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If you’re having trouble pairing the Xfinity remote to the TV, this comprehensive collection of remote codes should come in handy. No matter what brand of television you have, this article has you covered.

If you aren’t privy to these codes, they are the standard numbers that need to be typed on the TV screen to complete the pairing process. Now, let’s get going!

Codes for Popular TV Brands

To help you navigate easily, this section provides codes for popular TV brands. If your TV is not included here, worry not. The complete list in the coming section covers all.

TV BrandRemote Code
LG10178 & 11265
Samsung10812 & 10060
Sony10000 & 11100
Panasonic10051 & 10250
Hisense10748 & 11660
Sharp10093 & 10165
Toshiba10156 & 11156
Vizio11758 & 11756
Haier11034, 10178, 11265, 10768 & 11009
Hitachi11145, 10145, 12243, 12143, 11904, 11345, 10797,
10737, 10724, 10723, 10413, 10279, 10227, 10173,
10151, 10097, 10095, 10056, 10038, 10032, 10016 & 11960
Philips11454, 10054, 10037, 10690 & 11483
Sansui10463, 11409, 11904, 11911 & 11935
Sanyo10154 & 10159
Westinghouse10000, 10451, 10885, 10889, 10890, 11282, 11577

Complete List of Xfinity TV Remote Codes

Note: The codes are sorted in alphabetical order (A-Z). You may also use the search box below to quickly navigate the codes for your TV.

PlanDownloadUploadPriceData Cap
Connect75 Mbps10 Mbps$19.99–$30.00/mo.Yes (1.2TB)
Connect More200 Mbps10 Mbps$25.00/mo.Yes (1.2TB)
Fast400 Mbps10 Mbps$39.99/mo.Yes (1.2TB)
Superfast800 Mbps15 Mbps$59.99/mo.None if using Xfinity Equipment
Gigabit1000 Mbps20 Mbps$69.99/mo.None if using Xfinity Equipment
Gigabit Extra1200 Mbps35 Mbps$79.99/mo.None if using Xfinity Equipment
Gigabit Pro6000 Mbps6000 Mbps$300/mo.No

If your Xfinity remote doesn’t work or accepts remote codes, try restarting your TV box and try again.


I generally write about cable modems and WiFi routers, but one of my readers who bought an Xfinity triple-play modem after reading my post needed help with remote codes that work with Comcast remotes.

What’s Next?

I shall cover the setup and programming techniques pertaining to every class of Xfinity remote, including the voice-enabled controllers like XR11, XR15, and XR16, with only the first remote controller having the setup button close to the bottom edge, whereas the X15 and X16 not having dedicated setup tabs on them.

I shall also talk about the non-voice remote controllers like XR5, XR2, or anything older and the best ways to pair them with the television set. Finally, I shall discuss the steps to pair Xfinity remotes via the Xfinity smartphone app.

Programming an Xfinity Remote

Note: You can even pair the remote to the TV via RF pairing, but I shall focus on programming the device using the TV-specific codes.

  • Turn on the TV and the TV Box that comes with the bundled Xfinity plan.
    Turn on TV and Box
  • Keep pressing the setup button for at least 5 seconds and wait till the red light atop the remote changes to green.
    Hold Setup Button Until Light Changes to Green
  • Now press the Xfinity button first to connect the remote to the TV Box and then move forth to set up a manual connection with the TV.
    Press Xfinity Button
    Note: However, to connect to the TV Box, you will need a specific 3-digit code, which is visible on the screen and needs to be typed in using the remote controller.
    Follow Instructions on TV Screen
  • Press the Setup tab for three seconds till it changes color from red to green, as was the case when programming it for the TV box.
  • Once the remote indicator turns green, press the concerned TV code for the given brand on the remote.
  • If the LED flashes green after pressing the code, it means you have fed in the right set of numbers, and the XR11 is now paired with the TV.

Programming XR15 or XR16 Remote

  • Press the ‘i’ button on the remote and the Xfinity button simultaneously until the LED flashes red to green.
    Press i and Xfinity altogether
  • Punch in the number visible on the screen as it would then connect the remote to the TV Box first.
    Follow Instructions on TV Screen
  • Once paired, you will be asked if you want to control the TV using the X15 or X16 remote. (For already paired devices)
  • Press the button in the middle of the remote to select.
    Press middle button
  • If you are pairing the remote for the first time, press the Xfinity button and the mute button until the LED turns green.
    Press Mute and Xfinity Altogether
  • Once green, punch in the code for the particular TV and the remote will be paired and programmed to be able to manage basic TV functions.

Programming Non-Voice Remotes (XR2, XR5, or Older)

Note: Once you have paired the non-voice remotes to the TV boxes, programming them for the TV is a cakewalk and similar for all of the older non-voice units.

Step 1: Turn on the TV.

Step 2: Hard press the Setup button and wait for the LED to turn green.

Step 3: Once the LED is green, press the code for the given brand, and if the code is right, wait for the LED to blink green two times consecutively. This means that the non-voice remote is paired to the TV and can be used to control volume, power, and other functions.

Programming a Remote Using the Xfinity App

Step 1: Install the Xfinity My Account application from the Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: Open the app, and click on the Television or the Manage TV icon.

Step 3: Next up, select ‘Setup a Remote’ from the list of options.

Setup A Remote

Step 3: Now, choose the remote model and select continue.

Select TV as a control device

Step 4: Pick TV as your preferred interface and follow the instructions that follow.


If you’ve opted for the Comcast Internet + TV in X1 or the high-end Flex plan with internet and a 4K streaming box, you must have received an Xfinity Remote Control that can be programmed to work with the TV at your home.

But you can’t simply take it out and start using it immediately. Because different TVs have disparate settings, you need certain remote codes for your remote model.

Now that you know your way around the popular Xfinity controllers and the diverse array of codes, you can program these for almost every television by simply keeping the codes handy.

This approach saves you the effort of purchasing a universal remote to manage the television, as any Xfinity TV Box remote can be converted into a fully functional TV control in a few simple steps.