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It’s more common today for TV and movie watchers to watch content through a streaming service than traditional cable TV. If you’re like most people, you probably have subscriptions for multiple streaming services, like Paramount+, Max, and Netflix. Once you sign up for a few, you’ll need to stay on top of different billing dates and costs.

Verizon +play aims to reduce that burden by keeping your subscriptions in one place. While it doesn’t include all subscriptions, it does give access to many top contenders. If you’re a Verizon customer, learn how you can take advantage of this free service.

What Is Verizon +play?

Verizon +play is a hub for managing your subscription services conveniently in one place. Verizon Fios, mobile, and Verizon 5g Home Internet customers can use Verizon +play at no extra cost to view their current subscriptions, manage billing information, and start watching their favorites. Many of the best TV streaming services are included, so users can view their subscriptions to Starz and Netflix without needing to leave Verizon +play.


  • Keeps all subscriptions in one place to make them easy to manage
  • Free to use
  • Occasionally offers deals on subscriptions
  • Offers many of the most popular subscription services, like Netflix and Paramount+


  • Only available to Verizon customers
  • Deals exclusive to some subscription services aren’t available through +play
  • Missing a few top streaming services like Apple TV and Sling TV
  • Limited music streaming subscriptions are available.

Verizon +play was announced by Verizon in 2022, immediately granting access to eligible Verizon customers for free. Verizon uses its partnerships with streaming platforms like Disney+ and AMC+ to offer 3rd party content within Verizon +play and continues to expand its catalog to provide access to more services. Verizon +play includes 41 subscriptions across multiple categories.

How Verizon +play Works

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Verizon +play is an online platform that is accessible through your My Verizon account anytime. Once you log in with your Verizon account, you can begin adding any streaming services you want to sign up for to view in your +play account. This allows you to manage all subscriptions in one spot, giving you convenient access to billing and cancellations.

👍 Verizon +play is completely free for eligible Verizon customers who are signed up for Fios or a mobile plan.

Some subscription services offer deals through +play exclusively for Verizon customers, like free trials or discounted plans. Others won’t offer the same deals through +play that might be available when subscribing directly through the service’s website, so it’s a good idea to check both spots to make sure you get the best price.

+play sends users notifications when any changes to their subscriptions occur, like a price or plan change, as well as billing alerts so you can stay on top of your subscription spending.

Overview of Available Streaming Services

Verizon +play offers mostly TV and movie streaming services but also has a mix of sports, gaming, fitness, lifestyle, and music subscriptions to cater to a wide range of audiences.

Here are a few of the streaming services you can expect to find on Verizon +play:

TV and MoviesParamount+, Max, BET+, Netflix, AMC+, Lifetime Movie Club
Children’s ContentABC Mouse, Adventure Academy, Edye
Lifestyle and FitnessPeloton App, Calm, Snapchat+, Tastemade+
Gaming, Sports, and MusicNBA League Pass, NFL+, Google Play Pass, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, VEEPS All Access

Verizon +play for Fios Customers

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Verizon +play works slightly differently for Verizon Fios fiber internet or Fios TV customers, as not as many subscriptions are available for Fios customers as there are Verizon mobile customers. If you only have a Fios account with Verizon, you won’t be able to subscribe to the following services using your +play account:

  • Apple Music
  • AppleOne
  • Discovery+
  • Disney+
  • Disney Bundle
  • Google Play Pass
  • Xbox All Access
  • YouTube TV

Other services, like Max and NBA League Pass, can only be purchased through your Fios device and account rather than through +play.

💡 Use your Verizon ID to log into +play for seamless access to all available subscriptions if you have both Fios and a Verizon mobile plan.

Verizon suggests that customers who have both Fios and a Verizon mobile plan sign into +play through their mobile account to get access to all subscriptions and benefits. Alternatively, if both of your Verizon accounts are linked to a Verizon ID, use that Verizon ID to log into +play.

Monthly Credit Perks

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Verizon customers with an eligible phone plan can qualify for numerous perks to add to their monthly plan for a discounted amount, including 2 TB cloud storage, a 100 GB mobile hotspot, or an Apple One membership.

Verizon +play’s Monthly Credit perk is another option for anyone with a Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, or Unlimited Welcome mobile phone plan. This perk costs $10 per month and gives you a $15 credit to use each month toward your +play subscriptions, essentially saving you $5 on your subscriptions each month. The credit applies to the first subscription due each month, and if you have any credit left over, it will continue to apply to your next subscription.

⚠️ The downside: If you pause your subscriptions for a month, you won’t use your credit, and the credit expires after 30 days until you pay your next month’s Verizon bill and get a new credit. However, as long as you have at least $15 worth of active subscriptions in your +play account, you can successfully use your credit each month.

How To Add Services

You can also sign up for new subscriptions you’re interested in directly through Verizon +play by signing into your MyVerizon account on the Verizon website. Visit your account, and click “Manage.” Then, scroll through the offers to see if any discounts apply to the subscriptions you want to sign up for. If so, click the offer and follow the instructions to sign up. Otherwise, you can sign up as usual by browsing through available subscriptions, clicking on them, and registering a new account.

Currently, you can’t add subscriptions that you signed up for outside of Verizon +play except Max.

How To Cancel Services

To cancel your subscriptions through +play, follow the same steps as you would to add subscriptions:

  1. Visit your MyVerizon account.
  2. Go to your account area.
  3. Click on the +play link.
  4. Click “Manage.”

From here, find the subscription you want to cancel from the active subscriptions section. Click “Manage” underneath the subscription, followed by “Cancel subscription.” This cancels your subscription billing, but you’ll still have access to the subscription until your current subscription period ends.

Bottom Line: Should You Use Verizon +play?

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If you already have an eligible Verizon service, you can use +play for free, so you don’t need to worry about extra costs for something you’re not sure you’ll use. For someone with several subscriptions that are available in Verizon +play, the service can streamline the process of managing them by keeping them in one spot.

However, if you usually subscribe to streaming services directly through the company to access free trials and other perks you may not be able to get through Verizon, +play might not be the best option. Still, checking +play offers before subscribing to a service could be worth it, as some Verizon-exclusive offers could be better than current direct offers.

How do I pay for subscriptions through Verizon +play?

When you subscribe to a new streaming service through +play, you can choose your billing information, just like you would if you subscribed directly through the streaming service. Most services accept debit and credit card information.

Can I pause my +play subscriptions?

No—Verizon +play doesn’t currently allow you to pause subscriptions. However, you can cancel a subscription at any time and resubscribe when you’re ready. Be aware that cancellation usually does not refund you the unused portion of your subscription, so you’ll have access to your subscription until your subscription period is over.

Can I add subscriptions that I signed up for outside of +play?

No. Verizon +play currently only allows you to manage subscriptions that you sign up for within your +play account. The only exception is Max, which you can move to Verizon +play to manage your subscription with your other +play subscriptions. Do this by visiting the Max page in +play, clicking the “Get it now” link, and adding your billing address and payment information. Once sent to the Max website, log in with your current details, which will connect your account to +play.

Do subscriptions I receive through my Verizon wireless plan get billed through +play?

No—while you can view these subscriptions through +play, they won’t get billed the same as other +play subscriptions you ordered directly through your account. Instead, any subscriptions you have through your wireless or Fios plan bill directly to your Verizon bill.

Do my subscriptions disappear if I stop being a Verizon customer?

No. Verizon customers who were eligible for a +play account can keep their accounts after leaving Verizon. However, exclusive +play offers for discounts on subscriptions will no longer be available, as these are exclusive to Verizon customers.

How can I get help with a +play subscription?

While Verizon +play helps you view all subscriptions in one spot, it doesn’t handle customer or tech support for each service. Contact the streaming service provider directly to get help with a subscription you have through +play.