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Have you ever had a lawsuit against you for a vehicle accident or someone getting hurt on your property? If not, you haven’t yet had to experience not having your auto or home insurance cover the entire judgment against you. When your insurance will only cover half of what you owe, you’ll be stuck finding another way to pay the rest, which usually results in tapping into your other assets.

Umbrella insurance can prevent that from happening by providing additional coverage past the limits of your current policies. The Hartford provides both personal and commercial umbrella insurance for you to protect what’s most important to you, whether you have just a few assets or are heading an entire business.

The Hartford – Company Overview

The Hartford

The Hartford is one of the longest-running insurance companies in the United States, originating as a fire insurance company in 1810, with its founders even extending their own personal finances to cover the costs of their customers’ fire claims during widespread fires that ravaged New York City in the 1830s. In 1913, The Hartford added auto insurance to its offerings, eventually expanding into other necessary insurance policy options, like RV insurance, condo insurance, flood insurance, and commercial insurance.


  • Lots of personal and commercial policy options
  • 24/7 claims reporting available via phone, online, and mobile app


  • Not all policies available in every state
  • Specializes in insurance for AARP members, so may not be right for younger policyholders or non-members

Coverage Limit: $1-5 million
Multi-policy Discounts Available: Yes
Minimum Home Insurance Requirements: $300k of liability coverage ($500k if you own a swimming pool or live near a lake/pond).
Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements: $250k bodily injury liability per person, $500k bodily injury liability per accident, $50k property damage liability

Although The Hartford is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it maintains an A+ rating. The company provides insurance to all 50 states, although some types of insurance may not be available everywhere. Its commitment to its customers and employees has allowed The Hartford to win multiple awards, including a Best for Vets Employer by Military Times for eight years, and Best Company where CEOs Support Gender Diversity by Fairygodboss.

As one of the best umbrella insurance providers, competitors of The Hartford include:

Why We Like The Hartford’s Umbrella Policy

The Hartford Umbrella Insurance

The Hartford umbrella insurance is available for both personal and commercial policyholders, with numerous options allowing you to get the custom policy you need beyond your homeowners insurance, business insurance, or car insurance limits. The Hartford also extends its liability coverage to landlords with landlord insurance, protecting them if a tenant or tenant’s visitor gets injured on the landlord’s property.

An umbrella policy from The Hartford can range up to $5 million for homeowners or business owners with high-value assets. Even the smallest policies offer $1 million in broad coverages.

💳 With coverage options up to $5 million, The Hartford ensures that high-value assets are fully protected under its umbrella policy.

We appreciate The Hartford’s connection with AARP, offering older Americans the chance to get affordable personal umbrella insurance bundled with their coverages, like car insurance, home insurance, or boat insurance. However, although The Hartford does offer bundle discounts for all policyholders, the additional AARP-connected discounts won’t be relevant to younger policyholders.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Before opting into The Hartford’s umbrella insurance, you should understand what an umbrella policy does.

An umbrella insurance policy adds a bubble of protection to your other policies. Most people have either their car insurance, home insurance, or both policies connected to their umbrella insurance. When the coverage for, say, your home insurance is exhausted if you get sued, your umbrella insurance coverage can kick in, giving you financial protection up to your allowed amount.

This insurance can come in handy if you’re in a car accident and you damage the other person’s vehicle or injure them or if someone were to get hurt on your property. For business owners, umbrella insurance can also help if someone is injured at your place of business or if your business is sued under a liability claim.

☂️ Umbrella insurance from The Hartford provides an extra layer of security, covering what your standard policies might miss.

How The Hartford Umbrella Insurance Works

Once you have The Hartford umbrella insurance and you’ve made your first payment, the insurance can start covering you for personal liability, property damage liability, and bodily injury liability claims against you. Say, for example, a guest at your home slips down the steps of your back deck and sues you for failing to maintain the railing. Whatever your home insurance won’t cover for your legal and liability costs, your umbrella insurance can, up to the coverage amount you’ve selected.

🚗 The Hartford requires existing auto or home insurance to ensure umbrella policyholders meet a foundation of coverage before adding extra protection.

The Hartford’s coverage ranges between $1 million and $5 million, meaning that you can get up to these amounts in coverage above what you already have under your homeowner insurance, auto insurance, or business insurance.

The Hartford Umbrella Insurance Coverage and Exclusions

The Hartford requires you to have underlying insurance coverage, like auto or home insurance, before you can get an umbrella policy. This applies to both personal and commercial umbrella insurance.

Refined Coverage and Requirements for Residential Policies

Coverage DetailRequirement
Coverage Limit$1-5 million, allowing for high coverage beyond standard policy limits
Multi-policy DiscountsYes, available when bundling home and auto insurance together
Home Insurance Minimum$300k liability coverage, increased to $500k for homes with pools or located near bodies of water
Auto Insurance Minimum$250k bodily injury per person, $500k per accident, and $50k property damage
Additional RequirementsMust have existing homeowner or auto insurance policy with The Hartford
Personal Property ExclusionsUmbrella policy does not cover personal property damage or losses due to fire, theft, or other direct damages to the insured’s property.
Intentional Act ExclusionsCoverage does not extend to intentional harm or illegal activities conducted by the policyholder.

While your umbrella policy can protect you in the event that someone’s person or property is damaged because of you, there are a few cases in which your coverage won’t help. For example, if you purposely damage someone’s property or commit illegal acts resulting in damage to property or injury to someone else, your umbrella insurance can’t help. Additionally, The Hartford won’t pay for fire or theft-related damage to your personal property.

Businesses also can’t use their umbrella coverage to recoup business losses or to pay for legal issues stemming from weak or confusing contracts with business clients.

How Much Does The Hartford Umbrella Insurance Cost?

Generally, The Hartford umbrella insurance costs between $300 and $500 per year, although some people may see higher or lower rates. Umbrella policy premiums can vary significantly based on the underlying insurance you have, like your personal auto insurance or general liability insurance. With higher insurance coverages on these policies, you can expect to lower your umbrella insurance premium.

Claim Examples

Coverage LimitAnnual PremiumExamplePotential Benefit
$1 Million$300 – $400You’re found liable for an accident at your home where a guest incurs $800,000 in medical bills, exceeding your home insurance liability limit of $300k.Your umbrella policy covers the remaining $500k, preventing you from paying out of pocket.
$2 Million$400 – $450During a severe car accident, you’re at fault, with total liability costs reaching $1.2 million, surpassing your auto insurance limit of $500k.The umbrella policy covers the excess $700k, safeguarding your assets.
$3 Million$450 – $500A libel suit against you results in a $2 million judgment, well above your homeowner’s insurance coverage.The umbrella policy covers the entire judgment amount, offering protection against personal financial loss.
$5 Million$500+A catastrophic event at your property results in multiple injuries and a lawsuit totaling $4 million in damages and legal fees, exceeding standard policy limits significantly.The umbrella policy covers up to the $5 million limit, providing substantial financial relief and asset protection.

Other factors can also affect your costs, like the amount of umbrella insurance you choose. If you need extra liability protection and choose a higher personal umbrella limit, your annual premium will increase. Different states also experience varied rates, so living in a state with a higher risk of claims may make your insurance more expensive. Finally, your claims history plays a role. If you’ve had previous claims on your auto or home insurance – especially within the past five years – you may pay a higher premium for The Hartford umbrella insurance.

How To Get Started

The Hartford offers free quotes for its umbrella insurance when you call 1-888-546-9099. An agent is available to help you with your quote from 7 am to 10:30 pm EST, Monday through Friday, or 8 am to 6 pm EST, Saturday and Sunday. You can also use the Agency Locator tool to find an representative near you.

Be sure to have your underlying insurance policies available when you call so your agent can understand your current coverages and provide you with the most accurate quote.

If you accept your quote, the agent can help you sign up for your policy over the phone.

How To Submit a Claim

The Hartford’s online account management system allows you to handle all policies from the insurance company, including your umbrella policy, in one convenient spot. You can also use your online account to submit or update a claim 24/7 and check on its status at any time. You can also find the best phone number for your specific claim in The Hartford Claims Center.

🖥️ The online account management system simplifies the process of submitting or updating a claim at any time.

How To Cancel

If you decide to cancel your policy because you no longer feel you need umbrella insurance or have decided to switch to another company, you can call The Hartford to do so. First, find the number for your underlying insurance policy. For example, if your umbrella insurance is attached to your auto insurance, locate the customer service line for auto insurance. Then, choose the appropriate number for you, depending on whether you are an AARP member or non-member.

You can also choose not to renew your policy when it’s set to renew, and your policy will terminate.

Customer Service Contact Info

The Hartford Insurance offers several customer service numbers you can contact for specialized assistance with your policies. If you have a general question or aren’t sure what number to use, call the general customer service number at 1-860-547-5000. You can also fill out a customer complaint form or send mail to the following address:

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
690 Asylum Avenue
Hartford, CT 06155

If you have a specific policy you’d like to contact The Hartford about, use the customer service center to locate the correct number for that type of policy or financial product.

Is The Hartford Umbrella Insurance Worth It?

The Hartford Umbrella Insurance

AARP members will likely get the most benefits from choosing The Hartford umbrella insurance, as The Hartford partners with AARP to offer exclusive benefits and discounts to AARP members, like bundling discounts and disappearing deductibles.

💡 With 24/7 claims reporting through phone, online, and app, The Hartford prioritizes convenience and accessibility for its policyholders.

Still, The Hartford isn’t only for AARP members. Many customers prefer this company for its deep-rooted history in the insurance industry, simple online claims process, and commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it’s not usually the most affordable option for everyone, and not having an online quoting process for umbrella insurance is a con for some.

It’s always a good idea to compare quotes for umbrella insurance with multiple companies, just like you’d shop around for home or auto insurance. Consider calling The Hartford for an umbrella policy quote to compare with other companies on your shortlist as you navigate toward your best option.