes Smart Sensors, 24/7 Monitoring, Professional Installation, and a Yard Sign with Decals. All equipment seamlessly connects together and can be controlled through the wall-mountable, touchscreen Smart Hub control panel (also included in all packages), or the Vivint app.

Premium Package

The Premium package includes everything from the Starter package and adds a security camera and video doorbell. Vivint security cameras use light and sound to proactively detect lurkers and scare them away, and their video doorbell detects and protects packages.

Premium Plus Package

The Premium Plus package includes everything from the Premium package, plus smart home integration, voice control, a smart door lock system, cloud video storage, and a vehicle protection device.

Flexible Options

No matter which package you choose, you can select from Vivint’s range of security products and add them to your customizable security system. In addition to Security Cameras and Video Doorbells, Vivint’s product lineup includes Smart Locks, Garage Door Openers, Smart Thermostats, Smart Lighting, Security Sensors, and Water Sensors.

Custom Pricing

Pricing is based on a custom quote given by a Vivint specialist and varies depending on the specific equipment you choose. However, there is a minimum equipment purchase of $599.99. This can be paid for in full or financed over time.

🔍 Since there is no self-monitoring option, Vivint customers must pay monthly fees for professional monitoring.

Security Monitoring – starting at $29.99/mo

Rates for security monitoring start at $19.99 per month. However, customers are required to add on extra features, like cloud storage, until their monthly bill is at least $29.99.

Keep in mind that the Vivint trial period is only 3 days. After 72 hours, you must decide if you want to cancel or keep the service, or pay cancellation fees determined by the terms of your contract.

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Company Overview

ADT is perhaps the most recognized name in the home security industry. The company has been around for nearly 150 years. ADT patented the first automated burglary alarm systems, so it’s safe to say the company knows a thing or two about home security.


  • High customer satisfaction
  • Has a 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Offers a no-contract Self-Setup option


  • Expensive monthly rates for professional monitoring
  • Requires a 36 or 60-month contract (24 months in California only) for professional set-up
  • Pricey professional installation fee

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 1874
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: Yes

Why We Chose ADT

ADT is an industry leader that focuses on providing homeowners with quality home security systems. The company is known for excellent customer service and enjoys high customer ratings on multiple consumer platforms. The well-established home security company allows customers to choose between professional or self-installation.

Products & Services

ADT home security offers both professional and self-installation options, as well as 24/7 professional monitoring services. They are partnered with Google and have begun offering Google Nest equipment.

Homeowners can also take advantage of the ADT Control mobile app, which allows you to control your security system and a range of smart home products from companies like Google, Apple TV, Kwikset, Z-Wave, and Sonos — all from one convenient location.

To get started, customers can select from one of ADT’s Pro Install or Self Setup packages.

ADT Pro Install

There are two main Pro Install packages: Smart Home and Video & Smart Home. Professional installation costs $99-$199 depending on the specific equipment. Pro Install packages require a 36 or 60-month contract (there is a 24-month option in the state of California.) Security equipment is paid for over the course of the contract duration.

Smart Home Package – starting at $14/mo

The Smart Home package includes a touchscreen panel, remote arm/disarm, three door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a smart door lock.The Smart Home package starts at $14/mo with a 36-month contract.

Video & Smart Home – starting at $23/mo

As its name implies, the Video & Smart Home package includes everything from the Smart Home package, plus a Google Nest security camera and doorbell. The Video & Smart Home package starts at $23/mo.

Both packages can be customized with additional equipment, or homeowners can build a custom package to suit their own specific needs and budget.

Professional Video Monitoring

Professional Monitoring costs $49.99 per month for a Pro Install plan and includes a six-month money-back guarantee, which is one of the longest of any home security company.

ADT Self Setup

There are two ADT Self Setup packages to fit most homeowners’ needs: the Starter Package and the Premium Package.

Starter Package – from $479

The Starter package includes an ADT Smart Home Hub, four door/window sensors, two Motion sensors, an ADT + app, a Google Nest Doorbell, and an ADT Yard sign/window stickers. Starter packages require a minimum purchase of one month of professional monitoring.

Premium Package – from $579

The Premium package adds a Google Nest Hub to the Starter package. There is also a Build-Your-Own option that includes an ADT Smart Home Hub, one door/window sensor, and the ADT + mobile app. Customers can add any additional equipment to this package option.

Since there is no contract obligation, Self Startup packages charge a one-time fee for security equipment. There is no fee for self-installation of an ADT security system.

👷🏻‍♂️ Need help with your installation? Professional installation costs $99-$199 depending on the specific equipment.

Professional Video Monitoring

Professional Monitoring costs $24.99-$34.99 per month with a Self Setup package and includes a 6-month money-back guarantee.

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Brinks Home

Company Overview

When you think of the name Brinks, you think of security. Founded in 1859, Brinks is well-established as one of the largest commercial management and security companies in the United States.

Brinks Home is the home security branch of the larger corporation. Over 1 million customers in North America trust Brinks to keep their homes, families, and assets safe.


  • Professional installation included
  • Equipment designed to make self-installation easy
  • Solid smart home compatibility
  • Offers highly customizable home security systems


  • Requires a 36-month contract
  • Pricey professional monitoring cost
  • No self-monitoring option
  • No pre-configured packages

Company Highlights

BBB rating: B
Year founded: 1859
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: Yes

Why We Chose Brinks

As one of the oldest names in the security industry, Brinks lives up to its reputation in the home security sector. Brinks’ home security equipment comes with a range of features, including solid smart home integration, free professional installation, and custom home security system builds.

Products & Services

Brinks Home Security offers customizable home security systems with 24/7 professional monitoring.


Brinks no longer offers preselected packages. Instead, the company provides pricing based on the specific equipment you choose. Customers must contact the company to get a personalized price quote and package based on their home security needs.

Security Equipment

All security equipment can be controlled through the wall-mounted, touchscreen Brinks Home Hub. Smart home devices can also be integrated with this system and managed through the panel.

The Brinks home security team works with you to design a security system that is custom-built for your unique home. Security equipment includes Motion Sensors, Door/Window Sensors, Garage Door Sensors, Glass Break Sensors, Security Cameras, Kwikset Deadbolt Automated Door Locks, and Smoke Detectors.

With extra-strength adhesive strips on each component, Brinks’ equipment is designed for easy self-installation, should you choose that option. A self-install tutorial video is also included.

👷🏻‍♂️ If you prefer having a licensed technician install your equipment, you can opt for worry-free professional installation.

Professional Security Monitoring – starting at $44.99/mo

Brinks Home offers round-the-clock professional monitoring that values security and privacy. Only the signals from your alarms will be monitored. Brinks leaves your security cameras up to you. Prices for professional monitoring start at $44.99 per month. There is a 30-day trial period.

Connectivity – Cellular Backup

All Brinks home security systems have 4G LTE cellular backup and battery backup to ensure you stay protected, even if WiFi goes down.


SimpliSafe: Company Overview

After nearly 20 years in business, SimpliSafe has earned a reputation that rivals the biggest names in the home security industry. The company takes a well-rounded approach to home security, providing homeowners with affordable, easy-to-install equipment and options for 24/7 professional monitoring.

SimpliSafe is popular for its highly customizable security systems with no contract obligations or hidden fees.


  • Professional or Self Monitoring available
  • Offers a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • No contracts required


  • Limited smart home device compatibility
  • Requires monthly subscription for smart home integration and remote viewing features
  • Limited selection of security cameras

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 2006
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: No

Why We Chose SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe strives to make its home security services as user-friendly and versatile as possible. The company offers customizable home security systems that are designed for easy self-setup, or customers can choose professional installation. Both professional monitoring and self-monitoring options are available, and there are no contracts or hidden fees.

Products & Services

SimpliSafe allows homeowners to purchase security equipment a la carte or as part of a package. Customers can either build their own system from scratch or choose from one of seven different package options.

SimpliSafe Hardware Packages:

The Foundation – $249

The Foundation is primarily for small homes and apartments. It includes 4 pieces of equipment: one Base Station, Keypad, Entry Sensor, and Motion Sensor.

The Essentials – $279

The most popular package is The Essentials. It adds one additional Motion Sensor to The Foundation package.

The Hearth – $399

The Hearth package includes all of the Essentials equipment, plus smoke detection. So, you get 9 total pieces of equipment, including a Key Fob, 105dB Siren, and Smoke Detector.

The Knox – $449

The Knox is designed for large homes with four or more bedrooms. It comes with 6 total Entry Sensors and 2 Motion Sensors, plus everything included in the Hearth package.

The Lighthouse – $449

The Lighthouse is an upgraded version of The Essentials package with a Wireless Outdoor Security Camera. It also includes 2 extra Entry Sensors.

The Haven – $499

The Haven is focused on providing peace of mind for disasters like water damage and fires. It has 14 total pieces of equipment, including 4 Entry Sensors, 2 Motion Sensors, a Panic Button, Temperature Sensor, Water Sensor, 105dB Siren, and Smoke Detector.

The Beacon – $699

The Beacon is the ultimate home security package, with 2 Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras, 4 Entry Sensors, and 2 Motion Sensors.

Professional Installation – $99

After selecting a hardware package or building a customized system, customers can opt for DIY or professional installation. Customers can enjoy professional installation for $99. There is no charge for self-installation.

All SimpliSafe equipment is designed with easy installation in mind and does not require any need for tools or drilling.

SimpliSafe Monitoring Packages

SimpliSafe also gives homeowners the option to select from one of three monitoring packages: Self Monitoring, Standard Monitoring, and Fast Protect Professional Monitoring.

Customers can also use SimpliSafe equipment for free without a monitoring plan. Without a plan, homeowners can still remotely arm and disarm their security system, configure system settings, receive alerts, and get push notifications.

Self Monitoring – from $9.99/mo

The Self Monitoring plan charges a monthly fee for viewing live camera footage and storing unlimited video recordings with up to 30 days of cloud storage. This plan also includes a 3-year equipment warranty.

Standard Monitoring – from $19.99/mo

The Standard Monitoring plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency dispatch services, HD live camera viewing, and a 3-year equipment warranty. However, it does not include camera recordings or video verification (agents will relay information to emergency services if criminal activity is captured on video.)

Fast Protect Professional Monitoring – from $29.99/mo

The Fast Protect Professional Monitoring plan includes everything in the Standard plan and adds a lifetime extended warranty, unlimited camera recordings with 30-day cloud storage, and intruder deterrence with live 2-way audio, and video verification to the Standard Monitoring plan.

💰 Money-back Guarantee: SimpliSafe offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with free return shipping. Customers are free to cancel their security services anytime.

Smart Home Compatible

All SimpliSafe monitoring plans include smart home integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Watch. Whether you choose self or professional monitoring, customers can also take advantage of the SimpliSafe mobile app to remotely view live camera feed, arm/disarm system, lock and unlock doors, see and speak to visitors at the door, and receive notifications from anywhere.

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Company Overview

Founded in 2007, Frontpoint is an innovative home security company that offers DIY systems with professional monitoring. Their home security approach is centered around giving homeowners choices with extensive customization options.

Frontpoint is partnered with the Rapid Response Service to provide extremely fast, efficient emergency responses.


  • Smart home integration with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit
  • Offers high-tech features like geofencing and full LTE cellular coverage
  • Versatile base system with a wide selection of add-ons


  • No professional installation option
  • No self-monitoring option
  • Limited amount of hazard sensors

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 2007
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: No

Why We Chose Frontpoint

Frontpoint combines affordable, high-tech DIY home security systems with round-the-clock professional monitoring services. This company is a top choice for homeowners who are interested in wireless home security equipment that’s easy to self-install, but still want the benefits of professional monitoring.

Products & Services

Frontpoint offers DIY customizable home security systems with 24/7 professional monitoring. There is no option for professional installation, so homeowners must install equipment themselves.

Frontpoint makes DIY installation a breeze by packaging each step of the process into a box labeled with a number. They also have a Setup Wizard app that customers can take advantage of to make set-up even easier.

Frontpoint Home Security Packages

Customers can build a custom package or select from one of three pre-configured packages.

Starter Home Security System – $129

The Starter Home Security System is Frontpoint’s most simplified DIY home security package. It includes a Frontpoint Hub w/ Keypad, 3 Door/Window Sensors, an Indoor Camera, and a Home Defense Kit (Yard Sign, Stickers, and Window Decals).

Premier Home Security System – $169

The Premier Home Security System replaces the Indoor Camera with the homeowner’s choice of a wired or wireless Doorbell Camera and adds a touchscreen to the Starter package.

Ultimate Home Security System – $419

The Ultimate Home Security System includes both an Indoor Camera and a wired or wireless Doorbell Camera, plus everything in the Premier packages. In addition, homeowners who select this package get 2 extra Door/Window Sensors, a Motion Sensor, Glass Break Sensor, Smart Door Lock, and Flood Sensor.

Professional Security Monitoring – $50/mo

There is no self-monitoring option. After selecting and installing their home security equipment, Frontpoint customers are required to pay a monthly fee for 24/7 professional monitoring.

Frontpoint offers only one professional monitoring plan for $50 per month, paid on a month-to-month basis.

👉 No Contracts: Although Frontpoint used to require a 1-year or 3-year commitment, the company has recently stopped using contracts for its professional monitoring service.

There is a 3-year warranty on all equipment, and Frontpoint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Company Overview

Ring Alarm has been in business for a decade. They are owned by Amazon and started out selling video doorbells. Now, the company has branched out to offer home security equipment and compact security kits.

Ring Alarm offers a variety of home security hardware, which can be purchased a la carte or as a package.


  • No contracts required
  • Self or professional monitoring available
  • Budget-friendly options


  • Monthly subscription required for smart home integration
  • Limited compatibility with non-Amazon smart home devices
  • Monthly subscription required for cloud video storage

Company Highlights

BBB rating: B
Year founded: 2013
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: No

Why We Chose Ring

No longer just the best doorbell camera, the Amazon-owned company Ring has expanded to provide full home security systems. Ring is an especially great option for homeowners who want home security without monthly fees.

Ring Home Security Kits

Ring offers nine total starter kits. Additional equipment can be added to any of these packages. Or, customers can build their own from scratch.

There are three Connected kits (video doorbell & security camera):

Connected Basic – $179.99

Connected Basic includes Video Doorbell (2nd gen), Stick Up Cam Battery, and a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect.

Connected Enhanced – $299.99

Connected Enhanced includes Battery Doorbell Plus, Spotlight Cam Plus Battery, and a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect.

Connected Deluxe – $419.99

Connected Deluxe includes Video Doorbell Pro 2, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, and a 30-day free trial of Ring Protect.

There are three Protected kits (video doorbell & alarm system):

Protected Basic – $269.99

Protected Basic: Video Doorbell (2nd gen), Alarm Base Station, Keypad, Door/Window Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, Alarm Range Extender, and a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro.

Protected Enhanced – $379.99

Protected Enhanced: Battery Doorbell Plus, Alarm Base Station, Keypad, 4 Door/Window Contact Sensors, Motion Detector, Alarm Range Extender, and free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro.

Protected Deluxe – $499.99

Protected Deluxe: Video Doorbell Pro 2, Alarm Base Station, 2 Keypads, 8 Door/Window Contact Sensors, 2 Motion Detectors, Alarm Range Extender, and free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro.

There are three Whole Home kits (video doorbell & security camera & alarm system):

Whole Home Basic – $359.99

Whole Home Basic includes a Video Doorbell (2nd gen), Stick Up Cam Battery, Alarm Base Station, Keypad, Door/Window Contact Sensor, Motion Detector, Alarm Range Extender, and a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro.

Whole Home Enhanced – $529.99

Whole Home Enhanced includes Battery Doorbell Plus, Spotlight Cam Plus Battery, Alarm Base Station, Keypad, 4 Door/Window Contact Sensors, Motion Detector, Alarm Range Extender, and a free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro

Whole Home Deluxe – $699.99

Whole Home Deluxe: Video Doorbell Pro 2, Floodlight Cam Wired Pro, Alarm Base Station, 2 Keypads, 8 Door/Window Contact Sensors, 2 Motion Detectors, Alarm Range Extender, and free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Pro

All Packages Include Smart Home Compatibility

Most Amazon Echo and Alexa devices can be integrated with Ring equipment, but compatibility with products outside the company is limited. Some supported devices include the Chamberlain smart garage control, Yale & Schlage smart lock, and Honeywell smart thermostat.

Installation – DIY or OnTech

Ring Alarm is known for its simple DIY installation. There are no tools needed, and most equipment is peel-and-stick. However, Ring has partnered with OnTech to provide professional installation, if needed.

Ring Monitoring Plans

When it comes to home security monitoring, Ring offers self-monitoring and professional monitoring solutions.

Self-Monitoring – Free

A Ring Alarm security kit is the perfect match for a homeowner who prefers self-monitoring. Customers can get detailed alerts and view real-time video from their video doorbell via the mobile app.

Ring Protect Basic – $3.99/mo

The Basic security monitoring plan includes video recording for one Ring doorbell or home camera. You can also receive app notifications and be able to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm system.

Ring Protect Plus – $9.99/mo

The Plus security monitoring plan includes video recording for all Ring doorbells and home cameras at your home. You can also receive app notifications and be able to arm or disarm your Ring Alarm system.

Professional Monitoring

🔍 In addition to self-monitoring plans, Ring offers a variety of 24/7 professional security monitoring.

Ring Protect Pro – $19.99/mo or $200/yr

Ring describes the Protect Pro plan as the “ultimate Ring home security subscription.” This plan works with your Ring Alarm, cameras, and sensors to provide 24/7 professional monitoring protection.

Virtual Security Guard – $99/mo

Around-the-clock professional monitoring is available with Ring through the Ring Alarm Pro plan. Coverage includes both indoor and outdoor cameras. This monitoring plan takes the pressure off you and lets a professional handle your security alerts. When there is motion detection or a security alert, a live team of highly-trained security professionals will verify a threat detected by a motion sensor or camera.

Link Interactive

Company Overview

Headquartered in Ogden, Utah, Link Interactive is the modern brand of Mountain Alarm, which was founded over 70 years ago. The brand is partnered with Alarm.com to provide state-of-the-art home security equipment.

The family-owned and operated home security business gives homeowners plenty of freedom and independence to build their own DIY home security system.


  • Compatible with an extensive list of smart home devices
  • User-friendly DIY installation
  • Extensive hardware options


  • Requires a 12 to 36 month contract
  • Limited compatibility with non-Amazon smart home devices
  • No professional installation option

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 1952
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY
Contract required: Yes

Why We Chose Link Interactive

Link Interactive offers top-of-the-line DIY home security systems with 24/7 professional monitoring. They are a great choice for tech-savvy, serious DIYers who want a home security system they can customize with lots of equipment options.

Products & Services

Link Interactive offers flexible, high-tech DIY home security systems and 24/7 professional monitoring services.

There is no professional installation option. With peel-and-stick sensors and wireless equipment, Link Interactive makes self-setup as easy as possible. There is no need for drilling or tools with Link Interactive equipment. Should the customer need it, professionals are always standing by via call centers to help guide homeowners through the installation process.

Unlike most other home security companies that bundle equipment into packages, Link leaves it entirely in the homeowner’s hands to make specific hardware choices. The company offers a wide selection of security equipment to choose from, including cameras, sensors, locks, smart panels, touchscreen panels, thermostats, panic buttons, garage door controllers, and more.

Link Interactive Security Monitoring Plans

Link Interactive requires customers to purchase a professional monitoring plan. There are three plans available: Standard, Gold, and Elite. 

Standard – $30.99/mo

The Standard plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring with 2-way voice monitoring and 100% cellular coverage. It also includes Life Safety monitoring of smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Gold – $39.99/mo

The Gold plan adds Home Automation to the Standard plan. In addition to professional monitoring, customers can integrate smart home devices and remotely control their system with the app.

Elite – $47.99/mo

The Elite plan adds HD video monitoring with analytics to the Gold tier. It includes on-demand, scheduled, and object-activated video recording.

💡 Link Interactive offers a 3-year warranty on equipment and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Device Pricing

Link Interactive offers a wide range of home security equipment at varying prices. Link’s security cameras range between $114–$255. Their door/window sensors start at $24. Carbon monoxide detectors start at $92.

Additionally, Link Interactive sells smart home devices, including thermostats ($140), garage door controllers ($114), and deadbolt locks ($181-$204).

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What Is the Best Security System?

Home security refers to the equipment, systems, and behaviors you have in place to keep your home protected from theft, intruders, and hazards. A home security system is a combination of equipment, like security camera devices, a smart lock and doorbell, smoke alarms, and yard signs, that help protect against these dangers.

There are many components that go into a home security system. Your system might also include window sensors, motion detectors, panic buttons, and environmental sensors for whole-home protection. Connected monitoring services let real people monitor your home and dispatch emergency services if they detect a threat.

Be sure to choose a company with products and services you need most to protect your home and family. For instance, the size of your property is a priority concern. This dictates how many cameras you might need, how easily they install in the places you need them, and whether you should have a professional installation rather than a DIY installation.

Homes in areas with frequent car break-ins might want outdoor motion sensors and cameras with night vision. Or, if you’re worried about home break-ins, you’ll want door sensors, window sensors, video monitoring, and alarms that can alert you and your neighbors to intruders. 

💡 When shopping for a security system, consider property size, local risks, and tech preferences. Prioritize outdoor sensors for car break-in zones and use smart devices for remote control. Match features to your budget for a tailored, affordable solution.

Smart devices, like a smart lock system, video doorbells, and smart lighting, can also come in handy for families who are frequently out of the home but still want to control their devices and peek in on their homes while they’re away. Indoor cameras with two-way audio or video can also come in handy for nannies, babysitters, or pet sitters.

You also need to consider your budget. There are multiple options available with the companies on our list to get the equipment and protection plans you need to fit your finances. Customizing your own home security system can be one of the most affordable options for families on a tight budget.

How To Choose the Best Home Security Company

The best home security system depends on your home’s unique needs and your personal preferences. It is not as simple as just selecting one of the best home security companies with high ratings or the lowest equipment costs.

So, take some time to weigh the pros and cons of professional or self-monitoring and DIY or professional installation before selecting the best security system for your household.

👉 Choose a home security company based on your specific needs and preferences. Weigh the benefits of professional vs. self-monitoring and decide between DIY or professional installation. Full-service offers continuous protection, while self-monitoring can save on fees. Evaluate installation costs, and always pick a trusted company that aligns with your budget.

Full-service security monitoring offers peace of mind. Even when you are away from home or asleep, you can rest easy knowing your home is in safe hands, around the clock. On the other hand, self-monitoring does not require monthly fees and gives you more control.

Professional installation takes the work out of your hands, but it can be costly. If you want professional installation, you may want to choose a home security company that includes it for free. Or, if you would prefer to self-install your system, select one from a company that specializes in user-friendly DIY kits.

Choosing the best home security company to protect your family, pets, and belongings is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is important to choose a home security system from a company you trust and that meets your household’s requirements and budget.