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When you own a home, the safety of your family is a top priority. Knowing that your loved ones and possessions are secure brings a sense of peace and comfort. It’s important to have a high quality home security system to protect your home from various threats, such as break-ins or emergencies.

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ADT Home Security stands out as a popular option among homeowners. The company offers a range of features designed to keep your family safe. With ADT, you can expect reliable monitoring, advanced technology, and a user-friendly experience. This gives you the confidence that your home is well protected, day and night.

Company Overview

ADT Home Security is a leading company in the home security industry, known for its extensive experience and strong presence. With a history spanning over 140 years, ADT has established itself as a trusted name in home protection. The company serves millions of customers across the United States, offering a wide reach to ensure safety in numerous communities.

ADT holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality. This rating is a testament to the company’s dedication to maintaining high standards in its business practices and customer interactions.

The company’s product line is diverse, catering to various home security needs. ADT provides a range of services including burglary monitoring, fire and smoke detection, and carbon monoxide monitoring. They also offer advanced technology options like smart home automation, video surveillance, and remote system control through mobile apps.


  • High customer satisfaction
  • Has a 6-month money-back guarantee
  • Offers a no-contract Self-Setup option


  • Expensive monthly rates for professional monitoring
  • Requires a 36 or 60-month contract (24 months in California only) for professional set-up
  • Pricey professional installation fee

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 1874
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY & Professional
Contract required: Yes

Home Security Packages

ADT Home Security

ADT Home Security offers both professional and self-installation security systems. The home security company is partnered with Google, so their home security packages are equipped with Google Nest equipment.

ADT offers a 6-month money-back guarantee on their equipment, which is longer than most home security companies.

How much is ADT home security?

There are several pre-built ADT Self Setup Up and ADT Pro Install home security packages for customers to select from. Prices for these packages range from around $380-$1449. You can also build your own ADT home security system from scratch, with professional or DIY installation.

Self-Setup Packages – from $379.99

There are two ADT Self-Setup home security packages: Starter and Premium. Customers can add additional equipment to customize their package.

🛠 ADT’s Self-Setup option offers flexibility for those who prefer a DIY approach to home security installation.


The Starter home security package includes an ADT Smart Home Hub, two door/window sensors, a Google Nest Doorbell, an ADT Yard sign/window stickers, and mobile app control.

The Starter package costs $389.96. There is also a minimum purchase of one month of professional monitoring.


The Premium package adds a few additional pieces of home security equipment to the Starter package. So, you get everything in the Starter package, plus an indoor Google Nest security camera, an outdoor Google Nest security camera, a smoke detector, and a water & temperature sensor.

The Premium package is priced at $451.94. Customers are required to purchase at least one month of professional monitoring along with the equipment.

Professional Installation Packages – from $919.99

There are two main ADT Pro Install packages: Smart Home and Video & Smart Home. Additional equipment can be added to either of these packages.

💡 Consider ADT’s professional installation packages for a high quality security setup with optimal equipment placement.

Smart Home

The Smart Home package includes a digital touchscreen panel, three door & window sensors, a motion detector, and a smart door lock.

The Smart Home package costs $919 to $1219 upfront. Financing is available at $14.15 per month with a 60-month contract and at least 36 months of 24/7 professional monitoring, starting at $49.99 per month.

Video and Smart Home

As the name of the home security package implies, Video and Smart Home includes everything from the Smart Home package, plus a Google Nest security camera and doorbell.

The Video and Smart Home package costs $1,049 to $1,449 upfront. Or, you can finance for $23.12 per month for 60 months. Customers are required to sign up for a 36-month professional monitoring contract.

Home Security Products

ADT offers a range of home security products that customers can purchase as part of a package or as an add-on. The ADT product lineup includes home security equipment, security cameras, home automation products, and life safety devices.

ADT home security equipment is designed to be smart and simple. Every ADT smart home system features a central smart touchpad, known as the ADT Command Touchscreen, which integrates with all of your home security devices.

ADT’s home security equipment selection also includes door/window sensors, an easy-to-use key fob, and motion sensors.

ADT Command Touchscreen – $179.99

The ADT Command Touchscreen is an intuitive, digital touchpad that acts as the center of your home security system. All of your home security and smart home devices seamlessly integrate with this central smart touchpad, giving you simple control over your entire smart home system.

From the ADT Command Touchscreen, you can view security camera feeds, set up smart home automation technology, manage smart home devices like lights or thermostats, and more.

Smart home devices from Kwikset, ZWave, and LiftMaster are compatible with the ADT Command Touchscreen. Voice commands can be also set up with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

👁️‍🗨️ The ADT Command Touchscreen is included with every ADT home security system package or can be purchased separately for $179.99.

ADT Door/Window Sensors – from $14.99 per sensor

Since every home is unique, ADT offers various door sensors and window sensors to suit your home’s needs. ADT allows customers to choose from wireless or wired sensors, recessed, slim line, and many more options.

All of ADT’s door sensors and window sensors include entry detection and alerts, so you can be instantly notified when a door or window opens that shouldn’t.

You can set up text notifications or view alerts anytime through the ADT app. You can also sync door sensors and window sensors with your security cameras to trigger the camera to see who is entering. Each door/window sensor costs $14.99.

ADT Key Fob

The ADT key fob offers a convenient solution for arming and disarming your home security system. Featuring one-press buttons with intuitive icons and a panic button for emergencies, the ADT key fob lets anyone in your family easily arm/disarm your system without having to memorize a code.

The ADT key fob is included with any Pro Install package.

ADT Motion Sensor – $24.99

You can get an extra level of protection inside your home with motion sensors. ADT motion sensors have an extra wide range and can cover a space up to 35’ x 40’ meaning most homes only need one or two sensors.

ADT motion sensors are pet-friendly, so you can set up the sensitivity based on the size of your pets to reduce false alarms. When a sensor is triggered, professionals will respond and alert law enforcement if there is an intruder. You can also get custom alerts when a motion sensor detects someone or something that shouldn’t be there. Each motion sensor costs $24.99.

Security Cameras

ADT sells some of the best security cameras you can get, from Google Nest. They include both indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras.

🤝 ADT partners with Google Nest to combine reliable security solutions with advanced smart home technology.

Google Nest Doorbell – $179.99

This smart doorbell camera allows you to see who is at your front door, from anywhere. It includes real-time video and event video history. So, you can catch any potential porch pirates in the act.

The Google Nest Doorbell intelligently distinguishes between people, packages, animals, and vehicles. Customers can record their own standard responses, such as “Leave it at the door” or “Be there soon.”

Google Nest Doorbell costs $179.99. Customers can purchase a self-setup package or opt for professional installation.

Google Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery)  – $179.99

This water-resistant Nest Cam has flexible mounting options and can be installed indoors or outdoors. It offers intelligent alerts that can tell the difference between people, pets, and cars.

With familiar face alerts, the Nest Cam learns to recognize frequent guests and can greet them by name. Customers also get event video history and emergency video backup. The Google Nest Cam costs $179.99.

Google Nest Cam (indoor, wired)  – $99.99

This wired Google Nest Cam is designed for indoor use. For $99.99, it includes 24/7 continuous monitoring and event video history. Ideal for keeping an eye on your home or pets while you are away, the indoor Nest Cam can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles so you will only be alerted when there is a real issue.

Google Nest Cam with floodlight – $209.99

This upgraded HDR outdoor Google Nest Cam includes a floodlight and night vision, so you can better monitor the exterior of your home at all hours. Customers can customize what type of intelligent alerts or motion detection turn on the floodlight. The Google Nest Cam with floodlight costs $209.99.

Home Automation

In addition to home security equipment, ADT sells smart home devices, like a smart thermostat, smart locks, smart lights, and Google Nest Hubs.

🌡️ The Google Nest Thermostat in ADT’s lineup allows for smart temperature control for additional energy savings.

Google Nest Thermostat – $129.99

With the Google Nest Thermostat, you can create your own schedule to automatically adjust the temperature in your home. There is also an upgraded Nest Learning Thermostat.

ADT Smart Light – Included with Pro Install

ADT Smart Lights allow you to control your home’s lighting remotely and set schedules. These lights are included with any Pro Install package.

ADT Smart Lock – $174.99

The ADT Smart Lock includes keyless entry, mobile access, and live alerts. You can remotely lock/unlock your doors from virtually anywhere and create up to 30 custom access codes for your home.

🔒 ADT’s Smart Locks offer convenient keyless entry and remote access, enhancing home security and flexibility.

Google Nest Mini – $49.99

With Google Nest Mini, you can control your ADT home security system using your voice. It costs $49.

Google Nest Hub – $99.99

The Google Nest Hub includes voice and fingertip control of every smart device. It is priced at $99.99.

Google Nest Hub Max – $229.99

The upgraded Google Nest Hub Max gives you voice and fingertip control, plus a Nest Cam – all for the price of $229.

Life Safety – from $39.99

ADT also sells various life safety products, priced as follows:

  • ADT Smoke Detector: $39.99
  • ADT Water & Temperature Sensor: $34.99
  • ADT Combo Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector: $126.00
  • ADT Water Detector: $70
💧 ADT’s Water & Temperature Sensor can help prevent costly damage by alerting you to leaks or temperature changes.

24/7 Smart Monitoring

ADT SMART Monitoring is their 24/7 professional monitoring service. You can rest assured that security operators are watching over your home around the clock to respond to any threats.

There are 9 company-owned professional ADT monitoring centers spread across the nation, with over 17,000 experienced representatives.

In the event of an alarm going off, customers can request immediate help or cancel a false alarm simply by responding to a text message, which is then forwarded to 911 services electronically. This allows your request to reach emergency responders up to 8x faster.

ADT 24/7 Smart Monitoring starts at around $45.99 per month.

DIY Monitoring

📷 Blue by ADT offers free self-monitoring, allowing homeowners to actively manage their home security without additional fees.

Blue by ADT is a DIY home security system that gives you an option for free, self-monitoring or professional monitoring for just $20 per month. This is a great option for customers who don’t mind a smaller selection of security equipment, want to pay upfront, and wish to avoid monthly fees or long-term contracts.

With Blue by ADT, customers who choose the self-monitoring option can do so from virtually anywhere using a mobile app.

There are 4 Blue by ADT security kits that customers can use to build their own DIY security system.

11-Piece System – $199

Includes: Base, entry keypad, 4 sets of door and window sensors, motion sensor, fire safety sensor, keychain remote, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring.

15-Piece Camera System – $295

Includes: Base, entry keypad, indoor camera, 6 sets of door and window sensors, 2 motion sensors, fire safety sensor, keychain remote, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring.

8-Piece Doorbell Camera Set – $350

Includes: Base, entry keypad, Blue doorbell camera, 2 sets of door and window sensors, motion sensor, yard sign, 4 window stickers, mobile app, 1 free month of pro monitoring.

Blue Outdoor Camera Kit – $450

Includes: 2 battery-operated HD cameras, Blue Extender + Chime (Wi-Fi extender).

ADT Medical Alert Systems

ADT offers three medical alert systems for senior safety. ADT Medical Alert Systems include optional features like Fall Detection to help you get assistance even if you can’t reach an alert button.

Medical Alert Basic – $29.99/mo

Features: In-home operations, Landline required, Home temperature monitoring.

Medical Alert Plus – $37.99/mo

Features: In-home operations, No landline required, Home temperature monitoring, Fall Detection (optional), Pendant options available.

  • Price: $37.99 per month

On-The-Go – $39.99/mo

Features: Mobile base unit, No landline required, GPS location capabilities, Fall Detection (optional), Pendant options available.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 For families with seniors, consider ADT’s Medical Alert Systems to ensure safety and quick response in case of health emergencies.

How To Sign Up for ADT Home Security

To sign up for an ADT home security system, visit their website to start customizing a package. Select whether you wish to purchase a Self-Setup or Pro-Install home security package.

You can customize each package with additional equipment. Choose to pay upfront or finance your ADT system over time. Once you customize your plan, you can add it to your cart and check-out.

Alternatively, you can get a quote from an ADT specialist by clicking the Get Quote button or by calling (888) 678-7024.

How To Contact / Get Tech Support

If you need help with your ADT home security system, first check out the Support page on their website. It contains lots of helpful information for common problems and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you need to speak with an ADT representative or get tech support, you can reach out to customer service 24/7 through the Live Chat option on the website. Live support is available from 7 AM to midnight ET.

Or, call ADT customer service at (800) 716-3640.

How To Cancel ADT Home Security

To cancel your ADT security services, you will need to reach out to the company through the Live Chat option on the website or by dialing the customer service line at (800) 716-3640 to talk to someone directly.

If you signed a contract, then you will need to pay any cancellation fees before you will be able to cancel your ADT security services.

ADT Mobile Apps

ADT has several mobile apps that give customers the ability to remotely control their security system, integrate with popular smart home platforms like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, and more. ADT mobile apps are available to download for free from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Customers must use their login information to get full access to the apps’ features.

📱 Use ADT’s mobile apps for remote monitoring and complete control of your home security system.


The ADT+ app allows customers to remotely manage their ADT Self Setup system, Nest cameras, and Nest thermostats while on the go. You can arm/disarm your alarm system, view live video surveillance feeds, get intelligent alerts, manage smart home automation devices, and more.


The SoSecure app lets customers create a list of Guardians, or friends and family members, that they would like to be contacted in case of an emergency.

ADT Control

The ADT control app extends the capabilities of your ADT Command platform, to let you manage your system from your mobile device. You can get alerts, arm/disarm your alarm system, and view video surveillance feeds from your security cameras.


MyADT is a web application that gives customers the ability to view/pay bills, manage their ADT account, enroll in EasyPay, run system tests, and more – all from ADT’s website.

Is ADT Right for Me?

With a well-known name and good reputation, ADT Home Security is one of the best home security companies in the nation. Their home security packages offer something for everyone, with both self and professional installation options, as well as a line of DIY home security systems.

Is ADT home security worth it?

With a 6-month money-back guarantee, you really can’t go wrong when you choose ADT. However, their monthly professional monitoring rates are on the pricier side, and if you do decide to stick with them, their main equipment packages require long contract terms.

Before you decide on the best home security system for your home, it’s important to do your research. We encourage you to read our comprehensive, in-depth reviews of the top home security companies and get quotes from companies in your area.

Be sure to check out our other home security reviews and articles to get all the information you need to make a decision.