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The Nighthawk series from Netgear has modems, routers, and modem router combos. After using 53 Nighthawk devices, I can verify that all of them work with Xfinity.

In fact, they’re among the best options for users like me who need greater speeds, control, and security on their home network.

Benefits of Using Netgear Nighthawk with Xfinity

Now that you know all the Netgear Nighthawk devices are compatible to work with Comcast Xfinity, you must wonder what benefits they’ve over others. I’ve discussed them below.

1. Better Speeds & Reliable Performance

When reliability and high speeds are top on your list, Netgear Nighthawk cable modems and routers are designed to handle most of your high-bandwidth tasks. You can extract the most out of the top-tier Xfinity internet plans. A maximum download speed of 1 Gbps means you won’t lose internet even after connecting multiple devices.

Plus, DOCSIS 3.1 and backward compatibility makes Netgear Nighthawk devices future-proof with upgraded high-speed plans.

2. Eliminates Rental Fees

If you’re subscribed to Xfinity services, renting their internet equipment will cost you around $14 per month, which adds up to $168 per year. Conversely, you’ve to incur an upfront cost of $120 for the Netgear devices. Let alone cost, more often than not, ISPs provide bad modems which are mostly outdated, and you might not get the speeds you’re paying for.

Another problem with renting modems is the ISP has complete control over your internet connection. For instance, the xFi XB6 gateway device I reviewed recently came with ISP-customised firmware, which is under their control, and they can enable and disable Wi-Fi features whenever they wish to.

3. Access to Extended Wireless Coverage

Netgear routers provide an expansive 2,500 Sq Ft, which receives further boosts with features like MU-MIMO, beamforming, OFDMA, and more. It allows multiple users to connect at once and engage in bandwidth-intensive activities like playing games, streaming 4K videos, video conferencing, and more without lags or latencies.

4. More Secured Network

Netgear Nighthawk devices are more secure with advanced features like Netgear Armor. It is a cybersecurity service that keeps your network and devices safe from third-party attackers and threats. Hackers, emails with malware, and viruses are in constant attempts to access your data, and there’s no way you want to compromise your data with less-secured modems.

The security features of Nighthawk devices include advanced threat detection, data theft protection, smart home vulnerability scans, end-point device protection, and instant alerts. So rest assured, you won’t have to worry about compromising your data and continue working with high-speed internet.

List of Nighthawk Modems That Work with Xfinity

The networking company manufactures versatile modem-router combos that deliver the best-in-class performance and robust security to its users. Below are my top recommendations!

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How To Set Up Netgear Nighthawk with Xfinity?

Setting up Comcast Xfinity with Netgear modem and router is rather uncomplicated and straightforward, and the steps involved are as follows:

Step 1: Plug in the Connections

Start with connecting a coaxial cable to the wall outlet to receive the internet connection.

Connect Cox cable to wall outlet

Plug the other end of the cable into your modem, which allows it to receive internet.

Connect Cox cable to Netgear Router/Modem

Once you’ve correctly connected the cable, ensure the lights on the Netgear modem are turned on. Then connect the power chord of your Netgear Nighthawk modem to the AC adapter. Take another Ethernet club and use it to plug in with your router, as shown in the picture.

Plug Ethernet club

Step 2: Activate Netgear Modem on Xfinity

Once you’ve connected Netgear Nighthawk to Xfinity connection, it’s time to register the device. For that, visit register.be.xfinity.com/activate, as shown in the image below.

Xfinity Activation - Register

It will take you to Xfinity’s official website, where you must provide the proper user credentials mentioned on the rear side of your devices. It might look something like this:

Netgear SSID number

Now as the webpage is open, it’s time to configure your router. The process is a tad different for mobile and computers, where on mobile, you can download the Xfinity app and proceed with the configuration, while on the computer, tap on click “here” to begin to continue.

Xfinity Activation welcome page

Then, it will ask you to verify your Xfinity account using your mobile number or to provide the username and password printed on the device. I’ve used the latter option and then clicked “enter.”  Once my account is verified, the website provides a confirmation, so I can start using my high-speed internet.

Xfinity account verified

P.S. Once you’ve configured the router, make sure to change the username and password by tapping into the “Edit Profile” settings and hitting save to continue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Netgear compatible with Xfinity?

As stated in the Netgear Nighthawk Xfinity compatibility note, any wireless router would work with all internet providers. You’d need to pair it with a compatible cable modem that supports the internet speed of the plan you’ve subscribed to.

Are there any disadvantages to using Netgear with Xfinity?

Using a third-party router like Netgear has some drawbacks along with several benefits it offers. To start with, you’re accountable for any failure or issues with these devices compared to rented modems which ISPs take charge of and deal with them. And having multiple devices takes more space and requires more power outlets.

Is Netgear Nighthawk better than Xfinity router?

Yes. Netgear Nighthawk is a much better option than any Xfinity router regarding speed, security, coverage, and data throughput.

Which Netgear router is best for Xfinity?

Nighthawk RAX70 is among the best WiFi routers for Xfinity. It is ideal for high-speed gaming, 4K streaming, and fast downloads. Aside from that, it complements well with internet plans up to 2 Gbps, has comprehensive coverage of 2500 Sq ft, and works fine with 40 devices.

How do I connect my Netgear Nighthawk to Comcast?

To connect Netgear Nighthawk with Xfinity, use the Xfinity app or visit its website to register your Nighthawk with the ISP. And once it’s configured well, connect your devices to it and continue browsing.

To conclude, Netgear modems, routers, and router/modem combos are compatible with Xfinity.