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What Is a Home Security System?

Home security systems do so much more for your home than detect criminal activity, although that is a primary feature of smart home security. The best home security system offers whole-home protection with video surveillance, smart locks, motion detection, carbon monoxide sensors, and other home automation components to make your home safer. Understanding how the components of home security systems work together can help you feel more comfortable with and confident in your security system.

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15 Components of a Home Security System

  1. Control Panel
  2. Key Fob, Remote, or Keypad
  3. Door Sensors
  4. Window Sensors
  5. Motion Sensors
  6. Environmental Sensors
  7. Glass Break Sensors
  8. Automated Lights
  9. Outdoor Motion Lighting
  10. Indoor and Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
  11. Video Doorbells
  12. Monitoring Service or App
  13. Yard or Window Sign
  14. Alarm Siren
  15. Panic Button
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