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Established in 2002 in San Diego, California, Pacific Debt Relief is a debt settlement company that helps consumers decrease their enrolled debt by as much as 50%. The company is available to consumers in most states, including the District of Columbia, providing debt relief services, like debt negotiation and credit guidance, to reduce debt amounts and help consumers reach financial freedom.

Top Debt Relief Options

Company Overview

To date, Pacific Debt has helped its clients settle hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, allowing them to work down their debt at a pace that suits their budget and goals. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and numerous testimonials that its service really works to lower total debt and release consumers from the burden of bad credit, Pacific Debt Relief is one of our top choices for debt relief companies.


  • Over 20 years in the industry
  • Free consultation for potential customers
  • A+ accredited BBB rating
  • Completes a soft credit check only when providing a consultation


  • No secured debt is accepted for a debt relief plan
  • Not available in 18 states, including Ohio, South Carolina, and West Virginia
  • Requires $10,000 of unsecured debt to qualify

Year Founded: 2002
BBB Rating: A+
Areas Served: 32 states, including Alabama, Kentucky, and New York
Fees: 15%-25% of enrolled debt
Customer Service Hours: 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. PST on Monday-Thursday; 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST on Friday; 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST on Saturday

How Pacific Debt Relief Works

Anyone considering enrolling their credit card debt, debt from personal loans, or other unsecured debt into a Pacific Debt Relief program can contact the company to speak with a Certified Debt Specialist about their current situation and goals. The specialist will ask you questions about your debt to build a custom quote, which includes an estimate of your monthly payment and how quickly you should be able to pay off your debt with your creditors.

👍 With an A+ BBB rating, Pacific Debt Relief demonstrates a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

If you choose to enroll after hearing your quote, you can do so on the spot with your debt specialist. Every month, you’ll pay a monthly payment toward your debt management plan, which gets held in an individual account. Pacific Debt Relief uses that money toward paying off your enrolled debt with your creditors, negotiating down your debt on your behalf. In some cases, they can settle as much as half your debt.

Eligibility for A Pacific Debt Relief Program

Consumers seeking enrollment in a Pacific Debt Relief debt consolidation or settlement program must have the right kind of debt known as unsecured debt. This is similar to other top debt settlement companies like New Era Debt Solutions, Accredited Debt Relief, and Freedom Debt Relief. Medical debt, personal loan debt, and credit card debt are examples of unsecured debt, which is any type of debt that doesn’t include collateral, like a home equity line of credit or an auto loan.

You’ll discuss your debt with a debt specialist when completing your free consultation, so if you’re unsure about the kind of debt you have, your specialist can help. They’ll also determine if you have enough debt to enroll in the program. Pacific Debt Relief requires you to enroll at least $10,000 of qualifying debt to begin your debt relief service.

🛑 Pacific Debt Relief requires a minimum of $10,000 in unsecured debt for program eligibility, with a focus on substantial financial burdens.

Although you won’t need to pay an upfront fee before beginning the program, you’ll need to agree to Pacific Debt Relief’s service fee, which will be included in your quote. This fee is a percentage of your enrolled debt charged every month, which you’ll pay when you make your monthly payment.

To remain enrolled in the debt relief program, continue making your monthly payment on time each month so Pacific Debt Relief can negotiate with creditors and pay off your debts to reduce your debt amount.

Debt Settlement vs Other Debt Solutions

Pacific Debt Relief

Pacific Debt Relief is a debt settlement company, with each debt relief program tailored to every client’s financial situation. Although other debt solutions exist, they may not be best for your financial needs. Here’s how a debt settlement program from Pacific Debt Relief compares to other common debt solutions.

Debt Settlement vs. Making Minimum Monthly Payments

When considering how to get out of debt in a way that doesn’t hurt your monthly budget, you might think about making the minimum monthly payment on each of your debts. For example, if your credit card’s minimum payment is $75, you’ll just make that $75 payment each month. Although this could help your budget right now, it keeps you paying more for a longer period as interest piles up every month.

A debt settlement plan from Pacific Debt Relief is a better debt relief option for many, especially for people with multiple debts. Your debt specialist will place your money where it needs to go first to reduce your debts quicker while also negotiating debts down so you can pay them off faster.

Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is sometimes unavoidable for people who have large amounts of debt that they don’t have the funds to pay. Bankruptcy effectively absolves your debt immediately, which can stop creditors from calling you and stop interest from accruing.

⚖️ Bankruptcy may offer immediate relief from debt, but it can’t discharge certain obligations like federal student loans, child support, and tax debt.

The problem with bankruptcy is two-fold. One, it doesn’t include all debt. For example, federal student loans, child support, and tax debt cannot be included in bankruptcy, so if you have these debts, you’ll still need to continue paying them or fall further into debt.

The second problem with bankruptcy is that it can significantly damage your credit, potentially even more than falling behind on your debt will. People with higher credit scores also tend to see the biggest drop, sometimes by 200 points or more.

If you believe you’re close to needing bankruptcy, consider debt settlement instead, which provides a slower but steadier path to financial freedom.

Debt Settlement vs. Debt Consolidation Loans

Enrolling in a debt settlement plan with Pacific Debt Relief is similar to debt consolidation. Debt consolidation rolls multiple debts into one, giving you just one payment to focus on. A debt consolidation loan is how people usually consolidate their debts. When you apply for one, you’ll get one loan that pays off other forms of debt, like a personal loan or credit card debt, and you can begin making payments toward just that loan instead.

When you have a debt settlement plan, you’ll pay money each month to a dedicated account. Your enrolled debts will still be there, but you make just one payment, while Pacific Debt Relief sends your money toward each debt. Plus, the company works toward negotiating your debts and perhaps even settling some so that you pay less over time. A debt consolidation loan unfortunately won’t help you settle your debt and may even cause you to pay more if the interest rate is higher than that of your current debts.

💸 A debt settlement plan focuses on negotiating and reducing the total debt owed, unlike a consolidation loan which may have higher interest rates over time.

Debt Settlement vs. Credit Counseling

Credit counseling offers support for people who want to improve their credit score, understanding of debt, and financial health. When paired with a debt settlement program, credit counseling can be extremely beneficial in helping clients understand how to reach financial freedom and set themselves up for future success.

However, on its own, credit counseling may not provide much help, especially if you’re swimming in debt with no current way to reduce your debt amount. Pacific Debt Relief’s debt specialists can offer some credit counseling throughout your program, but you can also look for free credit counseling services in your area that can give you in-depth help as you pay off your debts with Pacific Debt Relief.

How Much Does Pacific Debt Relief Cost?

Although Pacific Debt Relief is dedicated to helping its clients get out of debt in a timely manner, it’s still a debt relief company that needs to make money to pay its debt specialists. Therefore, you’ll need to pay for its service if you enroll in a debt management plan.

💲 Fees range from 15% to 25% of enrolled debt, integrating service costs into manageable monthly payments.

Pacific Debt Relief aligns with other debt negotiation and settlement companies with a fee of 15% to 25% for most customers. This fee is based on the amount you enroll. So, if you enroll $10,000 of debt, you’ll pay 15% to 25% of that debt, or $1,500 to $2,500 for Pacific Debt Relief’s service fee.

To make this easier to pay, Pacific Debt Relief doesn’t charge it all at one time at the beginning or end of your program. Instead, it’s added to your total debt amount that you’ll pay for each month. So, when you receive your quote with a monthly payment, that monthly payment has your fee for Pacific Debt Relief included, allowing you to transparently see how much your debt relief option will cost.

How to Get Started with Pacific Debt Relief

Before you enroll in a Pacific Debt Relief plan, you can request a free consultation, during which a debt specialist will review your debts and provide you with a quote for your monthly payment and the expected amount of time it will take for you to resolve your debt. You can request a consultation by completing an online form or calling the customer service number.

If you accept, you’ll enroll in your plan. Every month, continue to make the monthly payment you agreed on, and your debt specialist will work on negotiating, selling, and paying your debts to each debt collector.

How To Cancel

Contact your debt specialist if you decide to cancel your Pacific Debt Relief plan at any time. If you have money still in your dedicated account, you’ll get your money back minus any service fees you still owe the company. Otherwise, there are no penalties involved in canceling your debt management plan.

Customer Service Contact Info.

Current Pacific Debt Relief customers can contact the company by calling (877) 722-3328, faxing (619) 238-6709, emailing [email protected], or filling out the website form.

If you aren’t a current customer, you’ll call (800) 909-9893, email [email protected], or use the same fax number for current customers.

⏰ Customer service is available with extended hours from early morning to late evening to provide support when clients need it.


Is Pacific Debt Relief legit?

Yes, Pacific Debt Relief is a legitimate debt settlement and management company with several years of experience in the industry and numerous positive reviews from real people. The company has helped people get out of debt. If you’re not sure whether Pacific Debt Relief can help you, contact customer service to speak with a debt specialist and receive a consultation and quote before enrolling.

Will Pacific Debt Relief hurt my credit score?

Many customers experience a temporarily reduced credit score while Pacific Debt Relief works on negotiating and settling their debt. It’s important to remember that once your debts start lowering and being completely paid off, your credit score should once again increase.

🔐 Pacific Debt Relief performs only soft credit checks during consultations to protect your credit score.
Can Pacific Debt Relief help me stop creditors from calling?

No. Pacific Debt Relief does not handle creditors for you, and you may receive calls from creditors for the first few months after enrolling in a Pacific Debt Relief plan until your debts begin getting paid off. Once your debt specialist successfully negotiates your debts, you should stop receiving phone calls.

How do I check my debt settlement progress with Pacific Debt Relief?

You can ask your debt specialist for a progress update at any time to see where your money is going and what debts have been paid off or are close to being settled. They’ll also keep you updated throughout the life of your debt management plan.

What happens if I miss a monthly payment?

An occasional missed payment may not be a problem, but several missed payments may cancel your debt management plan. Additionally, your creditors may stop working with Pacific Debt Relief if you miss even one or two payments, as your debt specialist won’t be able to make payments from your account as agreed.

Is Pacific Debt Relief Right for Me?

Pacific Debt Relief is one of the best debt forgiveness companies in the business. It works with numerous creditors to negotiate and settle your debts in as little as two years, helping you get on the road toward financial freedom. Its experienced debt specialists know how to navigate your debt with creditors, making the process as stress-free for you as possible.

✔️ Clients can expect to settle their debts in 24-48 months on average, with Pacific Debt Relief negotiating diligently on their behalf.

The best way to decide if it’s the right company for you to choose is to have consultations with Pacific Debt Relief and other leading companies, like National Debt Relief or Accredited Debt Relief. Consultations are free, and they allow you to compare quotes and decide on the fastest, most budget-friendly way for you to get out of debt.