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There’s nothing more important than safeguarding your loved ones and property from the lurking threat of home invasion. With escalating crime rates across the nation, there has never been a better time to protect your family and belongings by investing in a home security system.

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Link Interactive is a popular pick among homeowners who want to DIY their home security. The company gives customers the freedom to build a fully customized home security system with round-the-clock professional monitoring.

Company Overview

What is Link Interactive?

Link Interactive is a family-owned and operated home security business. Established over 70 years ago, the Ogden, Utah-based home security company used to be known as Mountain Alarm. Today, the company is partnered with Alarm.com to sell premium home security equipment.


  • Compatible with an extensive list of smart home devices
  • User-friendly DIY installation
  • Extensive hardware options


  • Requires a 12 to 36 month contract
  • Limited compatibility with non-Amazon smart home devices
  • No professional installation option

Company Highlights

BBB rating: A+
Year founded: 1952
Areas served: All 50 U.S. states
Installation: DIY
Contract required: Yes

Link Interactive puts choices at the forefront of its approach to home security, and the company is known for outstanding customer service and equipment flexibility. While experts are available to help guide customers in the right direction, their home security business caters to homeowners who want the liberty to build their own home security system from scratch.

Link Interactive Home Security: How It Works

Link Interactive

Link Interactive provides high-end DIY home security systems with 24/7 professional monitoring. They offer a huge selection of equipment options through Alarm.com, and all equipment is sold à la carte.

How does Link Interactive Security work?

Unlike the majority of home security providers, which typically offer pre-packaged equipment bundles, Link Interactive takes a different approach, empowering homeowners to handpick their desired hardware components. Their wide array of security equipment includes a range of indoor and outdoor security cameras, sensors, locks, smart panels, touchscreen panels, thermostats, panic buttons, garage door controllers, and more.

Link’s home security equipment comes pre-programmed. All the homeowner has to do is plug it in and place it. Link’s sensors use double-sided sticky tape to adhere to any surface, making self-installation a breeze, with no need for drills or tools.

Link Interactive Security Packages (Build Your Own)

There are no home equipment security packages. Instead, Link Interactive takes an entirely fully customizable, build-your-own approach to home security.

Rather than choosing from a range of pre-configured package options, Link customers hand-select each piece of home security equipment to build a truly DIY home security system from the ground up.

How much is Link Interactive Home Security?

Link Interactive offers an extensive array of advanced, top-of-the-line home security products to choose from. Their products range in price from as little as $24 to as much as $404. All equipment is purchased à la carte. Customers can get exactly the sort of equipment they want in their security system, with the specific features they desire to fit their budgets.

With the purchase of a home security system, Link Interactive customers are required to sign on for a 1, 2, or 3-year contract. There is a 3-year guaranteed rate lock, so prices will not change for at least 3 years.

🔄 The Takeover Program allows integration of existing security equipment from other companies for flexibility and cost savings.

Link also uniquely offers a Takeover Program for customers who already have home security equipment from another company but want to switch over. The company will help you integrate your current home security and smart devices into their system, so you don’t have to purchase new equipment.


Link Interactive offers a broad selection of home security, life safety, and home automation equipment – including some of the best security cameras on the market. There is a 3-year warranty on equipment and a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products.

Home Security

Product NamePrice (USD)Description
IQ4 Premium Smart Panel$404All-in-one 7″ touchscreen panel on Android with 6 communication radios and a built-in camera for disarm photos.
Smart Home Panel$350Wireless 2GIG Go!Control panel with 2-way voice, multiple arming options, and emergency buttons.
Secondary Touchpad$241Wireless touchscreen keypad with the same interface as the 2GIG Go!Control panel for system control from another room.
Door and Window Sensor$24Wireless sensor for detecting open/close of doors, windows, etc., with double-sided adhesive for easy placement.
Motion Sensor$55Wireless motion sensor detecting movement in a 30′ x 35′ area, pet-friendly to avoid false alarms.
Glass Break Sensor$69Uses dual shatter recognition technology to detect breaking glass within 15 feet, battery-operated with a 5-year battery life.
Outdoor Sensor$71Designed for harsh outdoor conditions, detects opening/closing of outdoor doors or gates.
Panic Button$34Wireless button with necklace cord, wristband, and belt clip, programmable for emergency or medical alerts.
Tilt Sensor$39Sensor for garage doors to detect if open, compatible with the 2GIG Go!Control panel.

IQ4 Premium Smart Panel – $404

This all-in-one 7″ touchscreen panel runs on Android. It has 6 communication radios and a built-in camera to send disarm photos to your mobile phone.

Smart Home Panel – $350

This wireless 2GIG Go!Control panel is packed with features, including 2-way voice, multiple arming options, and quick access emergency buttons.

Secondary Touchpad – $241

Featuring the same user-friendly interface as the 2GIG Go!Control panel, this wireless touchscreen keypad makes a great companion to your main smart home panel, allowing you to control your security system from another room in your home.

Door and Window Sensor – $24

This wireless door window sensor detects the opening or closing of doors, windows, or any other object it is placed on. Since they stick onto any surface with double-sided adhesive, you can place them anywhere, including on jewelry boxes, gun cabinets, pool gates, and more.

Motion Sensor – $55

This wireless motion sensor detects motion in up to a 30′ x 35′ area. They are pet-friendly and can distinguish between people and animals, so you don’t have to worry about your furry companion setting off your alarm.

Glass Break Sensor – $69

This sensor uses dual shatter recognition technology to detect the sound of breaking glass, with a range of 15 feet. It is battery-operated with lithium batteries (up to 5 years of battery life) and features two test LEDs.

Outdoor Sensor – $71

This 2GIG sensor is designed to hold up to harsh, outdoor weather and conditions. It detects the opening or closing of doors or gates.

Panic Button – $34

This panic button is wireless, and it includes a necklace cord, wristband, and belt clip. The button can be programmed to alert emergency services or medical assistance.

Tilt Sensor – $39

This sensor can be mounted on your garage door to detect if it is open. It is compatible with the 2GIG Go!Control panel.

💳 Link Interactive offers a 3-year equipment warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products.

Life Safety

Product NamePrice (USD)Description
Flood Sensor$42IQ flood detector for installation near water-prone appliances to detect water presence early.
Water Leak Detector$48Sensor to detect water leaks near appliances or pipes before causing damage or flooding.

Flood Sensor – $42

The IQ flood detector can be installed at the base of water heaters, sinks, washing machines, or any appliance. It can help detect the presence of water before flooding damage is done.

Water Leak Detector – $48

This sensor can be placed near a water heater, washing machine, sink, shower, bathtub, dishwasher, shower, pipe, or anywhere with the potential to leak water. It detects water leaks before they can cause damage or flooding.

Home Automation

Product NamePrice (USD)Description
Premium Thermostat$140Smart thermostat for energy saving through automatic temperature adjustment, remotely controllable.
Touchpad Deadbolt$181Keyless door lock with code entry, app notifications for door status, and remote lock/unlock capability.
Garage Door Controller$114Smart controller for remote opening/closing of garage doors, compatible with most brands post-1993.
Smart Plug$37IQ smart plug for remote control of appliances, supports up to 13 amps.

Premium Thermostat – $140

This smart thermostat can help you save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature of your home. It can also be remotely controlled through the mobile app.

Touchpad Deadbolt – $181

This keyless door lock allows you to type in a code to unlock your doors. You can also get notifications through the app when your door is unlocked and remotely lock/unlock your door.

Garage Door Controller – $114

This smart garage door controller allows you to remotely open/close your garage door and receive alerts on its status. It is compatible with most garage door brands manufactured after January 1, 1993.

Smart Plug – $37

The IQ smart plug gives you the ability to remotely control appliances that are plugged in. It supports lamps and other electronics up to 13 amps.

Security Cameras

Product NamePrice (USD)Description
Indoor Camera$127IP security camera with 110° view, infrared night vision, cloud, and SD card recording, accessible via app.
Premium Indoor Camera$255Upgraded indoor camera with Bluetooth, call button, 180° view, infrared night vision up to 15 feet, and digital pan/tilt/zoom.
V724x Outdoor Camera$241Outdoor camera with two-way audio, video analytics for person/animal distinction, and encrypted continuous recording on microSD.
Alarm.com Video Doorbell Camera$211Next-gen doorbell camera with 150° view, two-way audio, video analytics for reduced false alarms, and ability to communicate with visitors remotely.

Indoor Camera – $127

This IP security camera has a 110° field of vision and infrared night vision. It includes cloud recording and continuous SD card recording. Live or recorded footage can be viewed anytime through the app.

Premium Indoor Camera – $255

This upgraded indoor security camera is packed with features, such as a Bluetooth speaker and call button. It has a 180° field of vision and infrared night vision up to 15 feet. The camera also includes digital pan, tilt, and zoom functionality.

V724x Outdoor Camera – $241

This outdoor security camera has two-way audio to allow for the proactive deterrence of lurkers or potential threats. Video analytics powered by Alarm.com distinguish between people and animals. Onboard Recording with Smart View allows for encrypted, continuous recording of footage, which can be stored on a microSD.

Alarm.com Video Doorbell Camera – $211

This next-gen video doorbell camera has a 150° vertical Field of View, allowing for full coverage of your entire porch. Two-way audio allows for proactive deterrence of lurkers or porch pirates, as well as the ability to communicate with visitors or delivery drivers without having to be physically present. It uses video analytics to minimize the chances of a false alarm.

Professional Security Monitoring

Although Link Interactive is a DIY home security company, there is no option for self-monitoring. Customers are required to purchase a monthly professional monitoring plan. There are three tiers of plans to select: Standard, Gold, and Elite.

Standard – $30.99/month

Link Interactive’s Standard plan includes 24/7 professional monitoring from their monitoring station with 2-way voice monitoring and 100% cellular monitoring. It also includes Life Safety monitoring of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors.

Gold – $39.99/month

The Gold plan adds Home Automation to the Standard plan. Along with 24/7 professional monitoring of home security and life safety devices, smart home integration is included. Customers gain the ability to remotely control smart lights, locks, and thermostats through the Link Interactive mobile app.

Elite – $47.99/month

Along with everything from the previous two tiers, the Elite plan adds HD video monitoring with analytics. On-demand, scheduled, and object-activated video recording are included.


Does Link Interactive provide installation?

No, Link does not offer a professional installation option. Instead, they prioritize making self-setup as simple and convenient as possible.

Utilizing peel-and-stick sensors and pre-programmed wireless security equipment, Link Interactive installation is easy. The company takes every step to ensure that homeowners can easily install their own security system without the need for wiring or drilling.

🛡️ Link Interactive’s sensors use double-sided sticky tape for easy placement, streamlining the installation in and around the home.

Just in case assistance is still required, homeowners can receive step-by-step guidance on the installation process from professionals, who are always standing by at call centers to provide support. There are also step-by-step Installation Guides available on the website.

How To Sign Up

To sign up for a Link Interactive system, you will need to either call the company at 866-876-6586 or fill out a form on their website to request a free quote.

At this time, Link home security equipment cannot be purchased through an online store. You must speak with a representative over the phone to build your customized home security system and have it shipped out to you.

How To Contact / Get Tech Support

Link Interactive has excellent customer support. If you need help with your security system or have any questions, you can get in contact with customer service by calling one of these phone numbers:

  • Main phone line: 1-877-826-5443
  • For false alarm: 1-800-662-2512

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 8 PM MST, and Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM MST.

Alternatively, you can also contact Link customer service by filling out the Contact Form on their website, or by sending an email to [email protected].

There is also a helpful Link Interactive FAQ page on their website with answers to many common problems you may have.

How To Cancel

If you want to know how to cancel Link Interactive, you will need to call customer service. There are no early cancellation fees, but you are still responsible for the terms of your contract. So, you will have to pay the remaining balance of your contract.

If you need to cancel your Link Interactive home security services because you are moving, you should first check into the company’s option to take your system with you at no extra cost. Or, you can check with the new owners of your home to see if they want to take over your contract. There are no additional transfer or activation fees for transferring your contract to a new owner.

Is Link Interactive Right for Me?

Link Interactive Home Security

With highly-rated customer service and quality, easy-install products, Link Interactive makes the cut as one of the best home security systems – but, they aren’t for everyone.

Is Link Interactive Security worth it?

Link Interactive fulfills a specific niche, offering a truly DIY experience with no professional installation option. If you are a homeowner who values flexibility to choose your own equipment while retaining the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 monitoring, then Link Interactive might be your best bet.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to be so involved with the process of building your home security system and prefer a company that takes the work out of your hands, you should look elsewhere into services like Vivint.

🔒 Link Interactive caters to DIY enthusiasts who prefer to take charge of their home’s security while enjoying 24/7 professional monitoring.

Also, keep in mind that Link requires customers to sign a relatively lengthy contract with the purchase of one of their systems. If this bothers you, then you may want to check out contract-free DIY security systems, like Frontpoint or SimpliSafe.

A home security system is one of the most important investments you can make to safeguard your residence, loved ones, and belongings. We recommend reading our other reviews of the best home security companies to compare and contrast your options before settling on the right security system for your home.