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What Are Solar Panel Inverters?

Choosing the right type of inverter for your solar panels can have a huge effect on installation costs, cabling, and energy savings.

Solar Panel Wiring Guide

Learn how to wire solar panels and batteries together so that you can increase those watts, volts, and amps as you need.

Solar Energy Safety Tips

When working with solar photovoltaic energy systems, it is important to familiarize yourself with the general photovoltaic safety rules to minimize your risk of injury.

How To Build Solar Panels

If you make your own solar panels, one of the obvious advantages is that they are much less expensive, especially if you need high powered solar panels.

Solar 101: How Solar Energy Works

Solar power conversion is all about converting the sun's rays into electricity we can use. Solar components harness light from the sun and transmit it into homes.

How To Find Cheap and Free Solar Panels

Getting solar panels for free makes solar powering your home a lot more affordable and allows you to build a bigger, more powerful solar energy system for less.